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Yet another field trip fanfic (Spider-man) by sleepyyghostt
Yet another field trip fanfic (Spi...by sleepyyghostt
Peter Parker has been living in Stark tower with all the other Avengers for a while now, and he loves it there. Then one day at school he receives a permission slip for...
Just A Kid~ Homeless Peter Parker by ThatMarvellousGeek
Just A Kid~ Homeless Peter Parkerby ThatMarvellousGeek
Peter Parker was a deaf fifteen-year-old with a past he wanted to forget, however, he had one person who kept him sane, Aunt May. When May passed away, Peter ended up on...
Shallow Memories (PJO/Avengers) by inlovewithLife101
Shallow Memories (PJO/Avengers)by Halie Morris
It starts with a car wreck, at least that's what they tell him. However, due to a head injury, he doesn't remember a thing, not even his own name. From there it's on to...
Spiderman Oneshots by claudishine
Spiderman Oneshotsby claudishine
An assortment of Spiderman oneshots which feature Peter Parker and many over-used prompts and ideas including: - Field trips - Reveals - Mjolnir - Meeting the avengers ...
Family Habits ( Percy Jackson and the Avengers) by inlovewithLife101
Family Habits ( Percy Jackson and...by Halie Morris
Percy moves in with his long lost uncle, the great Tony Stark, a year after his mom and step-dad's disappearances. How will things play out with Percy's new girl and his...
Peter Parker One-shots by rowtro
Peter Parker One-shotsby R. M. T.
The title says it all, just a few random field trip one-shots made by yours truly. I may be putting a few not field trip one shots because I feel like it but most will b...
Peter Parker's Field Trip Oneshots by ItsJustKai
Peter Parker's Field Trip Oneshotsby Grayson
I've really been into this thing where Peter goes to Stark Tower or Avengers Compound and gets super embarrassed by his family (the avengers). Oh, and where Flash almost...
Hearts of Ice (LokixReader) by myimaginaryfriend00
Hearts of Ice (LokixReader)by myimaginaryfriend00
LokiXReader Fanfic. Bit of a Slow burner, compared to some I have read ❤️. When Y/N is caught up in an avengers mission concerning Hydra, she is no longer able to keep h...
Crossing Enemy lines (loki x fem! reader) by lokisboggart
Crossing Enemy lines (loki x fem...by Steve Rogers
A badass that gets attached too easily The god of mischief and lies What happens when the two meet and Loki is responsible for watching over her in the cell? How long...
Spiderman's Sister by mb202221
Spiderman's Sisterby mb202221
When Peter gets a call for help, the team may or may not end up finding out about his twin sister. Maddie quickly forms a close relationship with the last avenger anyone...
Marvel One-Shots by OneMoreStory21
Marvel One-Shotsby Read More Books
This will be centered more on Peter Parker and his superfamily! This story will contain angst, fluff, and all that stuff(see what I did there), and moments when I want t...
Young Asgardians by Zianourry91
Young Asgardiansby Zianourry91
After Ultron, the Avengers and their new recruits settle into life at the tower and the new Avengers compound. Thor has gone back to Asgard but he comes back a little di...
Scars That Last Forever {Re - Write} by whateverittakes827
Scars That Last Forever {Re - Writ...by EB
Peter Parker has been at HYDRA nearly his entire life. At the age of five, he meets the Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes has been at HYDRA since the fall. At the age of 89...
never leaving your side || romanogers by wandasblush
never leaving your side || romanog...by jojo ⧗
Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers have always good friends. But when Natasha is beaten half-dead while on a mission, will Steve have the courage to tell her how he feels...
Wrong Number Spidey by xSpiderKidx
Wrong Number Spideyby Tate
Peter, is struggling, from an abusive home to bullies, and one day after fixing his phone he accidentally sends a message to a certain eccentric Billionaire.
Peter Parker (With A Side Of Avenging) Field Trip Oneshots by koi_kay
Peter Parker (With A Side Of Aveng...by kay
Pete goes on a field trip to the tower, what could go wrong? Includes: -Any recommended ships -Bully Flash -IronDad and SpiderSon -Flash getting what he deserved -Differ...
Loki: It's Complicated (On Hold) by FrostyNoMuffins
Loki: It's Complicated (On Hold)by FrostyNoMuffins
After spending around 2 years in the dungeons of Asgard, and suffering pain each day of that sentence. Loki is forced to live with the Avengers. He has internal struggle...
More Than Just Friends? | Wanda x Reader (1/3) by theOfficialSandwich
More Than Just Friends? | Wanda x...by theOfficialSandwich
Y/N, a top SI scientist lives with the Avengers. They became fast friends with Wanda, though Y/N realises they like Wanda more than just a friend. Wanda feels the same...
Peter Stark Oneshot Collection by theOfficialSandwich
Peter Stark Oneshot Collectionby theOfficialSandwich
Oneshots, Mini Series', Short Stories, Those Little Moments (Drabbles). - Newest Part: Short Story VI: Interrupted - /// On Pause (Again)///