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Destined💕(on Hold) by SidNaazparadise
Destined💕(on Hold)by Samaya
A SidNaaz story inside the biggboss house On hold till 1st November #3 in SidNaaz
Captains Heart In Twisted Wonderland by Candy-tree
Captains Heart In Twisted 빅토리아
Y/N Hook, the daughter of Captain Hook, never visited a real school. Her dad sent her to a school, without her knowledge. His idea was to send her to the Night Raven Col...
I Love You by hwanginyeopismine
I Love Youby حبا
I never thought I'd fell in love this way, well guess what life Is legit full of unexpected things. Mina, a twenty five years old surgeon who unexpectedly falls in love...
𝕊𝔸𝕄𝔼 𝔹𝕃𝕆𝕆𝔻 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 ❤💕 by Duyriu
This story is about Umar and Asim and their love story. Even though they are brothers but they still fall in love with each other. I hope you all will enjoy it. If you...
Mysterious Lover (Completed) by KashishNaaz
Mysterious Lover (Completed)by Prayers
A mysterious love story of SidNaaz.. Will Sidharth's desperation to see the owner of the voice? Mysterious lover will come face to face ; but is it Shehnaaz or Someone e...
sidra in bb by AaruSharma9
sidra in bbby Aaru Sharma
This is a imagination story . Rashami is the heroin of this story and sid is hero ,,asim is side hero he play very important role in this stroy and also in heroin life...
Love Of Us..❤ by MoonBarua123
Love Of Us..❤by Srishty...
A girl With innocence and a boy with intelligence..... When they meet Magic happens.....
Age is just a number 2 || sidnaaz  by faresha6
Age is just a number 2 || sidnaaz by faresha6
| On Hold | Shenaaz and Siddharth are finally together, but that is only a secret that they share. Finally now a couple, they will have to face hardship thrown their way...
Destiny Brings Us Together.  by Proud-To-Be-Muslim
Destiny Brings Us Together. by Maddy.!
"Please let me see her one time." I pleaded him, but he shake his head turning away from me. "I can't Shehroz. This is a big day for her. If you want to s...
Dragon's Possession by minnie_mouse262
Dragon's Possessionby Leis
“Did you really think that you could call me here and I’d just fall into your arms?!” she shouted. Without giving him a chance to speak, she continued. “I’ll just bet yo...
Just Friends? (Umrash) by rebelwilderose
Just Friends? (Umrash)by Rebel girl
This story takes place in BB 15 where Indian Television star Rashami Desai enters BB 15 house as Wildcard whereas Umar Riaz who is a Doctor turned Model is already one o...
Strangers To Soulmates  by SidNaazparadise
Strangers To Soulmates by Samaya
A Story on SidNaaz from the starting of bigboss 13 They are complete stranger's in this
Assassin Psyche's Recipes by AssassinPsyche
Assassin Psyche's Recipesby AssassinPsyche
In several of my books there will be a handful of recipes I have to come up with/mention. I thought it might be nice to have if anyone wants to try the recipes or at lea...
In The Haunted Forest Of Asim by mirali12
In The Haunted Forest Of Asimby Mary Rachelle
It's a dark night and i am walking in the forest of Asim. I am a very big fan of haunted things .
Meant To Be | ON HOLD | by emotionalattachment2
Meant To Be | ON HOLD |by GɪʀʟNᴇxᴛDᴏᴏʀ
Destiny brings together Sidharth and shehnaaz, who are total opposites to each other. It wasn't a usual love story, it was something that started as a casual fling but e...
Sidnaaz "bestfriend or boyfriend" by snena12
Sidnaaz "bestfriend or boyfriend"by snena12
sidharth and asim both are brothers, asim is shehnaaz's best friend and sidharth also likes her but he never let shehnaaz know. both brother dont like each other. lets s...
Litter Boy// Wretch by AsimTamang
Litter Boy// Wretchby Asim Tamang
Story of a little boy who just walks around the city. Someone who is loved by none and who loves everyone. Just a piece no so good, which I wrote for me. hahaha 💭
Tashan E Ishq (UmRash) Discontinued  by rebelwilderose
Tashan E Ishq (UmRash) Rebel girl
This is story about Doctor turned Model Umar Riaz and Indian Television actress Rashami Desai and their journey after Bigg Boss 15 . Let's see how their life changes aft...