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A Sister to Sleep - Merlin by NorthernEnigma
A Sister to Sleep - Merlinby NorthernEnigma
Merlin gets word that his twin sister, who has been in a coma since she was 10 years old, has to come to Camelot for better treatment. How will Merlin deal with it? Will...
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanfiction) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanatic_308
Dawn had a good life. She was the maidservent to the princess of Deira, and was treated well. However, everything changed when the kingdom of Deira was attacked. Dawn ma...
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughter by heartweasley17
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughterby Sam Uley
When Persephone "Percy" Krínos Jackson was a small baby her mother Sally and stepfather Paul were killed. The Goddess Hera, who loved Percy with all her immort...
TBATE-A New Chance  by NjobuKnte
TBATE-A New Chance by Njobu Kánte
In this story, Grey was a genious prodigy from a young age, hailing from a world just like ours, with no supernatural abilities. But some things are not what they seem...
the muggle next door | f.w. golden trio era by icemacchiato
the muggle next door | f.w. icemacchiato
Daisy's father said, and she herself agreed, that the Weasleys were one peculiar bunch. They weren't as affluent, sociable, and affable as her other neighbours. They nev...
The Royal Scandal *Book One* by creativereader536
The Royal Scandal *Book One*by creativereader536
As the daughter of King Uther, I have a lot of duties and rules I have to follow. No swearing, no drinking, always smile in public, don't fall in love with your brother'...
Merlin's Suffering by SilentSummary_9
Merlin's Sufferingby SilentSummary_9
Arthur, Gwen, Gaius, and the Knights of the Round Table are all teleported to a room. There they watch all of the suffering Merlin has been through. They finally have to...
But Now, I Know by IgnatiousTheWarlock
But Now, I Knowby Perrin
Post the battle of Camlann, Morgana mourns the loss of Mordred. However, before she can pursue Merlin and Arthur, she is approached by a mysterious force who gives her a...
❝ i no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life if you were lucky, you might...
The Shelby Boys by Jokersharleyquinn1
The Shelby Boysby Jokersharleyquinn1
This will be three one shots 1- Tommy 2 Arthur 3 John Each Shelby brother will have a relationship with a man, if you don't like it or the idea of it don't read. thank...
🤍|Oneshots|🤍 by w2sgingef1
🤍|Oneshots|🤍by Queenw2s13
This contains YouTubers like sidemen , george clarke , Arthur tv , angryginge , Danny aarons and more x🫶🏼🩵 There may be some 16+ stuff
oblivious [l.n.] by dreamingoferoda
oblivious [l.n.]by naomi
Giana Cruz and Lando Norris have been best friends for a long time. They think it's ridiculous the amount of times they have to make clear that they're just friends. The...
Grey reaction by Weak_2101
Grey reactionby A7M
What if Tbate's characters teleport to a theater and discover unfamiliar people and a mysterious existence, only to discover that they will react to a young man named Gr...
Another Paradise | T Shelby by manhattansunset
Another Paradise | T Shelbyby eva
"There wasn't a single second that passed that I wasn't thinking about you." [mature themes throughout]
Love, Faith and Family by ACourtOfStories
Love, Faith and Familyby A Court of Stories
When Merlin ventured back to Ealdor to help fight off Kanen, he returned to Camelot with someone else, his little sister, Miriam. With a fiery personality and a heart t...
TBATE: The god of swordsmanship by meowmeowmeow6415
TBATE: The god of swordsmanshipby bruhman bruhman
What if Arthur wasn't a king, but instead focused his entire life on reaching the peak of swordsmanship? Isolating himself from his two friends, Arthur traveled the worl...
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune Arc) by Drunken_Crow
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc... A Simple Boy Who Never Dreamed Of Being A Huntsman But Instead... A Knight... As He Gained Special Power. How Will This Simple Boy With A Dream Will Impact...
My Beginning After the End Terminations by Slowcky
My Beginning After the End Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) This is Novel 4 of this FanFic, Novel 1 is called My Beginning After the En...
TBATE: Mirage  by jdinjz1
TBATE: Mirage by lagerz
I was chosen to be great. I was chosen to rise up in this world. For I was the child of prophecy. But I wasn't the only one a part of that said prophecy. Watch Liam as...
Subtle Invitation [Thomas Shelby] by Littleredhood93
Subtle Invitation [Thomas Shelby]by Littleredhood93
Lily Adler was a girl with looking for answers. Stumbling into Small Heath to find the one woman that could help her she meets a Thomas Shelby. Will she uncover the trut...