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mbti scenarios by nevoosius
mbti scenariosby nevoosius
mbti/16personalities in a comedy book ig??
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Personality Types Stuff  by humanistbitch
Personality Types Stuff by humanistbitch
Which MBTI personality type are you? What are your traits? What do you need to know about yourself? Read to find out!
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Personality Types Facts by humanistbitch
Personality Types Factsby humanistbitch
Sequel to "Personality Types Stuff". Found out what your personality type is in previous book? Why don't you read a few facts about your and other MBTI person...
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Mbti~ by YoniChann
Mbti~by Yoni
انماط الشخصيات كل شيء من حسابات ومواقع
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MBTI Memes by TheLoneliestBean
MBTI Memesby 🐱🐯Cat🐷🐼
Literally just MBTI memes. I'm an INTJ.
MBTI by LogicNinja
MBTIby LogicNinja
Random MBTI stuff... stereotypes, descriptions, online stuff (by and INTP) Most of it isn't mine and probably none of it is entirely mine.
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16 Personalities MBTI by JadeGreene799
16 Personalities MBTIby Jade
MBTI discussion
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MBTI by icancountmyabcs
MBTIby icancountmyabcs
Info, memes, scenarios, everything MBTI. I can't make a good cover because the source I use crashed so fuck that. Here's some carpet.
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Personality Type Fanfiction by randomwriter222
Personality Type Fanfictionby randomwriter222
(Based on the 16 personalities type system.) 16 adults wake up to find themselves stranded on a giant, mysterious island.
The daily life of the MBTI class by PandaBunny07
The daily life of the MBTI classby K.G.
Well, I think the title tells everything. This story shows you the everyday life of a class full of mbti types. [Said Type]-f = [Said Type]-female [Said Type]-M = [Said...
Big Book of MBTI by jessietheoddone
Big Book of MBTIby Jessie the Odd One
A big book of MBTI-related silliness by an INFJ who psychoanalyzes people for fun. ENJOY! ;D
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Intj nerd and Enfp potato girl, letters for you by atpyh_
Intj nerd and Enfp potato girl, le...by atpyh_
what I suppost to do, how can I tell you that the first thought after wake up is you, only you, always will be you. Just wanna say that my family is fine, the litte dog...
Enxp's Bizarre Spin-off by bayonetta_enthusiast
Enxp's Bizarre Spin-offby bayonetta_enthusiast
Enxp's bizarre spin-off may be missing pictures then and there
INTJ x ENFP by xzemaxxz
INTJ x ENFPby Emma
This is very cringe but I wrote this unironically.Art by eko.oek on Instagram.
MBTI- 16 personalities by superduckling
MBTI- 16 personalitiesby Super Duckling
thoughts, analogies, stories, etc. about the 16 personalities. I'm ESTJ.
MBTI things by itzlyns_33
MBTI thingsby Lynxie~
as the tittle suggests just mbti things....
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MBTI Squad by AnnaBanaple
MBTI Squadby AnnaBanaple
Ben needs someone to listen to him, but no one is available. Marilyn wants freedom, but everyone's restricting her. We all need a place where we could be accepted. Join...
Foolish Youths (kinda in love!) by eosity
Foolish Youths (kinda in love!)by your bae cleo 𖤐
lovesite series #1: ylo Ylona Quimora never envisioned herself to be involved in one of the Georgetown's highschool romances until she made the university's jock--- Eucl...