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SUPERCORP INCORRECT by sunflowerofmoon163
some incorrect lines of Supercorp. Enjoy! <3 (Book Cover Fan Art = Not Mine)
The baby kryptonian  by definitlyynottzoee
The baby kryptonian by Katiemcgraths.simp
Lena and Kara have a new surprise coming along. Tysm @drearilydrawn for all the pictures
The Nanny (Kara danvers G!P)  by imaginxrychris
The Nanny (Kara danvers G!P) by Chris (semi ia)
Kara zor-el danvers, hustling businesswoman and single mother, had no interest in anyone but herself and her daughter fallon. As she has for years now. She swore that's...
The Parent Trap by lilyxannie
The Parent Trapby lil and an
Twins Lara Elizabeth Danvers and Genevieve Rae Luthor were separated at birth by their parents, Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. Both girls happen to go to the same camp, a...
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE] by LionxBunny
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE]by LionxBunny
Lena Luthor has a husband. A husband she never met. Her husband always gives her gifts. He granted her great power, money and freedom. The greatest gift he ever gave to...
Cruel summer (supercorp)  by TheElectricBoogaloo
Cruel summer (supercorp) by The-Electric-Boogaloo
This story is by DaughterOfEl Lena Luthor is is an intelligent and lively young woman. She is set to leave for New York by the end of the summer. But Lena has one probl...
The Test Subject (you /Lena Luthor) by rainbowwerewolf
The Test Subject (you /Lena Luthor)by rainbowwerewolf
3 years ago Y/n escaped project CADMUS after being used as an experiment. Now, years later, someone is trying to find her again...
Supergirl x reader by vellyhopcins02
Supergirl x readerby vellyhopcins02
Characters from Supergirl x reader Enjoy!!
lena luthor one shots (female reader) by bowedwards
lena luthor one shots (female read...by delirious
note: * on titles means nsfw content i think about this woman and imagine fake scenarios with her every night so. IM COMPILING THEM HERE :D i'll update whenever i fee...
Dating by Ragbecca
Datingby Ragbecca
When Kara found out that Lena thought they were dating Kara quickly played along. But acting like you love somebody and actually fall in love with somebody are quite sim...
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine.  by feaqthrs
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine. by kenna.
When Kara was 18 she had a baby, but nobody knew. She had a close friend keep the baby for her to keep her ray of sunshine safe. Four years later , her daughter is drop...
The Devil by Ragbecca
The Devilby Ragbecca
Lena's life is pretty awful, with the constant attempts to kill her and the disrespectful board members, she just wishes for true love. Luckily for her a dangerously bea...
The Musical|| Completed by txtannxa
The Musical|| Completedby txtannx
"I wanna sing a song for her" Lena explained. "What song?" asked Amaya "Serect Love Song" "Kara has a girlfriend" "That is c...
Paparazzi by supershipper30
Paparazziby supershipper30
Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor have been secretly dating for the past 6 months and so far it has stayed a secret. One day a picture of Lena and a "mysterious" w...
Last Night by lezziemates
Last Nightby lezziemates
After a late night visit to LCorp Kara-as Supergirl- ends up spending the night with Lena. Lena finds out that Supergirl has a habit of talking in her sleep. The morning...
Willow Greene // Supergirl // by MCWAYY
Willow Greene // Supergirl //by MCWAYY
Willow Greene was the last to escape to Earth from her planet as it was destroyed. The neighboring planet, Krypton, was destroyed 25 years earlier on the exact day at th...
A Girl Called Lori by RStoriesz
A Girl Called Loriby Rstories
Lex has been defeated, and Kara and Lena are rebuilding their friendship, with Kara having realised she is totally and completely in love with her best friend. Kara plan...
A Super Couple by Super4life
A Super Coupleby Kira Gibson
Reporter Kara Danvers(also supergirl) and buisness woman Lena Luthor have been friends for years, both have hidden feelings for each other but are unsure if the other on...
The Lost Sister (English) by SavedBySelena
The Lost Sister (English)by SavedBySelena
What if, Kara and Clark were not the only one, who survived the end of Krypton? What if, when Kara had a big sister who also had left Krypton. And what if, the sister ne...
This Is Not How It Was Supposed to Happen - Supercorp by InYourMinddd
This Is Not How It Was Supposed to...by InYourMinddd
Lena discovers Kara's secret identity and while feelings get involved, neither are sure how to react and what to do. Now, what if in all this mess, their daughter from t...