Matriarchy Stories

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Lady of the Ravendale (Book 1, Ravendale series) ✔ by Little_Dreamerz
Lady of the Ravendale (Book 1, Little_Dreamerz
After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annabelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sicknes...
Queen of the Ravendale (Book 2, The Ravendale series)✔ by Little_Dreamerz
Queen of the Ravendale (Book 2, Little_Dreamerz
Four years have passed and now Annabelle is crowned as the Queen of Ravendale. A place where magical secrets like to stay hidden and where women are allowed to have mult...
Just Us And The Night by ValkyrieNineFic
Just Us And The Nightby ValkyrieNine Supercorp Fanfic
Short Description: A fluffy, low angst, Supercorp medieval AU with plenty of Supercorp gay panic, heroism, and love. Kara and Lena are both queens of neighboring realms...
THE MATRIARCHY. by SmolbeanLive
THE Smolbean
"It's not like I couldn't be strong, or anything. The idea of overpowering just terrifies me. Too out of the comfort zone, right?" The MATRIARCHY sees everyth...
Matsyagandha Satyavati by ANWESHA_DIYA
Matsyagandha Satyavatiby ANWESHA BANDOPADHYAY
The grand matriarch of Hastinapur, the woman whose ambitions changed the fate of the powerful Kuru dynasty, the woman who shaped her destiny and that of many others by h...
Iridescent by iridescent_novel
Iridescentby Iridescent
Matthew Dela Cruz is a male-born. In the New World, he is considered a dead end and a curse to his bloodline. Incapable of pregnancy like all male-borns, he is destined...
Women of the Lost Island by ggwweenn1
Women of the Lost Islandby Gwen
When Isadora washes up on an island, she discovers a female dominated culture of people who had been thought to be lost at sea. While the people of the island try to get...
Matriarch of Viragon by beneday
Matriarch of Viragonby beneday
The throne of Viragon is vacant, and only one is meant to sit in it. Nobody knows where she will come from, but one thing is certain - prophecies are meant to be fulfill...
The Runaway by DaeInSung
The Runawayby Dae In-Sung
Even in a thriving social democratic state, which for 90 years has been considered the most isolated and most unusual in the world, there may be a chance that someone wi...
Veil of Sighs by ESObern
Veil of Sighsby E. S. Obern
Quiet and shy, Luken was never meant for the competitive world of Palace courtesans, but his beauty and bloodline make any other fate impossible. In an empire divided by...
Annon's Bargain by LizzieNewell
Annon's Bargainby Lizzie Newell
Orphaned social revolutionary Annon wants her own clan, and she'll do nearly anything to get it, including trading her firstborn. She makes a deal with the Queen of Fenr...
what WE could BE by JSunBeee
what WE could BEby Jason M Bee
1996 Henry is a sixteen year old gay witch who comes from a long line of powerful female witches. He is the first male witch in this family, and is shunned by it's matri...
Worktitle: the gender wars by MariekeMVos
Worktitle: the gender warsby MariekeMVos
Fantasy series set in a world that is divided in the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy. Both power blocks are loose alliances based on a common belief which gender is superi...
On the Horizon by SeventhSam
On the Horizonby Samantha Quinones
Its been one year since Asaka met Ezuni. They've learned and grown-separately and together-and are now in the port city of Pahazi. Here they will meet new people, get ex...
Sorrows of Grace by ESObern
Sorrows of Graceby E. S. Obern
Trauma has a way of echoing. Forever changed by recent events, a young and beautiful courtesan returns to the Peacock Court at a time of great upheaval. Indulgent, eroti...
Forgotten  by Wolfie13xx
Forgotten by Wolfie13xx
It all happened when they were out on a cold night with their friends, gone to a party and had fun. It was a full moon and they were all prowling the streets, not knowin...