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Our Love (SugaKookie omorashi) by xxonlylove
Our Love (SugaKookie omorashi)by Julia 🌹
This story includes smut and omorashi, meaning the desperation to use the toilet and ultimately wetting themselves. If that makes you uncomfortable, please do not read t...
Wet Play by GaryDN
Wet Playby Gary
When Anna's boyfriend decides to push her towards a shared kink, the couple discover a vast, complicated world of excitement.
A Wet Sherlock Holmes by story_writer_dot_com
A Wet Sherlock Holmesby story_writer_dot_com
A story within Sherlock Holmes wets himself due to overworking and realizes he might have a piss kink He later on explores his kink further
Cyan x Purple Piss Fanfiction "Drink More" by GodlyAxolotls
Cyan x Purple Piss Fanfiction " GodlyAxolotls
Cyan and Purple's kinky date turns into desperation... (I made this cus my friend told me to if you're into that pee stuff stick around ig)
Changing the Past by DiaperPup4
Changing the Pastby DiaperPup
Man goes back in time to change his husbands embarrassing childhood accident so that he becomes an ABDL and wears diapers
Road Trip (BOYXBOY) by FlynnLandvik
Road Trip (BOYXBOY)by FlynnLandvik
This is a story about a gay teen couple on their first ever road trip. It involves peeing and pooping (so if you're squirmish to that, then don't read). It's also smut a...
Daddy's Pet Slut Caught Playing And Puppy Punished  by Tiger_Daddy
Daddy's Pet Slut Caught Playing Tiger_Daddy
Star gets caught playing and is puppy punished sexauly with Daddy and some of he's friends she turns in a horny puppy slut on heat and loves it.
My life in diapers by tomniter
My life in diapersby tomniter
Stories about my daily life in diapers not just me but also my girlfriend wearing with me.
Harry Styles Oneshots by babiecherry
Harry Styles Oneshotsby babiecherry
Cute and fluffy onesshots of one direction boys ( Harry Centric )
Listen, Please by AthenasGreenbeans
Listen, Pleaseby Child_Of_Athena
Sometimes even the earth's mightiest heroes have trouble listening to their bodies. This can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations...
Humiliation hypnosis by megaaustin
Humiliation hypnosisby Austin
A guy with anxiety goes to a hypnosis but got more then he barging for
Irl peeing stories  by pandabreadtasty
Irl peeing stories by pandabreadtasty
Stories of places i've peed in, some are requests. To request: Go to my Omorashi Pee Stories story, find the chapter titled "HEYYY" and you can tell me a place...
[Predictable] - Illumi Zoldyck Omorashi  by RinMinga
[Predictable] - Illumi Zoldyck RinMinga
Illumi, is somehow, stuck between walls after falling in a trapped door with Hisoka. His eyes water slightly, glossing his vision. He must look so pathetic, struggling n...
Diaper scenarios by delilahmayy_
Diaper scenariosby Delilah May💛🧸
Scenarios of people in diapers
The Original Davey's Story by johndazel
The Original Davey's Storyby JD
Authors Note: This was the first diaper story I ever attempted to write so please go easy on it as it isn't all that good. Ever since I wrote this story though, I have w...
Memphis and his little by tbdlreader555
Memphis and his littleby micah Ayres
Memphis wanted some part-time cash so he got a babysitting job and then he met Joey
Christmess Photos by DiaperPup4
Christmess Photosby DiaperPup
Frank is an older guy working at his local mall as Santa Clause. His boredom is stopped when a young boy comes to get his photos and asks for things Frank never expected...
Baby everleigh by beansaregood111
Baby everleighby beansaregood111
A story of a 194cm daddy with a 134cm little
Caught pooping  by desprete5
Caught pooping by Random 4
She tought she never was going to get caught but someone walked in