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transinnit AU by sem_story
transinnit AUby sem
This story is made more easier to read for people with dyslexia (Waring for ED, depression, under aged smoking and drinking, anger problems, trauma, abuse and self harm)...
Villains by Ghost_Simp_lol
Villainsby Awawa :]
Everyone except ranboo and dream doesn't care about tommy. Dream and Tommy brothers AU Maskinnit AU?
Caution: May Bite by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Caution: May Biteby _Strawberry_Lemonz_
One day, a mysterious box lands on Philza's doorstep labeled "Caution: May Bite". Philza takes it in, unknowing that there was something living in that box in...
Tommyinnit oneshots but poggers by Author_is_epic
Tommyinnit oneshots but poggersby Author_is_epic
Here, take a oneshot book about Tommy! There's good grammar, I promise. There will be some irl and some in the dsmp. Mostly angst and fluff! If you are looking for crime...
Alleviate / TommyInnit Angst / by Intentianally
Alleviate / TommyInnit Angst /by Fluctose
Alleviate : (V) To relieve, make more bearable Dream escapes prison only to see Tommy's saddened state. What he's caused could become Tommy's downfall. He'd lo...
Tommyinnit Oneshots [mainly tommyinnit angst.] by Jelewsie
Tommyinnit Oneshots [mainly jewel :]
Tommyinnit angst because I've ran out of tommyinnit angst fics to read, so I'm making my own. --- Discontinued - FEEL FREE TO USE THESE ONESHOTS IN YOUR OWN FICS !! You...
Why Didn't You Leave Me? by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Why Didn't You Leave Me?by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Tommy's mother works in a lab. She and her coworkers work on researching hybrids. No one knows where they came from or why, but humanity wanted to know as much as possib...
The Exile by MooshroomTheCow
The Exileby Mooshroom Go follow this amazing artist, they drew the front cover of the book :]]] This takes place during tommy's exile. (...
Tricks and Treats by EmmaSmoke
Tricks and Treatsby EmmaSmoke
A story where Sam tricks Tommy into wearing more armor and Puffy forces Tommy to eat proper meals! Aka- Awesamdad and Captain Mom "slowly" adopting Tommy Now...
Actualization by EmmaSmoke
Actualizationby EmmaSmoke
If there is one fact about Tommy, it's that he's loyal...
The Nether's Child by animae5
The Nether's Childby Mae
Tommy has watched his campsite be blown up 3 times in the past month and he's done. He's done with wars, done with violence, and done with fighting. How odd. The great T...
Help me......- a depressed tommyinnit story by Mult1_Verse
Help me......- a depressed Wolfy
Ok so this i mostly gonna be Tommy's pov but it some times might be ranboo or some shit THIS IS TOMBOO (TommyxRanboo) SO BEWARE DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE IT AND ITS NOT...
If i fall, will you catch me? by dontfindmeplslmao
If i fall, will you catch me?by dontfindmeplslmao
tommyinnit is a happy obnoxiously loud 16 year old. or at least that's how he appears to the virtual world... when a tragedy strikes his home, how's he supposed to re...
I'm Damned Either Way Aren't I? II TommyinnitAngst by aphroditesand
I'm Damned Either Way Aren't I? Cookie_San DerE
After Tommy was born, he had lost his mother to a family passed down sickness known as hypo-tension (causes major low blood pressure) and a weak constitution of a body...
Fallen hero by i_Cant_Write_damn
Fallen heroby i_Cant_Write_damn
Tommy is a pretty good kid, he's chaotic, funny, kind, he's everyone's bundle of joy in the dream smp, but one day changes them all.
Tommy(innit) angst because we're all depressed by well_thats_fucked
Tommy(innit) angst because we're T F
Tommy is 16. Both his dad and himself abuses him both physically and mentally. What happens if the SBI (+ Tubbo) decide to meetup. The book is much better then this (I h...
𝑅𝑒𝑑 𝐸𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑠 by The_Eret_
𝑅𝑒𝑑 𝐸𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑠by Toby
Tommy, a 17 year old male, lived with his friends Tubbo [Toby], Ranboo [Mark], and Purpled [Grayson]. He started acting different, not in a good way. Tommy, will have t...
Caged Freedom - Tommyinnit by Atlas______
Caged Freedom - Tommyinnitby Atlas
Tommy lost everything. L'manburg. Tubbo. His freedom. And, His wings. Exile is taking a toll, Tommy seeing no one but Dream. He eventually breaks, for better, or for wor...
Till Death Do Us Part by Silver_of_Dragons
Till Death Do Us Partby screaming
Tommy runs from exile and starts a new life in a new village, ready to start over away from the family that abandoned him. That is until someone he loves falls ill and t...
Broken - TommyInnit Angst by Amitayor
Broken - TommyInnit Angstby Amelia Taylor
TRIGGER WARNING FOR SELF HARM, ED, DEPRESSION, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE Tommyinnit, the famous twitch streamer, has a lot going on behind the cameras. He hates himself, self...