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Love and Conflict (Mpreg)✔️ by ZiamArmour
Love and Conflict (Mpreg)✔️by Leeyumm Malik
[COMPLETED] When Liam is bought at a slave market, he fully expects a difficult road ahead of him. What he does NOT expect is to find himself in a world unlike any he co...
Zayn Malik is my dad? by xxonedirectionafxx
Zayn Malik is my dad?by xxonedirectionafxx
All my life it has just been me and mom, she never mentions my dad and I never ask. It's not like she's around anyways. My names Ariella, I'm 11 years old,as I was sayin...
bruised ~ ziam by soft4ziam
bruised ~ ziamby soft4ziam
"roll up your sleeves Zayn" tw • self harm • abuse • anorexia • depression • suicide attempts • more to come {i restarted this story because my tops sounded li...
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay)   by multifandoms23
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay) by multifandoms23
Niall is suddenly stressed from touring and being in a band, the boys notice, so they come up with a plan to help Niall out. (Yes, Zayn will be in this) Updates every Tu...
I hate that I love you (editing) by iloveyoutommo_
I hate that I love you (editing)by I love you.
Louis and Harry hate each other. When their best friends start dating (Liam and Zayn) they have to pretend to like each other. little did they know that hate could slowl...
Harrys "issues" by FandomDruggie
Harrys "issues"by Ollie
*This is NOT ageplay!! It is age-regression NOT kink!* When the boys find out that Harry has a bit of an issue on getting to the toilet on time, also having another 'lit...
One direction groupchat  by thelosersssssclub
One direction groupchat by 🎈🎈
I guess this is what happens when 5 lads are in a groupchat 🤷🏽‍♀️✨
Groom For Rent [ ziam au ] by 01film
Groom For Rent [ ziam au ]by ً
Meet Zayn Malik; the only grandson of the most popular actress, which he calls his Nana. Turning 21, he thought that he can get his trust fund already. He'll be a...
The One Direction Group Chat  {aka the boy talking shit and being funny} by soulofheathens
The One Direction Group Chat {aka...by A.K.
The greatest group chat ever. They talk shit. There is ZIAM, (ZAYN AND LIAM) LARRY (LOUIS AND HARRY), AND NOSH (NIALL AND JOSH). ENJOY THIS! Has lots of lovely fluff an...
counter culture// l.s || bdsm by twinklingstylinson
counter culture// l.s || bdsmby m
Every person is assigned a soulmate, except for the few who are unmatchable. The person assigned would be a dominant, master, or whatever they wish to be called. • Loui...
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Smokescreen (mpreg) by Arvernii
Smokescreen (mpreg)by Dominic
Louis rules the school; guys want to be him, girls want to do him. He's the coolest guy in school and if you don't agree with him, his crew will make you change your mi...
Yin-Yang~Ziam by bananaziam
Yin-Yang~Ziamby bananaziam
where Zayn likes skirts and Liam likes tattoos. all.rights.reserved.
Innocent or InNOTcent by MrsDirection10
Innocent or InNOTcentby MrsDirection10
How about Zirry (Zayn Liam and Harry) Liam Payne is the most innocent, goody-2-shoes that gives everything anyone wants. He's very caring and sweet. He thinks E...
50 Shades of Styles by HoeforlarryStylesbro
50 Shades of Stylesby ilovelarry
When literature student Louis Tomlinson goes to interview young entrepreneur Harry Styles, he encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworld...
Submit by sleepingatlast66
Submitby Emma
When Masters Harry and Zayn find their marriage and life as they knew it poisoned by the very thing they had invited in, the twist of forbidden love and cruel errors in...
So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fanfiction] by LoveandHeartbreaks
So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fan...by Jenny Swaift
Liam is in love with someone.And that someone is none other than his bestfriend and bandmate Zayn Malik.Liam tried hard to push these feelings away but it won't help so...
Instagram Ziam by LiamisanAngel
Instagram Ziamby 🫶🏼🤍
Liam Payne is a Worldwide famous model Zayn Malik is a Worldwide famous singer Follow their relationship through Instagram. Bottom! Liam Top! Zayn
One Direction Age Play by li_zee_ni_haz_lou
One Direction Age Playby li_zee_ni_haz_lou
A collection of One Direction Age Play fanfiction. All comments and votes appreciated. Dm me with prompts if you'd like.
my step-brother's best friend // ziam by hugsfromziam
my step-brother's best friend // z...by ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Young Liam Payne was left as an orphan at a young age and was forced into an orphanage, little did he know was that the Styles family was going to choose to adopt him an...
The submissive syndrome by SlutForZiamMayne
The submissive syndromeby SlutForZiamMayne
In a world where everyone presents as Dominant, Submissive, or Neutral at puberty, that distinction is not always physically obvious. Liam, a submissive, has always felt...