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FAMILY | Merthur FanFiction by WritingWithGero
FAMILY | Merthur FanFictionby Gero
When a little girl runs into Merlin in order to escape Camelots guards he quickly discovers she has magic, but he can't let Arthur kill her. Hiding his own magic is hard...
Because You're You//Merthur by FandomMilkshake
Because You're You//Merthurby Willex Supremacy!
A Merthur Story (see description below) ********** Arthur, King of Camelot, has brought peace to the land. Magic is still banned, yes, but Merlin can live with that, he...
Merthur - King of Storno by LSTimetraveler
Merthur - King of Stornoby Light Speed Time Traveler
"Please welcome, the Knights of Cenred!" Another bunch of knights... another shitty kingdom... so many dishes later... Arthur was making peace with all the k...
SOULMATES | Merthur Soulmate AU by WritingWithGero
SOULMATES | Merthur Soulmate AUby Gero
Arthur and Merlin are connected by a Magic stronger than any other but while Merlin tries his best to keep his Soulmate alive, Arthur ignores his soulmark to prevent fin...
Merthur One Shots  by Chess-chwan
Merthur One Shots by ZoroGotLostAgain
just merthur fluff *I don't own the show or the characters!*
The Shadow of the Moon by Aithysa
The Shadow of the Moonby : unnerving !
COMPLETE: Exiled from Camelot in the aftermath of a life changing attack, Merlin has spent the last year in hiding, tortured by an instinct he couldn't control. But when...
Merthur by RareTenaring16
Merthurby Fan Boys Rock
Merthur from Uther's POV Magic was always Legal since Ygraine never died. Merlin is the son of Lord Balinor and his wife Lady Hunith. Merlin and Arthur have been friend...
Like Romeo and Juliet (Merthur) by RareTenaring16
Like Romeo and Juliet (Merthur)by Fan Boys Rock
Merlin AU where Merlin is crown prince of Anglia. Queen Hunith organizes a masquerade ball for her son's 20th birthday and every kingdom is invited. Well, except Camelot...
Merthur - Even a liar? by LSTimetraveler
Merthur - Even a liar?by Light Speed Time Traveler
The crowd. The fire. The empty look in Morgana's eyes. Everyone watching Arthur Pendragon die. It was warm. Almost comforting. If it hasn't been for the smoke, I mig...
Daydreamer • Merthur ✓ by smolgaybean_
Daydreamer • Merthur ✓by Bee
I got the idea for this story from a plot point mentioned in @LSTimetraveler 's book How To Court A Servant. Arthur is under a spell and it is up to Merlin to figure out...
Dismantle The Sun by Aithysa
Dismantle The Sunby : unnerving !
For Arthur Rothwell, space has always meant freedom. Since he was young he has been called to a dangerous life amongst the stars, but the arrival of a mysterious man on...
Merthur Ghost AU | BBC Merlin by aikooleenu
Merthur Ghost AU | BBC Merlinby aikooleenu
This little story is about a wholesome Alternative Universe I created, called the Ghost AU. Arthur died, but he's a ghost and only Merlin can interact with him. It's a k...
Merlin's Angelica (rewrite) by Superfangirl2006
Merlin's Angelica (rewrite)by Space_ninja
Merlin finds a way to elongate Freya's life, in that time she becomes pregnant with a little girl. After she dies the little girl was dropped off at Merlin's door step...
The King and His Warlock || Merthur Prompt by Ciel_Rider
The King and His Warlock || Ciel_Rider
"Yes." Blue met gold, and then an embrace, "I love you." --- So, I've started re-watching Merlin and oh-my-god yes, the sexual tension between the tw...
MerlinxSydonya by MFP100
MerlinxSydonyaby Yoshi-V
Merlin has encountered the knights of wondrous knights of Sydonya! what shall he do? The valiant knights are legendary across the land. Arthur seeks to impress Tao, Knig...
Cold Waters: A Merthur Oneshot by Tjmij01
Cold Waters: A Merthur Oneshotby Tjmij01
Alternative ending to the BBC series Merlin. //SPOILERS\\ Merlin is devastated by the death of his beloved and he sees no other future for himself. What he does next is...
My Favourite Ships by DisneyWorksFan
My Favourite Shipsby DisneyWorksFan
I Don't Own The Characters.
Crush On... A Princess? (Merlin x OC) by hellursir43
Crush On... A Princess? (Merlin hellursir43
Ezra I heard that name far too many times this week.. Why does everything seem to boil down to her? I'm already a servant to a prince I don't need an princess on top of...