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Something new by 3am-pillow
Something newby 3am-pillow
"Hey (Name)!" "No." in which a guy gets curious about the student he never noticed before.
Just Another SpideyChelle by anayalator_221
Just Another SpideyChelleby Naya
Michelle and Peter are getting back from their summer trip and are encountering a few obstacles in there way to go be together. High-jinx ensues and limits are tested...
This Christmas... by mooncakebby
This mooncakebby
This is what would have happened if there was no murder on the SS Hatshesput, and Daisy had never died. This is basically just them on holiday, and being the awkward tee...
Sucker for love by sucker4loveofficial
Sucker for loveby Sucker for love
Sucker for love is if ' heartstopper' & 'young royals' had a very gay child. Sucker for love is set in the 🇬🇧 UK 🇬🇧 follows Finley Petal though his final years of h...
Nox Inferno by Lia_flame
Nox Infernoby Dahlia Fortia
Owls are restless creatures, the same could be said with Twyla Chantelle. She hated being in her normal, stuck in a boring small town where the only adventures...
Perseverance by princessleia14
Perseveranceby Sarah Wilcox
Mavis was just a normal sixteen year-old girl who only could love basketball. She hated her coach and assumed that he hated her. But when mysterious 'bird watching' and...
What The Hell? by anonymous_name21005
What The Hell?by anonymous_name21005
Middle school can be tough. Really tough. Can Alex balance school with his social life, all while the one thing he truly cares about spirals out of his control? Highest...
The Wind Speaks by icantchooseauser
The Wind Speaksby icantchooseauser
If the wind spoke, what would it say? What if the wind did speak, but we just couldn't tell? Xavier Thompson, a 14 year old boy hears the wind. No, not it whooshing loud...
My First Crush by Time2Shine4
My First Crushby Time2 Shine
Excerpt from the story: "I look at him shocked. What? Why? Wait, isn't this what I wanted? My head shoots up to look at his face, when our manager calls his name. I...
Books and Basketball Shorts by LostAthena
Books and Basketball Shortsby LostAthena
Emmy Lowarn and Jasper Kiens were hardly what you would call friends. In fact, they barely knew each other. But when they're stuck alone in a classroom to work on a proj...
The Tremendous Tales of Timothy Richardson by ImMyOwnComany
The Tremendous Tales of Timothy ImMyOwnCompany
Timothy Richardson is a normal boy. He isn't good looking, nor ugly. He isn't extremely smart, nor dumb. He isn't an athlete, or unhealthy. He's just average. At lea...
A Sky Full Of Stars by JustASecret0000
A Sky Full Of Starsby JustASecret0000
A sky full of stars, yet he was staring at her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seventeen-year-old Emmeline Martin never got noticed. She never got attention...
Capture The Romance by imo345
Capture The Romanceby imo345
Cassie Drake was in the background. The only reason anyone ever noticed her was because if her camera, that hung around her neck every moment of her life. The yearbook e...
Reputation. (Collection of Poems) by aesthetic_nerd16
Reputation. (Collection of Poems)by ✨ 𝑻𝑨𝑵 𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑻𝑨 ✨
Personal Problems, Society Problems, Being the 2nd choice, being insecure, being judged, being hated upon, falling in love, sigh all of us have been there. Let Reputatio...
Some Kind Of Love Story by eh_itwilldo
Some Kind Of Love Storyby eh_itwilldo
Let's just say I have no idea what I'm doing :)
Old Ass Jeep by Questions_
Old Ass Jeepby Gina
One of those teen fictions. We'll see where it goes... Your guess is as good as mine...
anecdotes  by bookhoarde
anecdotes by bookhoarde
real stories i have seen or experienced told in text post fashion these are for fun, really. most people collect something (rocks, oil lamps, baseball cards, spoons); i...