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Can it be more complicated (supercorp story) by Supercorp_Is_ENDGAME
Can it be more complicated (superc...by Zor-El_Danvers
When Kara Danvers found herself in her boss's office, with no other than Lena Luthor herself, her ex best friend, who was mad at her for not telling her secret identity...
Supercorp (one shot compilation) by writercap
Supercorp (one shot compilation)by Syrup
so this is gonna be where I put all of my fluff or angsty one shots that I wish actually happened on the show lol I hope you enjoy! :) (p.s. I found the cover I used on...
SuperGirl: Oneshots by Charlize_Zor-El
SuperGirl: Oneshotsby Charlize
SuperGirl OneShots mostly supercorp but every once in a while the other ships
Supercorp Funny Sketches by SeverusHermine
Supercorp Funny Sketchesby SeverusHermine
Hey guys :) , Here I will write some funny supercorp sketches that come to my mind oder that I have seen as Memes online. Think that you should all know these! #Superc...
Multiverse Group Chat by winters_falling
Multiverse Group Chatby Theo (Or Teddy)
A story in which DC multiverse & Marvel multiverse chat about all things gay.. sort of. More than 59 Earths in this fic Crossover ish with shows from the Marvel Univers...
Always and forever by gaycorp
Always and foreverby Supercorp Fanfic
Kara and Lena were friends but Kara had feelings for Lena but thought it would be smarter to tell Lena who she was. Lena wasn't happy when she found out and her and Kara...
I Just Need to See You (Supercorp) by AliDanversLuthor
I Just Need to See You (Supercorp)by AliDanversLuthor
Kara has a bad day, and she needs Lena...Lena is unavailable. //One shot// Hi I'm Ali. This is super short, no pun intended. This is my first time writing like this so...
Love is the Light, Scaring Darkness Away by blycorp
Love is the Light, Scaring Darknes...by Aidan
The first thing Lena saw when she woke up was the blinding lights of the DEO hallway, and a heavy weight on her hand. She wanted to close her eyes for longer, but curios...
Morning Coffee [K.DANVERS] [L.LUTHOR] by danverspendragon
Morning Coffee [K.DANVERS] [L.LUTH...by anya
"I love you more than coffee but not always before coffee" FANFICTION | SUPERCORP SUPERCANARY @ 2016
Just Watch - a SuperCorp fanfic by AragornErso
Just Watch - a SuperCorp fanficby Aragorn Erso
It's been a really bad day. And when Kara finds comfort in Lena's presence, Alex is confused about what's happening. Maggie tells Alex to "just watch." This is...
Are You Aware Of What You Make Me Feel, baby?  by user17524022
Are You Aware Of What You Make Me...by KaraLuthorZorEl
"You're not the only one who felt different, I also felt different with you ... I always felt different with you. You were always there, even when I had other relat...
Chaos in the park by Throwaway1863
Chaos in the parkby Throwaway1863
Sorry if this is bad, this was a dream I had and wanted to write down. Just a short Supercorp thing basically.
Lena Karalot : Supercorp by Escriberp
Lena Karalot : Supercorpby Immana
Supercorp. Kara Danvers a Starbucks employee meets Lena Luthor the head of Her own company "L-Corp" The two seem to hit it off. But will they get their happy e...
I Trusted Her by supercorp-crazed
I Trusted Herby Love SuperCorp
"You know, for someone who claims to stand for hope, justice and everything good, you clearly have the wrong definition on what they mean, because you sure as hell...