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Can it be more complicated (supercorp story) by Supercorp_Is_ENDGAME
Can it be more complicated (superc...by Zor-El_Danvers
When Kara Danvers found herself in her boss's office, with no other than Lena Luthor herself, her ex best friend, who was mad at her for not telling her secret identity...
Be my hero - Supercorp Fanfiction by just_jakob
Be my hero - Supercorp Fanfictionby just_jakob
Never before she felt like this, felt safe in someone's arms. She didn't understand what these feelings meant for her. What it meant for them. Lena Luthor. Kara Danvers...
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Stories/Scenes/One Shots by Justakid444
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Storie...by Sophie
The title should really give enough of a description. It's pretty damn gay.
The Wrong Lovers by feaqthrs
The Wrong Loversby kenna.
What happens when two different people from two different universes switch lives? Kara Danvers from Earth 2 is a well known lawyer and married to the rich scientist Lena...
Supercorp One Shots by number-9-is-my-shet
Supercorp One Shotsby number-9-is-my-shet
Here are some one shots of mine involving Supercorp (Kara x Lena - Supergirl). I also have a full Supercorp story coming soon but wanted to get some practice before the...
How Many Tears Are Enough? by xirusvx
How Many Tears Are Enough?by Neb
Kara lands herself a new job as caretaker for the Luthor's. She's to take care of their youngest daughter Lena, who's been forced to move back in with her mother after a...
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AU by Itsmeavalon
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AUby 🌈Avalon🌈
Kryptonians had been poisoning their planet, Krypton, for years, and its core had become extremely unstable. 16-year-old Kara Zor-El, the daughter of Queen Alaura Zor-El...
Midvale College, Supercorp Fic by youregaynow
Midvale College, Supercorp Ficby dontbesuspicious
Not my images by the way.* Some mature content* at some point if I ever get to finishing this Supercorp College AU also I can't describe people for my life, jus let your...
Love is Blind by Larkfeatherr0128
Love is Blindby Larkfeatherr0128
Lex has escaped from prison just around the same time Kara Danvers has gone missing. The strangest person comes to her for help, claiming that her maniacal brother has c...
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lena by iMazikeen
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lenaby iMazikeen
Słyszałam wokół płacz, jęki, krzyki. Wszystko spowodowane było bólem. Ludzie najbliżej wybuchu umarli, osoby znajdujące się dalej zostały napromieniowane bardzo niebezp...
Lord, Save me from your Followers (a Supergirl Kara x Lena fanfic) by Anamatics
Lord, Save me from your Followers...by Ellen
Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discover...
love you the most by super_corp_shiper05
love you the mostby supercor/mergana/dansen
glee are having a reunion in national city (btw just this book flash and supergirl share the same earth and barry and kara have met in high school) and they compete in...
How dare you insult the vertically challenged?! by Zor-Earp
How dare you insult the vertically...by Zor-Earp
Even though it was just the two of them, knowing Kara's endless pit of a stomach, Lena had learned that when it came to cooking for her other half, it was best to double...
Arrowverse sapphics- a collection of oneshots by daniwouldnever_
Arrowverse sapphics- a collection...by Ghost King 💀🏳️‍🌈
The title is pretty self-explanatory lmao. A series of oneshots surrounding the Arrowverse sapphics! You can send requests on my tumblr: @wlwstanaccount or contact me...
Sacrifices by Justakid444
Sacrificesby Sophie
When a looming threat hurts Kara's family she takes fate into her own hands, hunting down the Monitor no matter what it takes. If she can survive long enough she'll be f...
Morning Coffee [K.DANVERS] [L.LUTHOR] by danverspendragon
Morning Coffee [K.DANVERS] [L.LUTH...by anya
"I love you more than coffee but not always before coffee" FANFICTION | SUPERCORP SUPERCANARY @ 2016
Supergirl, el ángel que camina entre las sombras by TheWomanWhoo
Supergirl, el ángel que camina ent...by TheWomanWhoo
Este fanfic lo escribí hace ya tiempo en mi cuenta de ao3, así que tb lo podéis encontrar allí. ******** Los acontecimientos que tienen lugar transcurren semanas después...
This wasn't how I expected tonight going by thexfeelsxarexreal
This wasn't how I expected tonight...by thexfeelsxarexreal
Supergirl-yeah, you heard right Supergirl, not Kara-and Lena have been having this little arrangement going for some weeks. An arrangement in which they had make out, if...