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The Thin Grey Line_ Tokyo Ghoul   by M00NTHAWDAR
The Thin Grey Line_ Tokyo Ghoul by M00NTHAWDAR
A story of how the famous ,CCG's Reaper ,Kishou Arima's life changed when a yong woman he had once had a night of passion appointed him in her will as the legal guardian...
A Ghouls Silence | Sequal to A Ghouls Cry(KK FF) by Yoon-ki-Min
A Ghouls Silence | Sequal to A May Ackerman-Ken
[COMPLETED] Sasaki and Rima have finally reunited with each other, and after getting her memories back, the two half ghouls are as close as ever. Now after a few years...
Arima Kishou x Reader Oneshots by ilsanboca
Arima Kishou x Reader Oneshotsby Hatake-san
How would Arima handle a drunk Y/N? What would happen when his child decides to change his looks? How about the time Arima faced his love rival? An Arima x Reader one-sh...
( tổng ) AriKane Thế giới tuyến biến hóa by Idol_Kirari
( tổng ) AriKane Thế giới tuyến Arima x Kaneki
Tác giả: meo trắng tiểu thông cáo: Tùy duyên đổi mới, chủ càng áng văn này văn --------------- Nếu thế giới tuyến đã xảy ra thay đổi, Kaneki Ken trước tiên nhận thức Ar...
Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth by lev8088
Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirthby Awesome!
Kaneki? A quinque? Arima Kishou? The 'Panther'? A broken past. A suffering truth. Dead or alive? Ghoul and human. Who is stronger? Those mysteries that lies beyond the...
I Can Still Have This by trashking_tsukiyama
I Can Still Have Thisby Vhia-sama
Haise birthday but with an unexpected guest. How will Haise feel about this? Will something happen between Haise and Arima? Tokyo Ghoul:re fanfiction Pairings: Haise Sas...
The Reaper and the Angel of death  (arima kishou fanfic) by Yorikokosaka
The Reaper and the Angel of Yoriko kosaka
this is a story about Arima Kishou growing up in the sunlit garden... And the girl he loved. (I will write a full description after i finish writing the whole story) S...
Wilting Roses (Arima Kishou fan fiction) by WandererOfDimensions
Wilting Roses (Arima Kishou fan Miki Neyster
I do not own any of the characters from Tokyo Ghoul/root A/re/ or the plot. This is for entertainment purposes only. I own my own character/s/ *A proper description will...
I'll Always Remember You by fybokuto
I'll Always Remember Youby BoKuroo
Here's a little tribute to CCG no shinigami himself ...ok i swear i didn't cry and I'm sorry if this story sucks .. arima is like my bae and i didn't expect for it to en...
The One between two sides by Spooky200
The One between two sidesby Spooky200
I do not own Tokyo Ghoul and it's characters nor the crossover charcter from another anime and manga that I will add!!!WARNING THERE WILL BE OOC!!!! My story is based fr...
ears « KISHOU ARIMA • TOKYO GHOUL » by breadstick-otaku
ears « KISHOU ARIMA • TOKYO GHOUL »by breadstick-otaku
"do i have to save you every time you go out?" unbeknownst to him, she was much stronger than anyone would've thought. maybe not physically, but she knew what...
MI RIVAL (Kuki Urie y Tu) by MorthyCleaver
MI RIVAL (Kuki Urie y Tu)by Morthy Cleaver
____ Kishou, la sobrina de Arima Kishou, es una chica que siempre a querido ser Investigadora Ghoul como Arima,y tiene mucho talento como su tío. Todos le tienen mucho a...
snow storm//tokyo ghoul by -bakehyun
snow storm//tokyo ghoulby -𝚋𝚊𝚔𝚎, xo
six people, one elevator. one ghoul. one dead. ©Copyright 2018 completed : friday, 6:13pm, may 26th 2017
With You [Arima X Winter/Cole (OC)] by ColeRetniwA7
With You [Arima X Winter/Cole (OC)]by Winter Snow H. Haddock
This is a one-shot stories of Arima x Winter/Cole. Winter and Cole are my OCs (own character) Winter Haddock is human while Cole Retniw is a half ghoul due to an inciden...
Arima Kishou x Reader (Half Ghoul/Human) by Investigatorakira
Arima Kishou x Reader (Half Investigatorakira
Were you only a colleague to him or more? Did you consider him more than a mentor or not? It all started on the cold streets.
Unravel. by txffanyx
#16 tiffany the 🤡
You are now working under the "White Reaper" itself, Arima Kishou. Characters belong to Sui Ishida, not mines. Haven't made a cover yet.
You Remind Me of Moonlight by sugusokoni
You Remind Me of Moonlightby writer
***SPOILER ALERT*** This is a short homage to Arima Kishou, who recently passed away in the most recent chapter of Tokyo Ghoul :re, ch.85, told from the perspective of K...
Love in a Wrong World (Kishou Arima x OC) A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic by Myu_Amaya
Love in a Wrong World (Kishou Myu Amaya
Sena Washuu, seorang putri dari Washuu clan bersama dengan Eto Yoshimura dan Kishou Arima mereka membuat rencana untuk mencari One-Eyed King yang dipercaya sebagai simbo...
Primera sangre 第遺血話 ⇀Arima Kishō⇀ by AstHiddleston
Primera sangre 第遺血話 ⇀Arima Kishō⇀by AstridEx'Odinson
-La estas matando, Arima - la mirada del chico de cabellos naranjas se veía llena de odio, aunque trataba de ocultarlo era algo bastante notable, él solo se limito a ac...
Human by onicchi13
Humanby onicchi13
Arima Kishou never realized there's another person out there who believed he exists. Not as a body full of bloods and walking the street to inhale oxygen, but as a soul...