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✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE] by LionxBunny
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE]by LionxBunny
Lena Luthor has a husband. A husband she never met. Her husband always gives her gifts. He granted her great power, money and freedom. The greatest gift he ever gave to...
A Luthors Favorite  by Katie_McQuotes
A Luthors Favorite by Kara leaned in ;)
Kara walks into CatCo like a casual day expecting everything to go on as usual. But to her surprise she finds out someone bought CatCo. That woman was nine other than Le...
Supercorp One Shots by number-9-is-my-shet
Supercorp One Shotsby number-9-is-my-shet
Here are some one shots of mine involving Supercorp (Kara x Lena - Supergirl). I also have a full Supercorp story coming soon but wanted to get some practice before the...
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AU by Itsmeavalon
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AUby 🌈Avalon🌈
Kryptonians had been poisoning their planet, Krypton, for years, and its core had become extremely unstable. 16-year-old Kara Zor-El, the daughter of Queen Alaura Zor-El...
You are the fire (I'm your gasoline) by itshaileymartin
You are the fire (I'm your gasolin...by pizzabacon
Lena forgets all about the stars and how pretty they are at the sight of Kara laughing, because even in the bad torch lighting, Kara is prettier than all the stars combi...
Midvale College, Supercorp Fic by youregaynow
Midvale College, Supercorp Ficby dontbesuspicious
Not my images by the way.* Some mature content* at some point if I ever get to finishing this Supercorp College AU also I can't describe people for my life, jus let your...
Love Like Poetry - a Supercorp story by OnlyCQed
Love Like Poetry - a Supercorp sto...by OnlyCQed
Kara notices her new teacher, Ms. Luthor. She's fascinated by everything she does. Their feelings unreel as the year goes on.
Everytime by Commander_Liz
Everytimeby Izzy
Lena x Kara/Supergirl Supercorp fanfiction AU: Im sorry for the wrong grammar// errors // spellings and inappropriate words Warning: sexual scenes will be release anyti...
The Return of Supergirl by Jaysama21
The Return of Supergirlby Jay Sam
"I was too late" Lena said to the stone grave that marks KARA DANVERS. "She was gone, because I took off before she came back, she was gone because I wen...
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lena by iMazikeen
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lenaby iMazikeen
Słyszałam wokół płacz, jęki, krzyki. Wszystko spowodowane było bólem. Ludzie najbliżej wybuchu umarli, osoby znajdujące się dalej zostały napromieniowane bardzo niebezp...
Can it be more complicated (supercorp story) by Supercorp_Is_ENDGAME
Can it be more complicated (superc...by Zor-El_Danvers
When Kara Danvers found herself in her boss's office, with no other than Lena Luthor herself, her ex best friend, who was mad at her for not telling her secret identity...
Supergirl, el ángel que camina entre las sombras by TheWomanWhoo
Supergirl, el ángel que camina ent...by TheWomanWhoo
Este fanfic lo escribí hace ya tiempo en mi cuenta de ao3, así que tb lo podéis encontrar allí. ******** Los acontecimientos que tienen lugar transcurren semanas después...
Forever Young (supercorp) by Anonymous13297
Forever Young (supercorp)by ChronicallyWriting
(Previously a one-shot)2005,Kara Danvers was a small town girl still living down her title as Midvales resident weird girl. Kara does and tries anything to fit into the...
Mercy by Whimsy_Neptune
Mercyby WhimsyNeptune
That night had changed everything. Kara texted her the next morning asking to meet up because they 'needed to talk', and Lena thought for sure it was over. That she was...
Love Is Hard; a supercorp story  by Oitnbgayness
Love Is Hard; a supercorp story by Oitnbgayness
*not finished* Pre warning before anyone starts reading, this is not finished and I can't guarantee it ever will be. I have no motivation to write anymore. Feel free to...
FRIENDS OR NOT by super_corp_shiper05
FRIENDS OR NOTby supercor/mergana/dansen
this is my first fanfic so be nice and I would love to see your comments and if you have any suggestions message me it will be in POV this is how Lena reacts to findi...
Revenge a dish best served with kryptonite  by ravenclawnerd4
Revenge a dish best served with kr...by ravenclawnerd4
Lena and Kara had dated for 5 years when Lena finds out that for 2 years Kara had been cheating with Mon-El Lena is beyond upset. She decides the best revenge was not on...
Never In A Million Years (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by dukeydoo
Never In A Million Years (UNDER CO...by dukeydoo
Supergirl aka Kara Zor-el/Danvers is best friends with Lena Luthor. Eventually, they get closer and learn to work through things together and eventually tell the public...