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UTØPIA | TomTord |by º ,🚐﹆☆ αĐά𝔪✖️-♠︎∙♒︎
3 - 4 years after The End... "Do you know who will have the greatest impact on this planet? You will. Because you will massacre over 7 billion people." As Red...
Nagisa-Sensei by Zarriss6959
Nagisa-Senseiby '~🌸flower🌸~'
Seven years after the death of Koro-sensei, Nagisa follows his dreams to become an amazing teacher just like Koro-sensei. But what Nagisa doesn't expect is that he gets...
Dancing In The Rain by cyber4rool
Dancing In The Rainby cyber!
Five Hargreeves X Reader (under editing) Who knew saving the world was gonna be so hard
Reunited Brothers ( Kuroko no Basuke and Assasination Classroom Fanfic )  by dolorjoy
Reunited Brothers ( Kuroko no BLGirly
Kuroko and Nagisa are separated brothers. Due to the separation of their parents. Kuroko had to come along with their Father, while Nagisa needed to come along with thei...
Partners In Crime [Karma X Reader] by Alysss01
Partners In Crime [Karma X Reader]by Alyss
----DISCONTINUED----- You get demoted from class 3A to 3E die to bad grades, when you arrive you are surprised to see your new teacher. 3E is not what you had expected i...
A killer's tale ~ Hunter x Hunter ~ Kurapika X OC {finished} by Romantic_Princessxx
A killer's tale ~ Hunter x Kyona Koenen
"My dearest daughter, also you should get a Hunter license." "But father, I am already one of the strongest of my siblings. Why should I?" "See...
red. | LCF by princehyunjoonstar
red. | LCFby [ ia ]
The dragon lord always exceeds the expectations of the 'normal' individual dragons. However, the former dragon lord did not just exceed their expectations, but also wen...
Protectors From The Future [Assassination Classroom Fanfic] by trulee_emberrr
Protectors From The Future [ 🪷🍃ꫀꪑ᥇ꫀ᥅🍃🪷
Who would have thought that 10 years after saving the world, the universe would come back to bite class 3E? No one knew how or why it happened. All anyone knew was what...
AnsaKyou x KuroBasu Crossover by PurpleHauntress
AnsaKyou x KuroBasu Crossoverby minti.blossom
WARNING: My 15-year-old self wrote this. Cringiness and plot holes ahead DD': Read on if you must. With Kunigigaoka Academy's buildings on the process of renovation, w...
in which a forsakened delinquent finally leaves prison, but suddenly becomes a teacher. "YAMATO-SENSEI KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT?!?" assclass x tkr!fem!reader heavily...
Graduating Princess by NickiCatherine
Graduating Princessby Nicki
Ben has just been shot, and lies in an induced coma in the hospital. Victor is a mess and AnnaMaria isn't much better. With the violent events in Chirnova and Vladesvya...
THE DESTRUCTIVE DUO {Discontinued} by otakusensei495
THE DESTRUCTIVE DUO {Discontinued}by otakusensei495
After the the first year of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School the 2nd year began.. But the 2nd year started off with a big surprise for class D. Theyh...
Pervert and the Sadist (Karma Akabane x Reader) by idontwvenknow
Pervert and the Sadist (Karma ClinkClink
Yes, as the title states -you- are a pervert. You being a girl, obviously have your fantasies about some cute boys in your school, but sometimes you take it too far... W...
Wrong Side Of The Tracks [Assassination Classroom AU] by trulee_emberrr
Wrong Side Of The Tracks [ 🪷🍃ꫀꪑ᥇ꫀ᥅🍃🪷
Doesn't really spoil the series but it will involve a few scenes from the anime/manga ===== Desperate times call for desperate measures. Right? The government fucked up...
The Blue Python [Assassination Classroom Fanfic] [Karma X Fem!Nagisa] by trulee_emberrr
The Blue Python [Assassination 🪷🍃ꫀꪑ᥇ꫀ᥅🍃🪷
[BEING REWRITEN] I HAVE A LOT OF PERSONAL HEADCANONS IN THIS STORY --> NOT CANON <-- Nagisa is a top-secret government assassin known as The Blue Python called int...
An Oddly Average Girl (Assassination Classroom x Reader)  by nevergonnafindlove
An Oddly Average Girl ( ×Le°Weird°Hooman×
(Y/N) (L/N) a normal girl who is living her life like normal citizen. That changes when a certain creature decides to become their teacher. Because of that the girl's n...
𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 || Assasination Classroom by Shinzo11
𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 || Shinzo Sosaku
[Karma A. x F!OC x Asano G.] No one knows that the two geniuses, who used to be enemies but now they became rivals, to have a girlfriend, the same girlfriend. But, where...
[Karma x OC] Assasination classroom; the average student by Mr_Dragon_Soul
[Karma x OC] Assasination Flying Shrimp
Shuzuko means 'quiet child' and that's what I am. I'm also the sister of Asano, Gakushuu, but unlike him, I'm only average
Target |KilluGon| by GhostInYourAttic
Target |KilluGon|by GhostInYourAttic
Killua is hired to assassinate Gon but ends up not being able to go through with the job...because he fell in love with Gon
assassination classroom x tired male reader by Enderpervert
assassination classroom x tired Ender Enderman
we all know about E Class AKA The End class in our high school but we don't exactly know how people get in there sometimes especially with the reader you're about to get...