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shooting star by AsiyaFathima7
shooting starby Asiya Fathima
jungkook, jimin and taehyung are ceo brothers and asiya (me), ayisha and farheen are my sisters and three of us are doctors and now jimin and ayisha are going to get mar...
Loyal by luludeamourr3
Loyalby Lulu🧿
This story is basically about a girl changing a man whore into a very loyal man. Read the book, you'll find it very interesting🖤
The Lies and The Price to Pay by Miraculousayisha
The Lies and The Price to Payby Miraculousayisha
Layla always lie in every movee. in this story all her lies will be revealed and there are going to be extras in this story. Mari always expose her lies while adrien is...
Disaster Crush-Miraculos by Miraculousayisha
Disaster Crush-Miraculosby Miraculousayisha
This story is all about the crush of Adrien Agreste and Marinnette Dupain Cheng. They choose a person whose better for them.Mari and Adrien will have a disastrous choice...
The Wolf That Kidnapped Me by sweetcarabisian
The Wolf That Kidnapped Meby sweetcarabisian
✨i belong to you. you could do anything you wanted with me and i would let you. you could ask anything of me and i would break myself trying to make you happy, j.h. tmi...
LOVE TO FOREVER by jhesterjhaybalilla
LOVE TO FOREVERby jhesterjhaybalilla
Ang kwentong to ay tungkol sa love triangle
Adventure time fanfiction (Editing) by Gotmesomeyeetcoffee
Adventure time fanfiction (Editing)by Gotmesomeyeetcoffee
This is some insert with Me Cedric an Angelo So if you dont like it Go away Hah joke ~~ Two humans were wondering through the forest while the other one was begging to f...
Almost, Always by MarteanluvsY
Almost, Alwaysby Faith
Ayisha Mejina has Mnemosyne Syndrome, the present memories she got only last for a day, everyday is new to her.She hardly remember her past memories until Adrian Tiu sud...
THIS IS MY REVENGE, JERK! by ruslyne03
May isang babae na masayahin, mapagmahal, mabait, hindi nagtatanim ng galit kahit kanino. Ngunit isang araw may nakilala syang lalaki mahal na mahal niya. Akala niya fo...
Ayisha by Nagato
Ayishaby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
A poem about discovering oneself
My Enchanted Tale by RenesmeeStories
My Enchanted Taleby chantal
MY ENCHANTED TALE EDITING AND REVISING. "Ayisha Ryleen Heartlock a simple girl who dares to defy fate. Will she succeed and find her true happiness or will she suf...
Seven Minutes- On Hold by SprinklingLaLaLand
Seven Minutes- On Holdby Lauren & Lacey
After you die, it is believed that you have 7 minutes of brain activity left inside you. In the 7 minutes, you experience your entire life over, in a kind of dream. Beca...
Wrong In All The Right Ways by puturhandzindaaerr
Wrong In All The Right Waysby Kira
Ayisha, or as she prefers, Life, is trapped in a cold non living environment. Where she hails, religion isn't allowed, love is a crime, and any self control means a deat...
Saving Me by enchantedkisses
Saving Meby Louisa
Jasmine was saved from depression three years ago by Jake. Now she's a little more stable with a massive crush on him. But when her parents go away and she's forced to l...