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The Lonely Mountain [1] by McrMarvelLoki
The Lonely Mountain [1]by McrMarvelLoki
Amara, daughter of Lord Elrond, finds herself as the fifteenth member of the company of Thorin Oakenshield. A quest to reclaim a homeland leads her straight into her bet...
The King, The Burglar and The Guardian   by TheHopelessHobbit
The King, The Burglar and The Olivia937637
There was once many of them. They were mighty and fierce. After being hunted like buffalo, there are very few of them left. They are Skin Changers. This story begins wi...
Return to Me (Kili) by emmaofthe9fingers
Return to Me (Kili)by Emmaofthe9fingers
Priscilla Baggins has always wondered what life outside the Shire was like, but never dared to leave it. Living with her brother Bilbo in Bag End, she's content to live...
Your a troublemaker? So am I ( a Filli love story) by DCwizardtrekki
Your a troublemaker? So am I ( a DCwizardtrekki
Did you know Dwalin had a daughter? No? Well... That's okay not many do. Anyways. This is the story of the adventure to reclaim Erabor I went on with dad. So join me...
A Journey I'll Always Remember (Kili x Reader)  by unknown8363
A Journey I'll Always Remember ( unknown8363
(Y/N) is the daughter of Bilbo Baggins, she is a curious, kind and loyal young lady who has always wondered what life is like outside of the Shire. One evening unexpect...
Differently *Fem!Bilbo/Thorin Oakenshield* by JordynBlack
Differently *Fem!Bilbo/Thorin Jordyn Black
How different would things have been for the company and more importantly for Thorin if Bilbo was Bella? Bella Baggins was a simple hobbit of Bag-End when Gandalf the Gr...
The Forest Queen (The hobbit x reader)  by Agent-Lokitty
The Forest Queen (The hobbit x SpecialAgent-Lokitty
There were many myths about the forest kingdom, whether it was real or not. Some claimed that it's people were immortal while others claim they are the ghosts of the dea...
An Unexpected Journey (Hobbit fanfiction) by outstanding103
An Unexpected Journey (Hobbit Insomnya_X
'What more could you loose?' Silena is an elf. She is different from her kind. She has been running her whole life. She has given herself the name 'The Rider in Black'...
Wayfarer of dawn by IceAmy
Wayfarer of dawnby IceAmy
//SLOW UPDATES// "I am known by many names, and not all of them are friendly, Thorin Oakenshield" She said, a harsh edge to her voice. "But you may call m...
The Hobbit/ Lord Of The Rings Imagines by Atomic_Mercy
The Hobbit/ Lord Of The Rings Atomic_Mercy
Character list: Thorin Kili Fili Thranduil Legolas Bilbo Aragon Elrond Lindir Haldir Eomer Frodo Merry Pippen Gimli Boromir Sam Faramir
The Hobbit - FINALLY FOUND [ Legolas Love Story ]  by AbstractVoyager
The Hobbit - FINALLY FOUND [ Nathiniel
Nathìniel was raised by dwarves. She saw the fall of Erebor, Smaug destroying the town of Dale, simply everything from the great war. No one has really cared for her poi...
Finding Our Way Home (The Hobbit) by Mandy_Roboxox
Finding Our Way Home (The Hobbit)by Amanda
Liliana is a dwarf from the long lost kingdom of Erabor. Along with Thorin Oakenshield and the rest of his company they travel back to Erabor to reclaim their homeland...
Changes (Thorin Oakenshield x Reader) by NoTimeForAnything
Changes (Thorin Oakenshield x NoTimeForAnything29
Y/N a beautiful she-elf that was always on an adventure somewhere in Middle Earth. However, she is not just an elf. No, she is much more than just that. She is also a so...
Summer Haze by MirielOfGisborne
Summer Hazeby MirielOfGisborne
Hobbit Slash Fanfiction / Alternate Universe A little over a year after the start of "An Unexpected Journey," Bilbo Baggins, just married to Thorin Oakenshield...
Knights of Erebor: Blade of Durin by NJRBlackFeather
Knights of Erebor: Blade of Durinby Riggan
Important!! I'm going to be republishing each chapter and publishing the last few chapters I've written in my absence. so please if you were interested before, please co...
Glowing Heart (Hobbit Fan Fiction) by lighted_darkness
Glowing Heart (Hobbit Fan Fiction)by A
Arielle wasn't like others, She always felt like something was missing, with her strange tattoo, that she has always had but has no idea why. Lost with nowhere to go aft...
THE ADDITION, kili durin ✓ by -sawamuras
THE ADDITION, kili durin ✓by 𝐀.
the moon knows all her secrets. ❪ the hobbit, auj-botfa. ❫ ❪ kili durin x f!oc. ❫ ❪ © -whitethorn...
Kili x reader The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Completed) by ASongOfIceAndFandoms
Kili x reader The Hobbit: An (On Hiatus)
I do not own The Hobbit or any of the characters from The Hobbit. I only own (Y/n). As Bilbo Baggins's sister living in the Shire, life can get boring. All (Y/n) wanted...
The Farm Girl by mjishkanyan
The Farm Girlby MJ Ishkanyan
When the Company of Thorin Oakenshield camped for a night in an abandoned farm house in Arnor, they didn't expect to run into trolls... or a farm girl with courage and h...
An Unexpected Journey by BubblyYork
An Unexpected Journeyby Jade
Athena seeks out her grandmother to tell her one of her favourite stories. The Hobbit/Percy Jackson Fanfiction. Follows the three movies. Thorin/OC.