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The Dutch Boy [BxB] by Pixie022
The Dutch Boy [BxB]by Pix 🌈
Luca Bakker, a football jock with haunted eyes and a pretty Dutch accent. And Theodore Hart, a shy kid from school who works at the local pet shop. The idea that the two...
Catching feelings (Sapnap x OC) [COMPLETED] by plutothetree
Catching feelings (Sapnap x OC) [ pluto
This is a story where you're Luna, a 17 y/o girl who's home is l'manburg and that has been since she got adopted by Wilbur Soot. Drama happens when Sapnap catches feelin...
Caught In The Fire - Karlnap by _TeaCake_
Caught In The Fire - Karlnapby Tea
After burning down his high school, Sapnap is sent to a private school for troubled teens. He's determined to cause as much chaos as he can but his plans come to a stop...
a game (dabi x reader)  by ClaireElizabethE
a game (dabi x reader) by ;)
A strip club bar tender (y/n) gets wrapped up in a new and thrilling relationship with rising villain Dabi. I wanna preface this by saying this is based before Dabi joi...
Moment by _j_u_s_t_m_e_
Momentby No One In Particular
Blind yandere x reader - changing the gender preference of the reader will not impact the story - changing the gender preference of the yandere will not impact the sto...
the ghost of him // alivebur/ghostbur x reader by calliumduos
the ghost of him // alivebur/ :)
you and wilbur were deeply in love, til he went insane and got himself killed. he returned, but he was different. then that other version left too. and he returned again...
Arson by heavenly_sleep
Arsonby Heavenly Sleep
Izuku takes out the lighter and flicks it on. He lights the notebooks and watches in awe as every page turns to ash. Every pop the fire makes sounds like Bakugou's quirk...
The Captured Bird by NumberOneMilfSimp
The Captured Birdby Jay
Mr Barron has captured Miss Peregrine. Though the experiment isn't ready to begin. Miss P's children have been taken to the safety of another loop while the ymbrynes com...
Prisoner 1399 by HerioKillugonwriter
Prisoner 1399by Noodles (Alt ac)
Killua didn't really know how he got into this predicament, but all he knew was that he had no idea where the hell he was and that there were police officers with guns a...
"I'm enjoying art, like you," Minho grinned, his aura dripping with boosted confidence while he twisted the lighter between three fingers. "I won't hurt y...
Arsonist of the Heart || Jung Hoseok x OC || Romance by strawberry1d
Arsonist of the Heart || Jung ꧁༒☬𝖘𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖐𝖑𝖊-𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖗�...
Jong Yuri, an award-winning political journalist from New York's 'The Headliner,' was forced to stand in for a colleague who was unexpectedly admitted to a hospital and...
The Fire Triangle, A Zootopia Fanfiction  -- Part One by JohnUrie7
The Fire Triangle, A Zootopia John Urie
It's been two years since Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps broke the Savage Predator conspiracy. Now a brilliant and effective team, they're only a few steps away from making...
I'm Innocent, I did Nothing (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER CLP) by Bluffink
I'm Innocent, I did Nothing ( writing offline😎
COMPLETED This is a detective story. But unlike the common detective stories, this one doesn't involve codes nor ciphers. Wrap up and join Liessandra together with Fra...
The Houses We Burned Down by AsherTheProblem
The Houses We Burned Downby Asher
Felix isn't interested Not in you Not in the boy who is in love with him And definitely not in the law This story is formatted like a poem Told through the eyes of Felix...
Writing while drunk by wefgsdfgnhjkl
Writing while drunkby 🏳🌈 Taylor🏳🌈
Welcome to the dark depths of my mind, where chaos is around every bend and physics is non-existent. This is a collection of short stories on crack and high on mayhem. W...
Birds with Broken Wings by Anni7464
Birds with Broken Wingsby Anni7464
Dazai Osamu fleets for his life after a tragic event and gets found by Mori, the leader of the Port Mafia. After exellng in all of the acceptance tests, Dazai meets his...
The Adventures Of Elijah And Tommy. by Hogwarts_gay_101
The Adventures Of Elijah And Hogwarts_gay_101
so,this'll all be explained in the first chapter properly,but a little idea is tommy and the egg work together.(the art isn't mine and it's random)
Secret lover (reviveburxreader) by mjelled2010
Secret lover (reviveburxreader)by mjelled2010
for all ya simps for revivebur here is a little story I made up. Includes: swearing and other crap I have no idea who made the fanart i found it on pinterest so say it...
word of the day by midnightmaestro
word of the dayby midnight
partner story to @strandedlullabies's song of the day one super cool word released daily!! from creative insults to unique adjectives to words you will never have use fo...