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Tell Me You Love Me by NightTime_Storiexs
Tell Me You Love Meby 𝒩𝒾𝓀𝓀𝒾 ✨✨
Brielle is the beloved daughter of the town's Pastor. The perfect church girl. The angel child. To the world. River is the prince of Ashbourne. The devious bastard. The...
Hyper Little Bear •HxH• by randommoon
Hyper Little Bear •HxH•by randommoon
COMPLETED at 79092 Words (only story) *Currently Being Edited By A Friend* 'Remember. Control.' Ding. I walk into a underground tunnel that seems to have no exit except...
Assassination Time (BxB) by JerryDaMouse
Assassination Time (BxB)by Rey
Most people mistake Skylar Kennedy as a girl. Maybe because he has long hair, short, his voice sounds girly and his curves are more noticeable. It's because his mom want...
Not a normal teacher  by WickedIsNeverGood
Not a normal teacher by Wicked
|| AFTER ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM|| It has been many years since Koro-Sensei was killed by Nagisa Shiota. None of the students has really moved on from such a great teach...
The Hunt For The Dark Rose (TLSOTE Volume 1) by dreamcoloredgift
The Hunt For The Dark Rose ( F.J.A.D.
One night of tragedy prompted a clan princess to change her fate and stand up to fight for what was left of her and her retainers' fallen honor. But while doing her best...
Started With the Crescent Moon by Strawberrykiwigoblin
Started With the Crescent Moonby Strawberrykiwigoblin
It's dark. There's flashes of light? Memories? There's these scenes playing over and over again. A girl, dark long hair, she's wearing a kimono with a bandana on her hea...
Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤ [COMPLETED] by Xx-psycho_jenn-xX
Karma X Reader ❤One Shots❤ [ [enternal screech]
HELLO LADIES AND FAN GIRLS! I welcome you to my book of one-shots! Whose one-shots you ask? Oh, well it's from your ONE AND ONLY... Period head, mushroom-kun, Sadistic...
• Reaching His Entity ||| S E A S O N 1 ||| On-Going by ChevaLriouS
• Reaching His Entity ||| S E A K a t a n a 🇹🇭🚩
Status - On-Going Date Started : June 30, 2022 Date Finished : ?/?/? ❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈ An event will connect their hearts. An event that builds on the love brok...
The Same Old Clown: (HisokaXreader) by ulookgoodmate
The Same Old Clown: (HisokaXreader)by MAMAMOO
My first fan-fiction :)) don't kill me if it's bad HunterXHunter is owned by Yoshiro Togashi✓ this is just a fan-fiction Arts credit to owners✓
Karma x oc love story (book 1) by herewerock
Karma x oc love story (book 1)by Herewerock
From Japanese 甘 (ama) meaning "sweet" combined with 利 (ri) meaning "profit, benefit". Since the day she was born, Victoria Amari was set to live a ha...
Last Dance |Book 2| Michaeng ✔️ by Dark_Locks
Last Dance |Book 2| Michaeng ✔️by Azel🍭
The second book of Assassin's Romance. New enemies and new missions. This time, it'll be them who will hunt down the main culprit behind the cage. The crime still contin...
Kill For Me || BTS by bgtanonigiri
Kill For Me || BTSby bgtanonigiri
7 members. 7 different stories. 7 deadly assassins. And you have to find all of them. (COMPLETED July 16th, 2019.)
Killua Meets Class 3-E by HerioKillugonwriter
Killua Meets Class 3-Eby Noodles (Alt ac)
Killua was just minding his own damn business when he was suddenly he sensed something that made his blood run cold. It was Illumi's bloodlust. He recognized it instantl...
The Last Dragon Shifter by ashleymariefiction
The Last Dragon Shifterby Ashley Marie
Naomi Cliffton believed she would go her whole life hiding her true identity. To the people of Tyrra, she is someone barren of magic and a social pariah. In reality, she...
My Boyfriend by alyakrayanne
My Boyfriendby alyak.rayanne
Karma x reader He's your boyfriend and best friend. You love the little red sadist, but love only gets so far. I dont own assassination classroom
depth of darkness || nakahara chuuya x reader by chxrryfxck
depth of darkness || nakahara Cassie
• COMPLETED • may start off slow at first, but bear with it it'll pick up • "sheomri is a demon goddess, and i took her soul. so what does that make me, nakahara c...
the 1 vigilante:black moon And The Captain Of The Moon Spies *DISCONTINUED* by Luismrlsbdz
the 1 vigilante:black moon And Luismrls
Izuku midoriya in this story and has a twin sister her name is izumi her mother is a Pro Hero called storm and his father is all might follow izuku's path to becoming th...
My secret assassinㅣhyunlix by chimmydiorrr
My secret assassinㅣhyunlixby ℭ𝔥𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶𝔡𝔦𝔬𝔯
(Currently in the process of editing this complicated story~) Hwang hyunjin, best friend of lee Felix is known secretly as the crimson killer, a dangerous assassin. Lee...
The Devil Duo (Karma x Reader) by Arctic-Fox03
The Devil Duo (Karma x Reader)by Alcore
[Don't read: old story] Rumors fly and two new students suddenly find themselves in E-class. What does Karma have to do with this, and is there something missing from th...
I'm A Prince?! [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
I'm A Prince?! [Taekook]by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook lost his memory, he doesn't remember anything. Taehyung is told to protect a prince, who's being targeted by his own siblings. "Crowned prince Je-"...