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La Cometa 1892 by Averian_Scribblers
La Cometa 1892by AAS Cabin of Writers
Four working individuals are set to begin their adventure in the once prosperous town where they have to collect information about its root of destruction. --- In a prog...
A Memory With You by MissMischievouss
A Memory With Youby Aphrodite
Just by staring at someone's eyes you'll know her story. A girl named Pisces suffered from a depression. She's lost and she doesn't know the way back into her own world...
The Obssesed Stalker by Hazel_zel_zel
The Obssesed Stalkerby Hazel Anne Jose
She's independent. She's living peacefully. Not until she knows she has a stalker. Ano ang mararamdaman mo kung sa bawat kilos mo, alam mong may nakamasid at nanonood sa...
Once upon a time there was a lesbian lovestory by yasminvghjg
Once upon a time there was a lesbi...by yasminvghjg
Snow White, left in the Woods alone for centuries until, an Avery came to save her...April Avery was there for her...They were in love ///////////// I don't own the char...
You're mine Entice, Mine by Zyyaiiraasrvn
You're mine Entice, Mineby Zy
"Entice" sigaw ng isang lalaking gustong humingi ng tulong simula umpisa pa lang. Nakilala niya ito nung pumupuslit siya sa mundo ng mga tao, bata pa lamang n...
Our Untold Love Story by MissRambac
Our Untold Love Storyby Althea Rambac
If only the world knew the feelings we hold. That burn inside us but all remain untold. To be together freely and happy. To show were in love, wish we could..But what ca...
She's dark, he's light. They meet.
Poetic Form by princessinwhite16
Poetic Formby princessinwhite16
From the title, it's obvious that this is not a story but a poems. I am currently enhancing my talents on this category. So expect that it will not look the way you expe...
The Taxonomy of Home by unremarkable_kid
The Taxonomy of Homeby Kaidence
a flash fiction dedicated to April Avery
FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW! by caffe_01
FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW!by Your promoter.
This is for a real Wattpadian only.
Spellbound by NailiaPumbaya
Spellboundby Nailia Pumbaya
In a world where everyone is bounded by spell, will Bella find a way to see her plans realized? We'll see.......... Let the games of magic begin.
Poems/Poetry by camrstl
Poems/Poetryby ain'ther
Hi i tried writing poems/poetry but di ko sure kung mukha ba tong poem o poetry HAHAHAHAH anyways, care to read it mwaaaps!!
Sterlan High by starreon
Sterlan Highby starreon
This story is about how a family members care for each other......
Irreconcilable Attracts by pxrywinkie
Irreconcilable Attractsby bubbles.
Relationship, engagement. Lingered memories, painful memories. Two different memories, same intensity of pain. Two completely different wandering souls, lost in the wav...
The Vengeance by MsSoCutieee
The Vengeanceby enticeENT
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The Lost Princess of Airofire by Twilight_Sparkle13
The Lost Princess of Airofireby Twilight_Sparkle13
Siya kaya ang magiging daan ng pagbangon ng kingdom ng Airofire...Makakabalik kaya siya sa tunay niyang mga magulang...malalaman kaya niya ang tunay niyang pagkatao...ma...
Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls VII) by DorotheaAchendier
Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls V...by D.A.
"I play. He manage." Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls VII) WHY DA's Girls Series Written by: Dorothea Achendier Genre: General Fiction
A Lost Friendship by ever_more8
A Lost Friendshipby EverMore
A lost friendship of Talitha,Andrei,Jade,Yves,Jianna, and Cypher. What caused the fall of their friendship? Was it a fight? Or was it love?
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