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♡Secretly Love You♡ Babqftim Cuphead X Short Fem-Demon Reader by Sweetiechanwrites
♡Secretly Love You♡ Babqftim sweetie-Chan
Cuphead is a person who seems to only care for himself and his blue Mug brother.But what would happen when he starts warming up to Y/n?Will he decide to steal the Ink pi...
Hope (Quest!Bendy x Sick!Reader) by AsuRose
Hope (Quest!Bendy x Sick!Reader)by Asuna Rose
(Y/n), best friends with Mickey, had a secret. She avoided talking about it at all costs, and was a very secretive person. Even after she met people, kind and rude, she...
✨To see you again✨ || Oswald x Felix || #BABTQFTIM by reverofeyb
✨To see you again✨ || Oswald x Hey , You!❤
❤Volverte a ver❤ Felix se había ido de viaje durante un buen tiempo y ahora es tiempo de regresar, tendrá cosas buenas y malas que le prepara el destino, seguir enamorad...
You're My Cure (Babtqftim Bendy x Reader) by Olivia200312
You're My Cure (Babtqftim Bendy Olivia200312
Y/N is just a normal human who lives alone. But one day, she got sucked into a portal to a cartoon world! There she meets Mickey, the famous mouse of the circus. She has...
You're My Angel (Babtqftim Oswald x Neko! Reader) by Olivia200312
You're My Angel (Babtqftim Olivia200312
Y/N is a human girl that has cat ears and tail. She's also in fact a good friend of Ortensia. She became very depressed after her parents passed away from the Ink Illnes...
Babtqftim One-shots by HoneyCappuccino
Babtqftim One-shotsby Holly
Basically what the title says. Either Ships or Character x reader. Will write lemon/smut. Just give requests and I'm write them. (Sorry if it takes a long time for me to...
Babtqftim questers x Fairy!F!Reader by PrincessRomy96
Babtqftim questers x Fairy!F!Readerby Romy Bijkerk
You are known as the last fairy alive in the cartoon universe. You decided to leave your home for a bit, but a small walk quickly turned into a adventure with fun moment...
BABTQFTIM •Oneshots and short stories• by 90737las
Will take requests! Request rules- •No incest or lemons( sorry mah dudes, since my family believes in the sweet baby Jesus and my parents can see everything I do on my p...
BABTQFTIM (Oswald x Oc x Felix) by animexreader28
BABTQFTIM (Oswald x Oc x Felix)by Ann
Belle is Bendy and Boris's older sister. She is a hybrid of a wolf, a bunny, and a demon (She has bunny ears, a wolf tail, and demon eyes). She use to be married to a ra...
BABTQFTIM Bendy and Cuphead x Reader by 1_Vee_0
BABTQFTIM Bendy and Cuphead x Luc the weirdo
BABTQFTIM reacts to BATIM  by 480435689l
BABTQFTIM reacts to BATIM by 480435689l
Ok so I have gotten back into the BATIM and BABTQFTIM fandom. Also I have being trying to find fanficitons of the two of them meeting or reacting to each other. So I dec...
babqftim x reader shorts (Requests Open) by AuthorOnyx
babqftim x reader shorts ( Onyx :3
(Heads up) The reader in the first lot of chapters is female, however newer chapters are more exclusive, including Male, Female and Gender Neutral readers too. My newer...
His Little Demon (READ LE DESC) by Anxietitties
His Little Demon (READ LE DESC)by Opossum King/Kaleb
(NOTE: I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN BABTQFTIM AND THIS IS A BENDYSTRAW SHIP! May have sensitive topics...depends on what I decide to do I'll put warnings if so >;3) (ARTWORK...
BABQFTIM one-shots BOOK 2 [ON HOLD] by pengeo
BABQFTIM one-shots BOOK 2 [ON HOLD]by 🌕pengeo🌑
Hi So on my first one-shot book I had too much chapter and it told me to Unpublish some things... well as you can tell that's not happening. So give me your advice, requ...
babqftim x reader oneshots by gamerlove946
babqftim x reader oneshotsby Foxglove_Rae
title says all and this book is finished so there will be no more requests thanks!
Shadow Of Someone (!Read Desc!) by Anxietitties
Shadow Of Someone (!Read Desc!)by Opossum King/Kaleb
Bendy, the child of Satan. His father owns a mighty casino. Everybody either fears or hates Bendy, leaving him an outcast. Cuphead has a deadly fear of the devil but fee...
new beginning, new life||(oswald xmotherly!reader) by Hazey-liights
new beginning, new life||(oswald Liluqu
this is based off of babtqftim and thebbros and there might be lemon i'm not sure yet but you'll see ^^
Hanahaki (Felix X Oswald) by Kay_did_write
Hanahaki (Felix X Oswald)by Gone
Felix is cursed with flowers that well make themselves known. He is plagued with the reminder than Oswald, his crush, still has no feelings for him. Now he has to battle...
BABTQFTIM (All AUS) X Reader: One-Shots by FallenAn9el391
BABTQFTIM (All AUS) X Reader: Echo
Book is now in progress. Updates: Slow. ×××× I'm giving this a shot. Considering people love my Crush x Reader One-Shots. ×××× Highest Ranking: #1 in questfortheinkmachi...
It's a Inky World After All by mewterra1316
It's a Inky World After Allby Megan Mckenzie
I was inherited all the old time character statues, VHS and DVDs, and one other thing...a key? My grandfather was a kind and talented old man; he was part of one the old...