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Aspire Magazine - July 2022 - Team of Dreams by TeamOfDreams
Aspire Magazine - July 2022 - Team Of Dreams
The official magazine of the Team Of Dreams This month's theme: to be resilient We want new and experienced authors to become more comfortable in their own skins as writ...
SPEAK OUT IN POETRY by LancerRubie17
We all experience different feelings in our lives from love to sadness to heartbreak to happiness and so on. As much as we all have different ways of expressing these fe...
Best Nigerian books on Wattpad  by _plethora
Best Nigerian books on Wattpad by OJ
We have so many Nigerian books here on Wattpad, and if you are the type that loves to read Nigerian ish books, then you are welcome on board. I know how difficult it is...
12 Starseeds Types by IsabelleLoveYou
12 Starseeds Typesby Isabelle Jones @ Izzy J.
Starseeds: The commonly known types and traits. Which Star System Do You Come From?
Thought Provoking Articles by AmateurAstronomy
Thought Provoking Articlesby AmateurAstronomy
Random articles about that gargantuan area we call the Universe. They may stir your imagination, some will amaze you.
Six Hearts, Three Pairs, One Fandom | A Minlout, Heathlegs, and Ruffthrok Book by NoctusFury
Six Hearts, Three Pairs, One Companion of the Dragonmark
This is a book of discussion articles dedicated in detailing the three minor non-canon pairings in Dragons: Race to the Edge: Minlout (Snotlout/Minden), Heathlegs (Fishl...
Splatterpunk Articles Vol. 1 by Lulladies
Splatterpunk Articles Vol. 1by Sitarra Sefton
NONFICTION / HORROR - This book is a series of lessons and articles on Horror, written by a generational Horror Junkie. Here we will discuss the history, philosophy, an...
Islamic Articles & Quotes by Miss_Painite
Islamic Articles & Quotesby I.R. Adams
★This is a collection of inspirational Islamic Quotes and Articles from different Sources★ ♣♣I know you will enjoy it so go on and open it ♣♣ Cover By: Gemini22t
Positive Thinking :Way To Success by RonnieJoseph1998
Positive Thinking :Way To Successby Ronnie
(Hello if you got time please read my new short story- :) ) You have probably had someone tell you to thi...
Blot Of Ink by ruqkish
Blot Of Inkby Ruq
This is my collection of poems, short stories, and articles that I scribbled in my note book during school hours, home or at my library when I felt an intense desire to...
Short Stories & Quotes by Dilumi by DilumiStories
Short Stories & Quotes by Dilumiby Mereka Menari Dengan Pengabdi...
My short stories, poetry, quotes, inspiring articles, and most important announcements go here. Enjoy :)
PJO Magazine Edition #9: August 2019 by PJO_Magazine
PJO Magazine Edition #9: August PJO Magazine
The ninth issue of the PJO Magazine, with Hazel Levesque as our star! **may contain spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and/or Trials of Apo...
PJO Magazine Edition #6: May 2019 by PJO_Magazine
PJO Magazine Edition #6: May 2019by PJO Magazine
The sixth issue of the PJO Magazine, with Piper McLean as our demigod of the month. *may contain spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and/or...
Creeplopedia by WattpadCreepypasta
Creeplopediaby CreepyPasta | Ambassadors
Creepypasta. Who are the usual suspects? Come check out the line-up.
Pokémon Book Reviews by GottaReadEmAllClub
Pokémon Book Reviewsby Pokémon Gotta Read Em All Club
Are you a fan of books? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Well then, you've come to the right place! In this book club, we will devote every review purely to Pokémon fanfiction...
Starborn by MsGrotesque
Starbornby IamRandom
Every cloud has a silver lining. Collection of thoughts and questions about life and love.
ઇઉ short bios by denaeski
ઇઉ short biosby あいこ
( creds to dylan on whi ! )
A Collection Of Random Poems Stories And Articles by katrina12234
A Collection Of Random Poems aarushi jain
random stories poems and articles all written by me when I was 7 or 8 years Cover is made by UzmaArij
My Thoughts on She-Ra 2018 by JoyeEverett715
My Thoughts on She-Ra 2018by Joye Everett
Welcome, fandom nerd. I've now taken the plunge on more obscure fandoms and this time I'm back with a book about my thoughts on the Netflix 2018 version of She-Ra.
Rape - a "MONSTER" in non-fiction by zoyahassan310
Rape - a "MONSTER" in non-fictionby zoya hassan
This the magazine which brings words of young people from around the world on the topic rape. Thanks to all the writers and non-writers who contributed in this magazine...