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Bakugo's Little Brother |Completed| by TastyFrenchFries
Bakugo's Little Brother |Completed|by Gym
Izuku has a bad health condition that costs lots of money to take care of. Because of this Inko couldn't take care of him and she killed herself. Izuku had a harsh life...
A Child Again? by ItzEverling
A Child Again?by itz_Evērlîng
Midoriya and Bakugou were both on a mission to save a little girl. After getting the girl to safety they were both got hit by a deaging quirk. At first they still had t...
Rabbit Kin by CrunchyEnby
Rabbit Kinby CrunchyEnby
The new pro hero Miruko was doing a usual patrol down the streets of Musutafu when she runs into Midoriya Izuku. An eight year old little boy who was abandoned by his mo...
Raised by Villains- baby midoriya fanfic BNHA by kawaii-kuudere
Raised by Villains- baby kawaii-kuudere
LOV was heading back to headquarters after a long and tiresome mission when they hear small cires coming from a box in a dark alley way. Only to find a small fluff of gr...
Izuku Todoroki (Baby Deku)  by drayko45
Izuku Todoroki (Baby Deku) by drayko💖
The Todoroki's are having another child! Natsuo and Fuyumi found out first and told Shoto immediately. The boys are quite pissed off though that their father wants anoth...
The Yamanda's by Rintrevor12
The Yamanda'sby Rin
Aizawa Shouta and his husband Hizashi Yamada have been married since they graduated from Yuuei. A few years after they got their careers settled, Hizashi approached Shou...
Baby Deku by Herome-chi
Baby Dekuby Herome-chi
NO PICTURES ARE MINE!!!!! Midoriya was walking to the convenience store to get some food, when a villan started attacking! Midoriya quickly got into action, while trying...
The Villains Child by BlackLivesMatter321
The Villains Childby StereoSystem
Inko had a child that she named Izuku. Even though it was her child she despised the child because the doctor told her he would have no quirk. Inko dropped the child off...
Midoriya's (Accidental) Quirky Month by OwlyPersona125
Midoriya's (Accidental) Quirky OwlyPersona125
Midoriya gets hit by an unknown quirk (are we sure he doesn't have a bad luck quirk?) and when they ask the person who did it, our hero finds out he'll be a mess for an...
The Day the Monster Changed by Bubbly_Snowflake3
The Day the Monster Changedby Anna Nikiforova
What can happen on a normal day of patrolling? Well, something very unusual. Izuku Midoriya, like every Monday, was patrolling the city with his class early in the morn...
𝙇𝙊𝙑 𝙁𝘼𝙈𝙄𝙇𝙔 ▶ Baby Izuku by therealsxshi
𝙇𝙊𝙑 𝙁𝘼𝙈𝙄𝙇𝙔 ▶ Baby Izukuby 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙨𝙓𝙨𝙝𝙞
ᴮᵃᵇʸ ᴰᵉᵏᵘ ˣ ᴸᵒⱽ ❝Now Izu what do we say when we see heroes?❞ ❝Pit off!❞ ❝And what do we say when we see All Might?❞ ❝Can I have your authogwafitti please?!❞ In which Izu...
Hey it's ok... (Dadzawa) by YOURMOM010
Hey it's ok... (Dadzawa)by _Izuwu_Fan
after Izuku's parents were abusing Deku, he had enough and ran away from home, he got lost and met a man...what happens next? (Ya ik pretty weak...WELL JUST READ IT!) (D...
Just a dysfunctional Family by LePhantomCheese
Just a dysfunctional Familyby ✨Phantom Cheese✨
When Shigaraki and the League of Villains were given the task of taking care of All For One's son, Izuku, they didn't know what to expect. But despite this, they came to...
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How I Met My 2 Boys by Bakudeku_4lifer
How I Met My 2 Boysby Bakudeku_4lifer
Nobody would think that the explosive Dynamight would be the one to adopt not just one child but 2 let's see how this story unfolds. ⚠️ warning mentions of⚠️ Bullying Ab...
My hero Academia reacts to things  by Toga_secret_Sis
My hero Academia reacts to things by Toga_secret_Sis
class 1a, class 1b, Erasermic family, Midoriya family, Bakugou family, Todoroki family, some Pro heros, the Leauge of Villains and some dead people are send to a room to...
My baby Deku (bakudeku/katsudeku)  by twinkleeytoes
My baby Deku (bakudeku/katsudeku) by twinkleeytoes
[COMPLETED] While Deku was walking to the shops someone hit him in the head. When he wakes up he's been turned into a five year old. But what happens when the only one...
Baby Izuku (Discontinued) by breezevity
Baby Izuku (Discontinued)by breezevity
Izuku Midoriya a new born baby, hated by his own father and mother. After a month of living with him, they are finally done! They abandon him! How will he survive, will...
Nezu's son by ergarc08
Nezu's sonby Emmajane
What if one day nezu was walking the school neighborhood and then find a little baby in ally way in a basket all there is is a single note along with a penguin stuffed a...
Bnha FanFiction - Change Always Comes by TheOminousR
Bnha FanFiction - Change Always R
"C'mon Iida, loosen up, the kids adorable". Mina said casually. "Well, I have one question-" At this point the whole class noticed the child bec...