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Through The Years by athe152
Through The Yearsby HannaLuna
A BROKEN VOW SERIES BOOK ONE The darkness that enveloped through the sky, the cold weather sank beneath her skin.The silence of the panoramic beach was the opposite of w...
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wife by fleurdelyse88
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wifeby Ruffa Torres
Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years forcefully divorced her on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear him a c...
Olivia's Knights by kimmypatata
Olivia's Knightsby kimmypatata
Olivia North. To her, she's living what every girl dreams, shopping, travelling, name it and she does it with just a flick of her finger. She's known as the spoiled, arr...
Sweet As You by Aileedales
Sweet As Youby Aileedales
Cade Parkinson preferred his life in black and white. And when a spoiled heiress barged in and started spreading colors to it, he didn't like it one bit. He doesn't want...
My Husband, Whose Heart Belongs To Another. by Mercy198
My Husband, Whose Heart Belongs To...by Mercy E. Kalu
Christian Hendrix's story (straight out of Coffee And Papers) * * * His heart was broken by the rejection from his one true love and now, a possible way surfaced for him...
My Stubborn Heiress  by elemdee38
My Stubborn Heiress by Maria Elena
Maria Irish Ariston also known as Mia Jones is an heiress bound to marry the heir of the Anderson clan, Marcus Anderson. When Mia found out about this, she secretly left...
The Billionaires Unknown Heiress: His Billion Dollar Mistake (COMPLETED) by dihannakl
The Billionaires Unknown Heiress:...by Dihannakl
**CAUTION: A LOT OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 13/14. WILL BE REWRITTEN SOON** Copyright © November 2014 All Rights Reserved She thought it would be...
My Little Love by Sophitz4Eva
My Little Loveby Sokeefe!
Evelyn Delia Emerson is a kind hearted, loving mother. She got married when she was twenty one years old to the love of her life, but when she figured out that he was ch...
The Billionaires Revenge. [Needs Edit. Complete] by KoraRae
The Billionaires Revenge. [Needs E...by Kora Rae
RATED PG- For language. Elizabeth Lawson is the heiress of a billion dollar corporation. She cares deeply for her family and saves her brother from a manipulative, money...
Secret Love by miaaamiamia
Secret Loveby H.Mia
Alessandro De Luca couldn't forget his childhood crush, Isabella Martinelli after they had spent the night on her prom night. As much as Alessandro had tried to forget...
Heiress meets Royal Mafia Prince by Kekekardashian
Heiress meets Royal Mafia Princeby Keke
This story is about a heiress name bunny her parents are both very rich. She the sole heir to the Gómez Multi million empire. She the shy nerdy girl in school little doe...
The Run Away Heiress by Sbramble78
The Run Away Heiressby Sbramble78
Meet Charlotte, she is the one and only daughter of one of the richest family in London. She is not a regular heiress, she is very kind, loyal and very down to earth. Sh...
I am The Heiress and I Hate It by ActuallyitsAnonymous
I am The Heiress and I Hate Itby Frances Gale
Aleandria Monroe is a pretty simple girl. Living on her own since her parents' death and working on an ice cream shop. But what happens when two handsome guys kidnaps yo...
White Nights  by miaaamiamia
White Nights by H.Mia
Dimitri Fedorov - The heir of Fedorov Enterprises Holdings Inc. Devilishly handsome, irresistible, arrogant. The prince of nightlife. One of the most powerful businessme...
Her Trouble by AwkwardHunneh
Her Troubleby She'sAwkword
"Kitty please get out of the way. Or else-" "Or else what?" I was confident in myself. "Fine. You asked for it." With that he picked me up...
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress by Sammeamme
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the V...by Moriarty_707
Vehement Love!  by PoisonAndMystery
Vehement Love! by ANGEL SINGH
Layla Sheldon a beautiful, gorgeous, rich, independent and a very talented girl. Layla is a perfect daughter, sister and soon-to-be wife but has a not so perfect past. P...
Something Between Us by stars_above12
Something Between Usby stars_above12
Its a sasuhina fanfic. If you don't like the ship or feel offended by it then please kindly leave. But if you are a hardcore sasuhina fan then this is the right place fo...
Drowned (Ongoing) by seryrenity
Drowned (Ongoing)by yren
Student Council Series 1 : DROWNED "I'll temporarily leave to pursue my dreams to be successful and be the woman who's deserving of you even if I know that you don...
East West Sunset - A Darry Curtis Fanfiction by uhgracewolff
East West Sunset - A Darry Curtis...by Grace Wolff
An Outsiders Fanfiction // Darry Curtis Fanfiction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diana Jean has lived with her single mother, a former hei...