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Aries by firedance_icesong
Ariesby Quill Secret
[COMPLETED] Lyra is a human living among wolf-shifters. Without being blessed with a beast, she tries her best to fit in the pack. Just when she thought her life could...
Dog Boy by RockyTheDogBoy
Dog Boyby RockyTheDogBoy
Bizzare changes, covert secrets, and lurking mysteries from the past overwhelm Matt Hewitt as he endures shifts in the state of the world, and shifting in his own life...
Alpha Princess is not interested in Omegas [Female A, Male O] ChatGPT translated by UnePetiteFleurNoire
Alpha Princess is not interested UnePetiteFleurNoire
In the interstellar era, General Elijah of the Federation, in a moment of carelessness, suffered defeat in battle and had his glands modified while he was vulnerable. Th...
Human Error by leigh_
Human Errorby Leigh Ansell
BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve...
Captured and Captivated by TiaDalo
Captured and Captivatedby Tia Dalo
HARPER On the run. Abducted. Rescued by the sexiest alien in the universe. One moment I was falling asleep under the stars in the open trunk of my pickup. The next I wa...
My DNA by HarleyWinter6
My DNAby Harley Winter
(Hey it's HarleyWinter7, I made a new account.) Jen Tennyson, she is a ten year old genius. She feels isolated from the people around her and if not it is because she i...
Adam: The last man by MhavelN
Adam: The last manby Mhavel N.
If you had the very last man, would you share him? The world is populated only by women, and Teresa has realized that she is less willing to share the man she found und...
Ashlyn's universe: Apex rising by wildfirelitten
Ashlyn's universe: Apex risingby wildfirelitten
after Ashlyn and her friend Amy got bashed, strange murders have been happening is it a murderer or something else entirely
You Are Still Human Inside by RockyTheDogBoy
You Are Still Human Insideby RockyTheDogBoy
The Canis Virus has impacted many across the world, and has left many with questions about how to navigate the difficult experiences it causes. This guide can help the i...
The Link 3 - The Huntress by mdpotter55
The Link 3 - The Huntressby Mike Potter
The third and final installment of a strange tale of the future of humankind Sci-fi/Romance for mature readers. Complete Novel Warning: This story contains mature conten...
OGENUS EARTH 🌎 🌊 {Dystopian Sci-Fi Adventure} by WhiskeySeattle
OGENUS EARTH 🌎 🌊 {Dystopian Caerley
FEATURED on the Wattpad Adventure 'Voyages and Sea Epics' list! Not so far in the distant future, the Earth is drowning in our mistakes. The permafrost has melted. Mill...
The Link 2 - The Hunted by mdpotter55
The Link 2 - The Huntedby Mike Potter
A strange tale of the future of humankind Sci-fi/Romance for mature readers. Complete Novel Warning: This story contains mature content.
The Link by mdpotter55
The Linkby Mike Potter
A strange tale of the future of humankind Sci-fi/Romance for mature readers. Novel - 80,000+ words. Warning: This story contains mature content.
The Chosen One's Mom by TakiZyn
The Chosen One's Momby Taki Zyngtara
Twenty years ago, Viv was chosen as a gift to the Above, but "gift" really meant "sacrifice." So, she and Alessandro ran. They started a family, and...
From Darkness Comes - Book 2 in The Dissonance Series by B_Ander
From Darkness Comes - Book 2 in Brittany Anderson
She survived the end. But it's only the beginning. Ever escaped Earth before life, as she knows it, was wiped from the planet. She lost everything: her parents and siste...
Mod Superhero (STUB) by RealityLocked
Mod Superhero (STUB)by Samuel Fleming
For this cyborg, power is just an upgrade away. Emmett was used to being caught between college and his engineering internship, but when he gets caught between a powerf...
The Boston Experiment by itmegritty1
The Boston Experimentby Beth
There's a lab below TD Garden, a sports arena in Boston, Massachusetts. The owners of the arena know about it, but it is secret to the public. Why is this lab there? For...
Joan the Made (Throwbacks Series, Book 1) by KristenPham
Joan the Made (Throwbacks Kristen Pham
Season 1 of The Throwbacks On her eighteenth birthday, Joan discovers that she is cloned from the famous Joan of Arc. But being cloned in America comes at a steep price...
The First by NateDBurleigh
The Firstby Nate D Burleigh
A mysterious genetic anomaly has befallen mankind. Infants across the globe are born with a third genetic marker causing a voracious appetite for human flesh. World-reno...
Anarchy | Book Two, The Genesis Series by DCFanWriter20296
Anarchy | Book Two, The Genesis DCFanWriter20296
A new world has been brought to light. After the infamous Battle of Titus Island, Kai and the other superhumans - now dubbed "Elites" by the public - are regar...