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Gay messes group chat (supergirl) by gaymess231206
Gay messes group chat (supergirl)by Hollistineismyotp
A gay as hell super friends gc ( if you want another story like this go check out my AO3 account @Useless_gay_23 ) if you know me no you don't.
Midvale High School by yeahitsmesadly
Midvale High Schoolby yeahitsmesadly
Supergirl in High School, there are going to be heartbreaks, happiness, sadness, enough said it going to be awe and some! Go check out the Plot Line for more details of...
High School by chiefmolly
High Schoolby chiefmolly
I made up this prompt from my one shot idea and I like it! It will have Sanvers and Supercorp!
Jump | Sanvers by shadowingdark
Jump | Sanversby Queen of Eden
"One thing I have to do. Jump. That's the only way to leave this world... to be free."
Supercorp One Shots by Amrutap1408
Supercorp One Shotsby Amruta Patil
Some cute little stuff that happens between Supercorp when they aren't busy saving the world. (P.S. I can't break up Sanvers. so they're in it too.)
Ship smuts!!!!! LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 by justmedrew19
Ship smuts!!!!! LGBT 🏳️‍🌈by Andrew Youngblood
Just a whole bunch of ships and possibly a whole lot of smut and big lemons. 😉😉😜😜💯
New beginnings  by chylersflo
New beginnings by lcvelyniall
Maggie is new to the school and she doesn't know anyone there, Alex Danvers was one of the only people that really made her feel welcomed. As the story goes on their fri...
Success or Death by xxnxptxnexx
Success or Deathby nxptxne
This mission either has two endings: Success or Death. Preferably the first one. This mission could very well cost three precise women their lives, but the payoff would...
SuperCorp + Sanvers + Bechloe by nutmegger
SuperCorp + Sanvers + Bechloeby nutmegger
This fanfic is a cross in-between Supergirl, Pitch Perfect, and Rizzoli & Isles. I own none of these characters (maybe the kid's names). I hope you all enjoy!
Runaway Girl by SupercorpAgentReign
Runaway Girlby Faith Bird
Lena is seventeen when she can't stand living with the Luthors anymore, so she runs away. It's the middle of the night when Alex is driving to a motel and Kara urges her...
Just A Kid by dukeydoo
Just A Kidby dukeydoo
Kara Danvers/Zor-El is new on the planet. This story shows Kara growing up in depth. It has a supercorp slow burn. And I mean a very slow burn. Number 1 in #karlena | 3...
Sanvers reunion  by AmyBernadettePenny
Sanvers reunion by AmyBernadettePenny
Alex realizes that it was the biggest mistake in her life to break up with Maggie. She tries to get the girl back. Will she be successful? And also there is something h...
We Meet Again (Sanvers) by Camrenansnorminah
We Meet Again (Sanvers)by Camrenansnormimah
"Kara , do you copy?!" " A-Alex " "Yes I'm here ,what's going on over there are you ok?!" "We have an injured civilian" "Ok...
The Attack of Hydro-Bane by lucylulu44
The Attack of Hydro-Baneby Supernerd
Alex and Maggie are enjoying their lives when they get a call about an alien wrecking havoc in the city. Little did they know the culprit is someone they know and love...
Crashing by raspberry-starship
Crashingby raspberry-starship
Perfect Lighting - Sanvers One-Shot by lynellee_02
Perfect Lighting - Sanvers One-Shotby queen_of_misfits
AU Prompt: Alex is an anonymous photo blogger and Maggie is really aesthetically pleasing and by Alex's opinion, hot as hell. Alex takes a picture of her without Maggie...
I'm here for you  by chylersflo
I'm here for you by lcvelyniall
Just a REALLY short Sanvers story, about Kara getting injured and Maggie helping Alex through a hard time.
sanvers smut by gaygentsanvers
sanvers smutby gaygentsanvers
short sanvers smuts.
The Chronicle of the Godfather by Catseye888
The Chronicle of the Godfatherby Catseye
Mafia boss and Doctor AU New York underworld is ruled by 3 powerful families: the Sawyer, the Danvers and the Luthors. Maggie became a cold blooded mafia boss after her...
Blanket Hog: A Sanvers Oneshot by p1ssbab13
Blanket Hog: A Sanvers Oneshotby spence
I did this for a fanfic secret Santa. I don't really know Sanvers, so this is probably out of character, sorry!