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Cooking by Flower-Bloom
Cookingby YourTransGhost
11/12/2021 A new teacher steps forth into a the school of horror to teach these kids how to cook for eight weeks. These specific kids had a lot of mental issues and phys...
FoolSamPonk Oneshots by RaginnCajunn
FoolSamPonk Oneshotsby Gabriel
FoolSamPonk Oneshots Dsmp [COMPLETED] By Gabriel
Dad Schlatt AU  by ur_hot_lol
Dad Schlatt AU by bubsiy
You used to live with your dads quackity and Schlatt, but one day they got into a fight worse than usual, so quackity left taking your brother Tubbo with him.
~Age Regression Mcyt~ by GenMushroom
~Age Regression Mcyt~by --
this is just a one-shot of just any Mcyt character having age regression so yea pls bo hate if some plp are uncomfortable with some chapter I may take the chapter down,a...
evermore (sbi royalty) by shesalliwannabe
evermore (sbi royalty)by rip techno 🕊
Prince Theseus, a child of blonde and blue, a child of isolation and a crave for touch. He's the youngest in the Royal Family, and somehow the most forgotten. The most n...
A False Reality // dreamnotfound by shortstack_8l
A False Reality // dreamnotfoundby -k
George wakes up in a dark forest, nothing but the clothes on his back. No more than few minutes later, somehow he manages to get caught by guards? Going from 2021 to the...
vigilante bench trio ig??? by Cheese_Toasti3
vigilante bench trio ig???by Cheese_Toasti3
tommy tubbo and ranboo are vigilante hybrids. shit goes down. please don't read this if I know you irl will be: swearing major character death mentions of weapons death ...
Dreaming of Demons (Dream x oc) by crispapples4417
Dreaming of Demons (Dream x oc)by Crispapples
Taryn Stover moves to the Dream SMP to join her friend Karl, and quickly finds out it's not at all what she thought it was. Though she was looking to kick back and enjoy...
Untrust || Awesamdude x Reader by CasinoCrow
Untrust || Awesamdude x Readerby Casino
【c!Awesamdude】 After being thrown into the prison, you were at a loss. You were banished for eternity alongside Dream and everyone was against you. But just when you had...
Locked up - c!Dream x fem!reader by samsungfrige
Locked up - c!Dream x fem!readerby dtqk simp
c!Dream x reader where c!Dream proposed to y/n before the final disc battle and being put into jail. art: Update 2-3 times a week
Enderwalk  by TheGlowGalaxy
Enderwalk by _rainglow_
It's another enderwalk fanfic but with extra angst and fluff. Enjoy! #7 Ranboo Apr 28 2021 #7 Micheal May 5 2021 #1 snowchester May 5 2021 #7 Tommy May 12 2021 #152 Drea...
Tommyinnit Oneshots by JellyBean6540
Tommyinnit Oneshotsby LEMONS
Oneshots of Tommyinnit, the Wife Haver himself. There's a combination of angst and fluff, but mostly angst. Hope you enjoy!
Awesamedude x Reader {Feelings} by Mangaloverforever1
Awesamedude x Reader {Feelings}by XReader addict
Female pronouns ⚠️ Language warning⚠️ Realistic Minecraft AU✨
No Escape // MCYT High School Au by _DarkPhoen1x_
No Escape // MCYT High School Auby _DarkPhoen1x_
Purpled has always been quiet and closed off. He keeps to the shadows and stays out of the way, trying to remain unnoticed. The freshman gets average grades and has only...
Tommyinnit oneshots by thisfoolofficial
Tommyinnit oneshotsby Thisfool🎗
I will be updating here when I have those occasional oneshot splurs! Consists of 🥁: -SBI AU -Wingedinnit -Blindinnit -Deafinnit -Exile AU -Past SBI AU -Dadinnit -Little...
Child Soldier by HadesStygian
Child Soldierby Hades
Tommy must be broken in order to be mended to Dream's liking. A faux friendship crafted from manipulation and isolation. Dream was the reminder of everything Tommy had l...
Aren't We Supposed To Hate Eachother? by JonathanSchlatt
Aren't We Supposed To Hate Ram Smith
Hello! Im Jon! More information about me is at my profile! :D my FIRST ever book and try to write one, So i hope you people simp are enjoying it if you dont like the shi...
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP} by MoonGazer215
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP}by Moved to AO3
Neko's. Cat people. Many think them to be lazy, dumb, and not very helpful. But they were coveted for their beauty and grace. Inu's. Dog people. Bold, loyal, sometimes l...
Oh, We Can Be Heroes by fookingbananas
Oh, We Can Be Heroesby Reya
tommy is a flight risk, and his new caseworker isn't letting him fly away. or when phil is a knock-off charles xavier, but tommy doesn't even know it. THIS GETS PRETTY D...
And he's red by Gradient_The_Bean
And he's redby Gradient_The_Bean
A compilation of TommyInnit One-Shots, most of them being angst. °•Trigger Warnings at the start of every One-Shot. °•I will NOT do any ship, he's a minor what the heck...