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Mcyt Oneshots [Wilbur Centric] by ChiakiS1mp
Mcyt Oneshots [Wilbur Centric]by ChiakiS1mp
Since i cant create a full story without stopping it, im doing oneshots. Probably Wilbur centric, i mean just look at my reading list(s) No y/n probably No oc probably N...
life on the line. || W. Soot ~ Angstfic by Marble_teaa
life on the line. || W. Soot ~ Ang...by Marble <3
TW~: Self-harm, Abuse, Anorexia, Drugs, Alcohol, Homophobia, Sexual Assault, Suicidal thoughts Cover Art: @croudjay on Twitter Hey everyone! Chapters are constantly bei...
Angstyboys.inc | sbi angst one shots | by CloudyCrowxx
Angstyboys.inc | sbi angst one sho...by 🌘Crow🌔
!!UPDATED COVER ART!! ⚠️Warning⚠️ please do not read if you are triggered by: Themes of depression Anxiety/panic attacks Verbal/physical abuse Mentions of death Alcoho...
Wilbur soot oneshots bc im sad<3 by Ace_asillygayfellow
Wilbur soot oneshots bc im sad<3by Ace_asillygayfellow
The title says it WARNING Topics such as self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorder. Most ages and aus will be mentioned in fic.
Wilbur Angst Oneshots (YCGMA) by eliisawesome_
Wilbur Angst Oneshots (YCGMA)by eli
hello :) this story is a angst oneshot book based around wilbur's album 'your city gave me asthma' heavy trigger warnings!! This book will include topics such as • self...
DSMP Angst One Shots by Isnt_life_wonderful
DSMP Angst One Shotsby Haze
Some angsty one-shots I'll create here and there. Tw will be included at the beginning of the chapter. Title art by @hollowessance_art 18/5/21- #197 angsty and #98 tommy...
Crimeboys [dsmp au] by -Loki1112-
Crimeboys [dsmp au]by V I V
-Secondary School aka High School AU- Tommy thought everything would stay the same. It always has been just him and Wilbur against the world. But this year every thing...
Memory Lane |wilbur soot angst| by rennotten
Memory Lane |wilbur soot angst|by ren
Wilbur Soot was not insane in his mind. There were reasons for everything. Phil and Ghostbur begin to understand this when they see Wilbur's most important memories, eac...
♬☆watching him fade, away//sbi angst☆♬ by Avery-soot
♬☆watching him fade, away//sbi ang...by avery.soot
"TECHNO LET GO OF ME!" Wilbur yelled and kicked while sobbing in technos arms. Techno sighed as he held Wilbur down. Started:5/1/23 Ended :???? Sbi angst story...
SBI one-shot angst things???? by Spoons69420
SBI one-shot angst things????by Wilbaaaaa
random stories I've written that I haven't finished and probably won't
I'm so tired (Angsty Wilbur and Techno One Shots) by rocks_in_fall
I'm so tired (Angsty Wilbur and Te...by rocks_in_fall
This is a SBI and Bee-duo book with a ton of angsty one shots, mostly Wilbur Soot and Technoblade centric, because there seems to be a lack of them. This book won't inc...
Sincerely, Wilbur Soot by atnifai
Sincerely, Wilbur Sootby nifai
Wilbur Soot has a few unpleasant thoughts beside a lake. He attempts to write his last words in a letter for his family, trying to gather up courage. He loves his family...
Edges - crimeboys angst by Havesomeblue
Edges - crimeboys angstby vivi
AHHH TYSM FOR BOOSTING THIS FIC WHAT THE HELL 🔥🔥💯 Wilbur had not the most healthy coping mechanisms. While combating mental health issues, he finally managed to raise...
was i worth it? - [a wilbur soot and philza oneshot] by fireflydemonpup
was i worth it? - [a wilbur soot a...by percival
wilbur realizes he has so much to lose
memories  by the_music_note_sys
memories by music note sys
a vent/oneshot book ig for our wilbur fictives to write down source flashbacks
Conversation |wilbur soot angst| by rennotten
Conversation |wilbur soot angst|by ren
"William, can you tell me what Sally's last name is?" 36 asked. "Who's William?" "You are." 36 responded. "No. My name is Wilbur Soot...
Wilbur Soot & Ranboo [Angst One-shots] by bee_thebeloved2
Wilbur Soot & Ranboo [Angst One-sh...by Alex i guess
Please Vote, comment and follow me if you like this book!! It'd be very much appreciated!! • As the title says, This is a Wilbur Soot and/or Ranboo based book, probably...
Dance with me in the Rain why don't you by HneloThurrr
Dance with me in the Rain why don'...by Henlo!
He faintly registered the sizzling that began to echo in his ears as he stared forward, blank white eyes trained on the broken remains of a country who lost its own way...
The scraps of a deserted man  by robinhoodlowkey
The scraps of a deserted man by I am Robin Hood
Immortality is a curse, given only to the wickedest of souls. Your blessing is your death. So, what did Phil do to deserve this?