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I Just Want to be Loved by QuestionableAuth0r
I Just Want to be Lovedby QuestionableAuth0r
Tommy wants to be loved. He wants to be loved by his father, by Wilbur, hell he'd even accept love from Techno. He's only a kid. He just wants to be loved. They give him...
The right family✔ ||sbi adoption au|| by Nooneofinportance
The right family✔ ||sbi adoption MyBrainIsGone
Sbi adoption Au! (Credits warnings, ect. Are in da book) Tommy has been taken in and returned so many times that he can't even count. Each time he's been taken in he gai...
The Final Home? //Wilbur Adoption Au// by APanWeeb2
The Final Home? //Wilbur APanWeeb
Wilbur has been in the foster care system for 14 years, he has picked up some bad habits along the way. When he gets sent to Phil's he thinks its gonna be the same as al...
Caged Freedom - Tommyinnit by Atlas______
Caged Freedom - Tommyinnitby Atlas
Tommy lost everything. L'manburg. Tubbo. His freedom. And, His wings. Exile is taking a toll, Tommy seeing no one but Dream. He eventually breaks, for better, or for wor...
Sleepy Bois Inc One Shots - and other mcyts by PeganPenguin35
Sleepy Bois Inc One Shots - and PeganPenguin35
I am making one shots. I can do requests check the request page. LOTS OF ANGST. READ ALL CHAPTER Triggers. Might not upload much but I have some I am going to try and u...
WARY [wilbur soot angst] by sadistic-author
WARY [wilbur soot angst]by J.
Wilbur centric SBI adoption AU. Wilbur Soot has been in the foster system for ten years and thirteen homes filled with drugs, abuse and neglect. So when Phil decides to...
♬☆watching him fade, away//sbi angst☆♬ by Avery-soot
♬☆watching him fade, away//sbi avery.soot
"TECHNO LET GO OF ME!" Wilbur yelled and kicked while sobbing in technos arms. Techno sighed as he held Wilbur down. Started:5/1/23 Ended :???? Sbi angst story...
Please Stay: Bench Trio Adoption AU by smileyotaku101
Please Stay: Bench Trio Adoption AUby smileyotaku101
Basically Tubbo, Tommy and Ranboo get adopted by sbi, gonna be angst and fluff, ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPS. idk who made the cover i found it on google sry ;) All other chapter...
How am I supposed to sleep when he's right there!!! by Nooneofinportance
How am I supposed to sleep when MyBrainIsGone
This is Tommy angst! This is about how Tommy tried to deal with his manipulation and abuse, techno hears his screams at night, and investigates, what's nextttt Slow upd...
"You're ours forver!"-Sbi original story  by IconicMylo
"You're ours forver!"-Sbi Milo
Hello! You know all those forced adoption/kidnapping sbi stories? Well what if it was irl like not in the dsmp or Dsmp au, so yeah this is gonna be interesting. If your...
My littlest flower by sun_and_moon9
My littlest flowerby Eclipse_moon
The empress Kristen,has been in a coma for years, theseus her littlest.his beautiful blonde hair,milky blue eyes.he looks just his father but his personality is just lik...
sbi Oneshots (Requests open) by Mushr00m_Falls
sbi Oneshots (Requests open)by 💪😼
Angst And fluff allowed no lime/Lemon cover image: (could not find artist) NOT MINE
Addiction // sbi  by Moonitywashere
Addiction // sbi by Moonitywashere
With the death of mother and now of their brother. Their father, Phil is taken over by grief which leads to addiction. So Tommy and Wilbur are left to raise themselves. ...
Tommy Angst  by Notsparrow0
Tommy Angst by
All the stories in this book..? Are based on me (most of them), some are based on other Angst books that I read, and some are prompts that I like. Not everything is Angs...
SBI one-shot angst things???? by Spoons69420
SBI one-shot angst things????by Wilbaaaaa
random stories I've written that I haven't finished and probably won't
dsmp angst one shots  by Sp0okySoot
dsmp angst one shots by Sp0okySoot
mainly sbi probably, this is just to practice writing and because I like angst
Adoption sbi x reader by Treeq2e
Adoption sbi x readerby
Tree (writer) is your protective sister and you live with your abusive father
1939 ~SBI angst~ by Lil_pretzel
1939 ~SBI angst~by Jay*_*
sbi war au TW: lots of angst, death, violence, gore, all that shi Started 21 august 2021 First fanfic so sorry if it's bad
I Wish You Would by harrizonperoxide
I Wish You Wouldby Harrison !!
This whole book is based on Taylor Swift songs in some way lmao. <3