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Wholesome Days(Jaysuh  Fanfic) by Septic_Butterfly
Wholesome Days(Jaysuh Fanfic)by Septic
Jay Ko and Hosuh Lee adventures of dating. If you like this story, than thank you, but I will write this as it remind me of Jay and I deeply miss him. This was suggeste...
Purposefully Accidental • #2 by numbereddays
Purposefully Accidental • #2by bree
"I don't know what this all means. If this is fate, if there's any purpose of losing you and then meeting you again like this, like a goddamn dream..." With he...
AcTuAlLyOdDpLaN sMuT by Hosuhmellow
AcTuAlLyOdDpLaN sMuTby I quit
Sorry I'm bad at this- but danplan smut and a au Also follow me on Instagram okay.stephenn
Danplan Aladdin AU by LanceTheLoverBoy
Danplan Aladdin AUby Ver
Hiya! This will be my first AU! A Danplan Aladdin AU! I hope you guys enjoy! #danplanaladdinau ❗IF YOU DONT LIKE STOSUH THEN THIS STORY IS NOT FOR YOU! NO DRAMA❗ Date st...
Random Art by Mashy_Mashi
Random Artby ~Mashi~
Here's just some of the things I draw cause why not._. I'm not the best artist so sorry There will probably be some DanPlan as well cuz... I miss the show:'3 Programs: I...
You of all people - Stosuh by ICASTopeningband
You of all people - Stosuhby ICASTOB.
Things changed after that party, it was an accident though it led them to this point in time. They both knew that they couldn't avoid one another forever. It was interes...
Julieta (One-Shot Jaspar/Danthur) by 6854notfound
Julieta (One-Shot Jaspar/Danthur)by Asriel
Onde Gaspar e Jasmim tem uma música que significa muito aos dois - ✨ Avisos: - AU inspirada na música "Julieta" do Kamaitachi - One Shot
[DISCONTINUED] Teacher's lounge // Stephen x Hosuh by Mashy_Mashi
[DISCONTINUED] Teacher's ~Mashi~
Cover by @-_C0ffeeBreath_- Hosuh traveled to Vancouver due to his new job as an art teacher at a small school. Little did he knew he was gonna fall head over heels for...
How Great is This? (REWRITE) by kyekteko
How Great is This? (REWRITE)by kyek
Hosuh Lee, your average fanfic protagonist, has a tragic backstory u nuuuuuuuuuu. so here's the actual description: Hosuh, a High Schooler with family problems, goes to...
~DanPlan RP~ by DanxPlan
~DanPlan RP~by ♡ Jenny/Leehi ♡
By the way...In which we all RP! :) --- This is a DANPLAN book! I promise I will continue the other one :) Enjoy this one though
A Broken Mind and a Glass Heart (Javin) by xKawaiiKatx
A Broken Mind and a Glass Heart ( Kat
{ A JAVIN FANFICTION } When Gavin gets in a horrible accident, he wakes up to be greeted by family, friends, and a random stranger he's never met before. He comes t...
Danplan/AOP Monster AU by mioxra
Danplan/AOP Monster AUby ᎷᎥᎧᏒᏗ
When Hosuh finds a parasitical crystal, his life nearly ends, if it weren't for the generous help of the demon Stephen. Read along Hosuh's journey through the mystical w...
Writers on Wattpad by ageofpages
Writers on Wattpadby 𝐀𝐎𝐏+
Hello there! We are The Age Of Pages. A Discord server with 29 writers who write here on Wattpad. We are a new growing community, with advice and stories to share. There...
 Silver Vampire by Mahelythebee1
Silver Vampireby Mahelythebee1
Stephen and Gavin found a gray hair boy in the wood. What did not know is that this man will brings several problems. And several mysteries to solve... In hiatus The c...
Welcome! by DreamClan_Warriors
Welcome!by DreamClan
Welcome to our collab account! ~AOP ~Lagoon ~Muffin
¤~The Stray Wolf~¤(Hiatus) by PurpleRoZEE
¤~The Stray Wolf~¤(Hiatus)by PurpleRoZEE
Hosuh, a boy who has been raised by wolves, and lived in the forest his whole life has to integrate back into society. What'll happen when he's thrown into highschool...
Daplan Shorts by Kira0154
Daplan Shortsby X.fanpeeps.X
Danplan short stories I make when I supposed to be doing homework T-T
Agata Hirata backstory (oc) by YamadaNatsuki
Agata Hirata backstory (oc)by Lilo_Hodden
apenas a backstory de uma das minhas personagens de RPG (estilo ordem paranormal)
Kit Pup Love by Septic_Butterfly
Kit Pup Loveby Septic
Omegaverse Septic is a young Alpha Beast who just want two things in life. To become a vet and to find their fated pair. Maybe that last one will come true. I'm bored a...