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Soulmate  - Pickup or Delivery by DKGwrites
Soulmate - Pickup or Deliveryby Donna K. Griffin
Sam: "WTF are you talking about? How can your soulmark activate if you haven't met her?" Lena: "I heard her voice over the phone." Sam: "On a c...
In Another Life (supercorp au) [COMPLETED] by Scarlizzie_edits
In Another Life (supercorp au) [ Natasha Maximoff
Kara and Lena are both kryptonian reign is not a villain/worldkiller but sam is still has a few kryptonian powers alex is lexie grey this was inspired by a dream I had ...
SuperCorp and AgentReign by Courtney_Jareau
SuperCorp and AgentReignby Courtney Jareau
just a story about supercorp and AgentReign
I was always  by Prince_August
I was always by Prince_August
This is a supercorp AU where supergirl doesn't exist and Kara is just a mild mannered reporter.
This Is Not How It Was Supposed to Happen - Supercorp by InYourMinddd
This Is Not How It Was Supposed InYourMinddd
Lena discovers Kara's secret identity and while feelings get involved, neither are sure how to react and what to do. Now, what if in all this mess, their daughter from t...
The Rescue by Nerdyyyyy1
The Rescueby Nerdyyyyy1
With conviction, Kara slams her now empty glass to the table and decides to take action. She wanders over to the huddle of men surrounding the woman. Kara acts a bit mor...
Supercorp One-Shots and Parallels by jaywrites21
Supercorp One-Shots and Parallelsby jaylxn310
Just as the title says. One-shots and parallels with your favorite Arrowverse ship in the whole multiverse.
The Future by Brynn_writes_
The Futureby Brynn
Kara and Lena recover from their kidnapping together. They're trending on Twitter, there are fan accounts dedicated to their relationship. Fans are just posts away from...
The One That Got Away by SpongeBoob324_21
The One That Got Awayby SpongeBoob
Alex Danvers's life was getting back to normal, at least her normal. They cured Sam and Reign disappeard forever. She was fully over Maggie, she was even thinking about...
The Bra by DKGwrites
The Braby Donna K. Griffin
This came from a FB post someone texted me. Someone was driving, her bra was uncomfortable, she pulled it off, then tossed it out the window without thinking. We found...
Just A Kid by dukeydoo
Just A Kidby dukeydoo
Kara Danvers/Zor-El is new on the planet. This story shows Kara growing up in depth. It has a supercorp slow burn. And I mean a very slow burn. Number 1 in #karlena | 3...
Science Doesn't Explain  by Brynn_writes_
Science Doesn't Explain by Brynn
PREVIOUSLY TITLED "Unimaginable" Don't hate me for changing it and then changing it back I can't come up with a title for the unpublished sequel that relates t...
The Baclorette Party by Courtney_Jareau
The Baclorette Partyby Courtney Jareau
things are going well with Lena and James but what happens when he finds Lena in bed with Kara.
Drunk Memories by Courtney_Jareau
Drunk Memoriesby Courtney Jareau
Winn throws a party and brings alien alcohol so everyone can get drunk the next day they end up asking the question what the hell happened last night
The Night Before by MultiShipTrash03
The Night Beforeby I have a lot of ships
Supercorp fanfic and also my first fanfic ever so please give me feedback so I can make it better. Also don't hate me but I'm putting in Agentreign. I still ship Sanvers...
Midvale College, Supercorp Fic by Whovianthasmin
Midvale College, Supercorp Ficby swag 🦢👑
Not my images by the way.* Some mature content* Supercorp College AU Kara's a smart, beautiful, popular girl at Midvale College. Lena joins late in the year and finds he...
Eight Gifts ~ A Supercorp Hanukkah AU by ValkyrieNineFic
Eight Gifts ~ A Supercorp ValkyrieNine Supercorp Fanfic
A Supercorp Hanukkah Story ~ Kara and Lena are madly in love and have been dating for a year. Kara invites Lena to her childhood home to celebrate Hanukkah with her fami...
Nothing Past You ~ A Supercorp AU Fanfic by ValkyrieNineFic
Nothing Past You ~ A Supercorp ValkyrieNine Supercorp Fanfic
Kara Danvers is a talented and passionate young painter. She works as a Departmental Technician at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hanging priceless works for exhibition...
G•I•R•L•S - Supercorp  by dolcos
G•I•R•L•S - Supercorp by dolcos
•SuperCorp AU• •WARNING ⚠️ • •Lena G!P⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️leave if you're not okay with it• Ponytails and knee high socks. Bubble gum and vanilla milkshakes. Cheer captain...
The True Love Story // A Supercorp and Agent Reign Fanfic by -_Jammy_-
The True Love Story // A Jammy_
Lena discovers that Kara, the woman she had immense feelings for (and had yet to admit), was supergirl. But can she forgive her? And could a super and a Luthor ever even...