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Pain Inside Me (Kenta × Kim) by aug282004
Pain Inside Me (Kenta × Kim)by Jeon Jungkook
Kenta and Kim found themselves caught in Tony's complicated schemes. Tony, a powerful but shady businessman involved in illegal activities, had adopted Kenta and others...
Daughter of Bloody Moon (Ongoing)  by Maxielynleejung
Daughter of Bloody Moon (Ongoing) by Divhellish_girl
I'm just a simple girl with dreams in life, but I can't comprehend why all of this is happening to me. Have I done something to deserve such punishment? I feel the urge...
S I B U S I S I W E  by Nontando-n
S I B U S I S I W E by Nontando.
S I B U S I S I W E. Born from poverty die rich , the place where you come from and where you were born should be the motivation of your future that your kids will have...
[COMPLETED ✔️] Coleen Andromeda used to live her everyday hellish life. The word pain is not new to her at all. She's emotionally drained and wanted to give up but could...
Power Over Me by dhannybie
Power Over Meby dhanny bie
Uno, the next in line leader of the most powerful mob in the country. However, he once planned to have a simple and happier life. How will he gonna escape his future whe...
Guardian of my heart by GadisAwangan
Guardian of my heartby 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗'𝖘
Pertemuan kali pertama di mana jejaka itu menyelamatkan dia dari kematian namun pertemuan kali kedua membongkarkan identiti jejaka tersebut sekali gus persoalan yang per...
His Lustful Proposal - (Ongoing) by ShesGlowingInTheDark
His Lustful Proposal - (Ongoing)by celena
Calithea "Cali" Moricelli, 27 years old, is a successful businesswoman. She's smart, beautiful and an independent woman. Every man she meet fancies her. She wo...
OUT OF THE BLUE (Bada X Howl AU) by xyeliana_
OUT OF THE BLUE (Bada X Howl AU)by 🤎
Mature content ahead. Read at your own risk.
The Legendary Visual (LISRENE/HYUNLIS) by _saskatchewan
The Legendary Visual (LISRENE/ Lei Saskatchewan
I am Lisa the maknae of Blackpink, I am hopeless inlove with my member Jennie, Yes Jennie fucking Kim but she doesn't see as the way I see her... I did everything, alI a...
How to take care of a cat ( A Jenlisa Fanfic) by yadomkamsamnida
How to take care of a cat ( A Jenlisa S. Real
The joys of sharing your life with a cat are truly boundless. Cats get a reputation for being low to high-maintenance, independent, and overall easy to take care of - an...
• C H £ R R Y • 🍒🍑 by jentlemanoban23
• C H £ R R Y • 🍒🍑by J
INNOCENT NEVER HEARD OF HER 💦 "I hope one day you let me in you" ⚠️ ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ ⛔️ S E X U A L C O N T E N T ‼️ S E X U A L C O N T E N T ‼️ S E X U A L...
"tulong tulong please!" Umiiyak ako habang tumatakbo palayo kung saan may lakaking masama ang humahabol sa'kin. Napa atras naman ako nang biglang sumulpot si...
The Other Shade of Lisa by shaddywrites
The Other Shade of Lisaby shaddyfuckingwrites
Lisa is the usual good girl from a very good family. You can always tell from the way she speaks and dress. Graduating as the high school famous virgin, she hopes to kee...
Belongs To Only Jk by Jungkookie26745
Belongs To Only Jkby Jungkookie 26
love , respect , 18 plus , you are the girl got dumped by the loved one and lost all the hopes and interest
Through His Dark Times by shinyechan4877
Through His Dark Timesby Legendary happy me
A game idol of a popular e-sports team The Shadow X. is faced with death threatening challenges. as of after they won the country's e-cup, going for the inter tournament...
JUST FOR YOU  by Bambie019
JUST FOR YOU by Romantic 😍
~♡♡~ "Are there other vows you'd like to say to each other?" The priest asked. We both nodded simultaneously as we smiled. "I have to catch my breath to...
Kumpas by syuzete
Kumpasby syuzete
TaeKook au where they both need each other. Mateo need Harvey para mag pretend na boyfriend niya. Harvey need Mateo for financial support. And who knows what will happen...
Please Stop Loving Me by puffyfluffymeow
Please Stop Loving Meby puffyfluffymeow
Author Nullaisamenace Puffyfluffymeows Publisher screw my brain One shots Chapters information here Chapter Name 1-4 Cruel Possessive Childho...
His Forbidden Desires by neeyovv
His Forbidden Desiresby N. B.
What would you do if you fell in love with your mom's boyfriend? ... He is Renon Muñoz, eighteen years old guy, who lives in a province. He lived happily there, but when...