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Another Family (SBI adoption AU) by BlueeFlower
Another Family (SBI adoption AU)by Bluee💐🌹🌺🌷🌻
(IF UR SBI DON'T READ THIS PLS, IT'S VERY CRINGE) Tommy is an orphan who got fostered 37 times and not even 1 of the people he got fostered by wasn't abusive. The orphan...
Another Superhero AU Cause I'm A Sucker For Them {Sleepy Boi Inc} by MoonGazer215
Another Superhero AU Cause I'm A Moved to AO3
Phil had never seen shifters like these three kids. Where had the come from? Well it didn't matter as his twins had already taken a liking to them. And maybe he had as w...
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angst by themoonshroom
Unpredictable | Wilbur Soot Angstby moon_shroom
Wilbur's entire life changed when his parents got into a car crash and he got adopted. After almost a year and a half of constant abuse, he can't trust anyone anymore, t...
A Ghosts' Story by ReadingPetalx
A Ghosts' Storyby ReadingPetalx
**Don't know who made the art, found it on Pinterest, but CREDIT TO THE ARTIST** *This is a Ghosty bois inc AU* Motherinnit decides to let Tommy and his best friend Tubb...
The Year We Had (MCYT AU) by canwejustpretend
The Year We Had (MCYT AU)by canwejustpretend
Montville Academy. A prestigious boarding school known for their high-achieving graduates. Wilbur, Techno and Tommy Watson. Known for getting kicked out of four schools...
Caution: May Bite by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Caution: May Biteby _Strawberry_Lemonz_
One day, a mysterious box lands on Philza's doorstep labeled "Caution: May Bite". Philza takes it in, unknowing that there was something living in that box in...
𝐇𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐞𝐭𝐡 by W0lfGat3_
𝐇𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐞𝐭𝐡by W⃰o⃰l⃰f⃰
Platonic! Dsmp! Various x Hybrid! Male! Reader _____ "I just want to go back home, but I know that I can't." _____ Minors and bits=Platonic Art does not belong...
New Plans by scattereddarkmatter
New Plansby scattereddarkmatter
Philza Minecraft can't seem to help but stumble into little kids and adopt them. Like seriously, you need to chill. :/ anyway it's just an SBI thingy. like how the famil...
The Young Prince by EnderDragon3467
The Young Princeby EnderDragon3467
Tommy was an only child and the only person left to rule. After his parents died, he has had a hard time coping with the fact that he will be king in a couple days. Phil...
Royals (Sbi royals au) by Blueberry_Jay
Royals (Sbi royals au)by Blue Jay
Tommy is the youngest in the royal family. Often at times this led to him getting overlooked by the kingdom, and not only the kingdom but also his siblings and father. ...
"Pilgrimage" Philza x Reader by MoonEmbre
"Pilgrimage" Philza x Readerby Moon
"Pilgrimage" Philza x Reader YN's is an Elytrian that grew up in the Overworld, as far as she knew she was the only one. One day she and her friends found a st...
He is Not a Villain.... by Katie_Creations
He is Not a ~•Katie•~
SBI Hero/Villain AU TEMPORARILY PAUSED TommyInnit, a cool dude who just wants to live as a villain because he's pretty pog at causing chaos. What he didn't know is that...
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au• by Jjboen_
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au•by Jay
"But why...why would they target you?" He asks The once comfortable feeling in the room was now replaced with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. ...
"I'm Proud Of You" | Wilbur Soot angst by Erimi__
"I'm Proud Of You" | Wilbur Soot Erimi
Wilbur lived a pretty normal life with his brothers and dad. The only problem is, he always seems to fall into the shadows of his older and his younger brother. He wants...
Home///Sleepy Bois Inc. X Reader ///Platonic/// by Buzzeebees
Home///Sleepy Bois Inc. X Jay
Being in the foster care system for four years is tough but when you finally meet a nice family due to unfortunate circumstance you realize all hope is not lost. This fa...
MCYT Incorrect Quotes by ImASimpForMCYTers
MCYT Incorrect Quotesby Awkward
What the title says... Cover changed on 4/31/21 Cover changed on 6/15/21 Cover changed on 9/8 21
"If you don't stop, I'm gonna start stabbing sh!t." // DSMP Vigilante AU by ChipsRAmazing
"If you don't stop, I'm gonna ChipLikesChips
The Bench Trio, TommyInnit, Tubbo_, and Ranboo live in District 17, one of the poorer districts on the outskirts of L'Manburg, a major city in the large country of Dream...
Vampires.. Real? by SpookiGlitch
Vampires.. Real?by SpookiGlitch
Tommy is just a normal teenager... well as normal as you can be fending for yourself on the streets. He has heard reports of vampires in his area, but he know vampires a...
Just a Thief. by idrkwhattodooo
Just a Zy
Tommy was a boy left for dead when his parents were brutally murdered infront of him. He was raised by wild animals sense he was 6 and has always stolen from others to s...
A Proper Family(Sbi Adoption Au)(DISCONTINUED CHECK OUT @ARSYNCOSPLAYS ON AO3) by NatsumiKuzuryuu1
A Proper Family(Sbi Adoption Au)( Joyce Byers Simp
(Maybe re-continued??) Tommy was far from perfect, he was loud and obnoxious, and...You get the point. To get to the point, he wasn't anywhere near the perfect child. No...