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16 Personalities MBTI by JadeGreene799
16 Personalities MBTIby Jade
MBTI discussion
MBTI Incorrect Scenarios. by riniroses
MBTI Incorrect rinose
welcome, this is my second book talking about MBTI, i will be posting some of MBTI Incorrect Scenarios, hope you enjoy them too. DISCLAIMER: the images and most of the s...
mbti scenarios by nevoosius
mbti scenariosby nevoosius
mbti/16personalities in a comedy book ig??
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MBTI Incorrect Quotes by littlesushiroll22
MBTI Incorrect Quotesby littlesushiroll22
*cover belongs to me*
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MBTI Short Stories by TheRoseInYourHand
MBTI Short Storiesby TheRoseInYourHand
In this collection of short stories, MBTI ships are thrown into different, unrelated scenarios! Every chapter tells a different story - one moment INFP and ENTP are stuc...
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Personality Types Facts by humanistbitch
Personality Types Factsby humanistbitch
Sequel to "Personality Types Stuff". Found out what your personality type is in previous book? Why don't you read a few facts about your and other MBTI person...
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INTJ, a deep dive into the architects by riniroses
INTJ, a deep dive into the rinose
hello, i hope you all doing great if you ever heard of MBTI, then high chance you know INTJ aka the architects aka the human cats lol. if you are an intj, this book is...
Mbti~ by YoniChann
Mbti~by Yoni
انماط الشخصيات كل شيء من حسابات ومواقع
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A funny story about the MBTI types by MichaelaJacobsen2
A funny story about the MBTI typesby Michaela Jacobsen
All the MBTI types live together in an apartment building. some are in different rooms, but the premise is Enfp, Intj, Istp, and Esfj all live together in one room, and...
MBTI MEME by tanya034702
MBTI MEMEby Kyoken Mad dog
*LƯU Ý: MEME BẰNG TIẾNG ANH XD Trắc nghiệm MBTI, làm trước khi xem :D
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all mbti  by musicdrawinganime
all mbti by music
hi i just randomly became obsessed with the idea of mbti this will contain oneshots + rants + stereotypes and other things so dont get butthurt by how any of these chara...
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An MBTI story - High school memories by IsabellaMint
An MBTI story - High school IsabellaMint
From an ENTP girl with full of adventures. Does not include reality. You'll love this MBTI school. The story has short but good episodes. I wish you like it. PLEASE COM...
Personality Types Stuff  by humanistbitch
Personality Types Stuff by humanistbitch
Which MBTI personality type are you? What are your traits? What do you need to know about yourself? Read to find out!
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MBTI by icancountmyabcs
MBTIby icancountmyabcs
Info, memes, scenarios, everything MBTI. I can't make a good cover because the source I use crashed so fuck that. Here's some carpet.
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Cognitive functions: Complete guide by Omellettte
Cognitive functions: Complete guideby omelette
Read this to learn everything about cognitive functions!
Big Book of MBTI by jessietheoddone
Big Book of MBTIby Jessie the Odd One
A big book of MBTI-related silliness by an INFJ who psychoanalyzes people for fun. ENJOY! ;D
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MBTI by LogicNinja
MBTIby LogicNinja
Random MBTI stuff... stereotypes, descriptions, online stuff (by and INTP) Most of it isn't mine and probably none of it is entirely mine.
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MBTI || stories  by lindu__ha
MBTI || stories by Lindu__ha
بعض القصص القصيرة المتعلقة بالأنماط . . كوميدي .رومانسي .عاطفي .أكشن .خيال يمكنكم الإطلاع (๑>◡<๑)
All things ENFP by ChaosSoulWrites
All things ENFPby Chaos
Hello everyone! It's me...Chaos! I know it's been a long time, but as an ENFP myself I have decided to make a book dedicated to my MBTI type. I will be discussing my own...