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Aries by firedance_icesong
Ariesby Quill Secret
[COMPLETED] Lyra is a human living among wolf-shifters. Without being blessed with a beast, she tries her best to fit in the pack. Just when she thought her life could...
Dissonance - Book One by B_Ander
Dissonance - Book Oneby Brittany Anderson
Ever thought surviving first period and facing her best friend's boyfriend - whom she recently kissed - was going to be the hardest part of her day, but it turns out the...
Biohazard by scope127
Biohazardby scope127
(Takes place before and during the events of the Dragonet prophecy). Morrowseer has done some terrible things, but all in the name of his tribe, the Nightwings. Unfortu...
Human Error by leigh_
Human Errorby Leigh Ansell
BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve...
Fearless For Life by dolphin9887
Fearless For Lifeby dolphin9887
Legal Viotto thinks her life is perfect. She lives in a remote area where she knows nothing about the rest of the world and it's horrors. But an idiotic man comes in and...
Stormbreacher by Phyre_Phlyght
Stormbreacherby Phyre_Phlyght
According to the trustworthy, perfectly reasonable, and brilliant mind of Athena Concord, the city of Veridian is the absolute worst place on the planet. And now she get...
Agent London Flareon Volume 3 🇬🇧🇯🇵🇸🇪🇫🇷🇮🇪🇩🇪 by xx_EeveeIslington_xx
Agent London Flareon Volume 3 🇬🇧 𝖝𝖝_𝕰𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖊𝕴𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖙...
Cowriters: Nano-Soaring-Dash, RicoTheLegend. After discovering a mysterious Eevee named Ketster in Canada, London, Moonlake and Isabel are tasked with keeping him safe a...
The Little Ways You Killed Me by lapcat_lady
The Little Ways You Killed Meby lapcat_lady
After losing the war, Earth is forced to give up 18 newborns every year to the planet X22 to keep the peace. Those newborns are called "The Children". Aeri Hir...
The Link by mdpotter55
The Linkby Mike Potter
A strange tale of the future of humankind Sci-fi/Romance for mature readers. Novel - 80,000+ words. Warning: This story contains mature content.
Patient Zero by NorthDT
Patient Zeroby D.T. North
Two Aælfir teenagers sneak aboard a dying stone starship in hopes of finding fame and fortune, instead encountering a rare and dangerous alien; a human being. The human...
Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: An Epic Space Opera) by Amy_DuBoff
Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: A.K. DuBoff
A secret war. An empire in crisis. One final hope for victory. Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the Tararian Selective Service's most...
Cogheart by N1ght_7ky_L0ver
Cogheartby P3tr1ch0r
Set in a fast paced, richly developed dystopian-fantasy steampunk world, a band of humans, inventors and genetically improved humans with hearts of gears set out to rest...
We Survivors [Published Version] by ljthomas
We Survivors [Published Version]by L.J. Thomas
Read the improved, published version of the novel that gained over 1.4M reads on Wattpad and hit #1 on the Science Fiction and Adventure Hot Lists! After disease and nuc...
We Can Go Back ✔ by LynaForge
We Can Go Back ✔by Lyna Forge
The Fan is a young city that consists of three races. Humans: possessing no supernatural power, Elementals: able manipulate matter, and Imps: the failed and mutated atte...
Bitch: Transformation #WATTYS 2018 by MasonWind
Bitch: Transformation #WATTYS 2018by JJ Fyre
A kidnapped young woman being transformed, escapes a genetics lab and must survive in the wilderness while evading her captors who want her back at any price. She is joi...
We Survivors [Original Draft] by ljthomas
We Survivors [Original Draft]by L.J. Thomas
[✓Completed] After disease and nuclear warfare decimate the world population, 17-year-old Nadia is sure she's the last person left on Earth. Then one night, she hears a...
The Nobleman's Masterpiece ✔ by LynaForge
The Nobleman's Masterpiece ✔by Lyna Forge
Fallen from grace Lydia Garant has an estate problem--and then some. A nobleman worships the ground she walks on, but it's his pauper bodyguard who piques her interest. ...
Ghost Of The Night by nightmoon8679
Ghost Of The Nightby ꋊꂑꁅꍩꋖꂵꁲꌅꈼꅏꂦ꒒ꄞ
Experiment 23-x was what they called her, she never really had a real name. She was what they called a 'Ghost Raptor' named after her ability to cloak her scales to matc...
The First by NateDBurleigh
The Firstby Nate D Burleigh
A mysterious genetic anomaly has befallen mankind. Infants across the globe are born with a third genetic marker causing a voracious appetite for human flesh. World-reno...
[COMPLETED] The Academy For Genetically Gifted Children Book One: Genesis by jessixawrites
[COMPLETED] The Academy For jessixawrites
COMPLETED // Highest Ranking: #12 in Science Fiction As the author I feel the responsibility to warn you of what you will encounter if you choose to read The Academy Fo...