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You by CarlisleDelaCruz
Youby Carlisle Dela Cruz
Best friends since highschool.. But Alex has a secret crush on Tiffy.. paano na pag nabuking ito.. how would they start seeing each other.. kung si Alex ay determinado n...
Travor's Obsession. by lovely13blood
Travor's Pantasya
Trevor Sylvan Montemayor a 27 years old man who's afraid on commitment also preferred his self on work. A lovable Brother to his siblings have no times to flirt but He h...
    HER  𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊  HIS  𝕯𝖔𝖛𝖊 by editztzu
HER 𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊 HIS 𝕯𝖔𝖛𝖊by editztzu
Abhimanyu Singh Rathore : A typical business man , cold arrogant rude jerk well he has to being a big business Tycoon he has to maintain his attitude . Anu Abhimanyu S...
VegasPete (The Flower That Blooms Alone) by YukiGrayAbueme
VegasPete (The Flower That Czal~Eah
Although this is a fan-made story, all of the characters are based on the novel and the story's beginning. This portion takes place after Pete has escaped the horrors of...
VOS#1: The Gentleman's Affection by ImaheNasyooon
VOS#1: The Gentleman's Affectionby J O Y
Warning: Matured Content R18+ This is not your typical kind of story.
Daunted Heart [On-going] #1 Heart Series by tweety_twees
Daunted Heart [On-going] #1 Sweet Arbiol
#1 Heart Series Zyerina is the type of person you can conclude for having a philophobia, really afraid to get involve about LOVE. When it comes she ignored it easily. Bu...
That Day I Saw You by Pluviophilell
That Day I Saw Youby Ally
FLAMES 1: Did you become NBSB? Or have you ever been in love? Isabella Ari Gonzales fell in love at first sight with a man who loves drums, she fell in love with him eff...
EDITH by Yanaaayirrrr_
EDITHby Yanz only
knock knock! Karya first? Bacalah.hehehe
SILENTLY INNOCENT  by GraceejanePepania
Isang babaeng nag ngangalang "Yllyka Khet Hyannis", di mo masasabing tubong bundok dahil sa kanyang angking kagandahan, mapupulang labi, at higit sa lahat ang...
MARRY HER by ItzMeKeeeen
MARRY HERby Ken Santos
WARNING: SPG| MATURE CONTENT INSIDE| R-18. Read at your own risk. Start: sep. 22, 2020 ...
FAKE!~  (Yandere mythical creature x (fake yandere)darling reader) by Angel_Romenoff_Stark
FAKE!~ (Yandere mythical Angel_Romenoff_Stark
A treaty between mythical creatures and humans, who would have thought it'd came true one day. But when it did It absolutely fucked up your life. Actually you did it , y...
the billionaire's darling • chanbaek by Deerbabolti
the billionaire's darling • 『アブ』
Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ] by gelatoandchoco
Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ]by avada kedavra
Meet Marinette Dupain Cheng, a girl who's absolutely a pain in the ass when it comes to Adrien Agreste. Even though Adrien is the world's Heartthrob and a hunky sweethea...
Manan 18+ by mananfab
Manan 18+by mananfab
This story would matured one shots of manan.. So read at your own risk😉
THE SIDNAAZ WORLD SEASON 1  by AditiDwivedi661
THE SIDNAAZ WORLD SEASON 1 by shehnaz my jaan
welcome to the sidnaaz world
MY LOST LUNA. by abigaangelmae
MY LOST Angel mae Abiga
"I said I am not your fucking mate, with all due respect alpha."I yelled in frustration. * The alpha kings mate was lost seven years ago, many believed she is...
Why Did You Leave? || JENSOO [COMPLETED]  by rxcee_e
Why Did You Leave? || JENSOO [ rxcee_e
They are a lovely couple. No one can stop them. But what happened when she took her virginity, and left? Leaving her, with a child in her tummy. Will she come back? Won...
Kumpas by syuzete
Kumpasby syuzete
TaeKook au where they both need each other. Mateo need Harvey para mag pretend na boyfriend niya. Harvey need Mateo for financial support. And who knows what will happen...
One Night Stand With SSG PRESIDENT  by MarianelaCarmen
One Night Stand With SSG PRESIDENT by AshRain
When your broken harted when do you wanted to go? Well our leading lady was so broken hearted then she went from a bar near at the motel where her boyfriend live,zhe wa...