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I really didn't plan this...this... World Domination! I SWEAR! by Chimera_Regarion
I really didn't plan Chimera_Regarion
Did you know... there is a bookstore at the end of the road where every signle store is abandoned. It is known to villains, heroes and vigilantes. No one dares to threat...
Dad For One by DramaKelly
Dad For Oneby Kelly
What if Hisashi Midoriya is All For One? What if he was actually a decent dad? What if he gave up crime in order to protect the family he loves so much? And what if A...
MHA watch the multiverse by ArtyRide
MHA watch the multiverseby Arty Ride
On one pleasant day (for 1A that is), a sudden flash of light appear and transport them to a theater which is where they will watch multiple version of their favourite c...
Izuku Midoriya had always been interested in Quirks. He loved studying them and discussing them with his father. It was due to this interest in Quirks that he found a fa...
The Emperor's Dragon by Jade_Tatsu
The Emperor's Dragonby Jade_Tatsu
It didn't start when All Might told Izuku Midoriya that he couldn't be a hero. It started much earlier than that, when Hisashi Midoriya walked out on Inko, taking with h...
All for my son *Hiatus* by Mamagou
All for my son *Hiatus*by Allison King
You wouldn't expect the worst villain out there to fall in love with a simple florist and have a child with her, would you?
The Succesor (My Hero Academia) by PokemonDestiny
The Succesor (My Hero Academia)by Marissa
There's a lot of things All Might knows about his succesor. Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless. He wanted to be a hero. He would charge headfirst into dangerous situatio...
Dekuverse? Reaction? You bet it is! by Noth_Lyv
Dekuverse? Reaction? You bet it is!by
I'm sure y'all know the drill already. MHA cast got kidnapped, then some introduction here and there, then they watch Izuku together! Though, I need to warn you though t...
Sins and Redemptions (BnHA Dad for One AU) by AleahLRB
Sins and Redemptions (BnHA Dad sus author
It has been nearly a decade since the presence of the villain that ruled Japan's Underworld was last felt. The villain All for One just suddenly vanished one night, not...
TᗯO ᔕIᗪᗴᔕ Oᖴ Tᕼᗴ ᔕᗩᗰᗴ ᑕOIᑎ by That_One-Asshole
TᗯO ᔕIᗪᗴᔕ Oᖴ Tᕼᗴ ᔕᗩᗰᗴ ᑕOIᑎby Judgemental_Judy
what if deku's quirk forced him to be fused with his twin brother? They met Katsuki after moving so he never knew about the other brother, he was still bullied but the r...
Shigadabideku by MidnightWolf06
Shigadabidekuby MidnightWolf06
this is my second story in a day and it was inspired by the fanfiction Lost which I think was taken down. If these arts are yours tell me so I can name you and tell me i...
Mha react to different Mutilverse by trixxthefox
Mha react to different Mutilverseby Trixxcena Moon
Okay so its basically what it mutilverse of Mha but they will be reacting to themselves. Note.. I accept request and I new to this reacting thing. Disclaimer **Oka...
Villain rehab! (I'm Back!) by Chibipoppy
Villain rehab! (I'm Back!)by Poppy
Deku, Dabi and Toga get caught by a group of hero's and are given a choice...... U.A or prison? __________________________________________________ In this story Bakugou...
Only for you (Villain Deku) by 1oca1_Ke1s3y
Only for you (Villain Deku)by MommaMxffin
All Izuku Midoriya ever wanted was to be a hero. That was ruined when he was betrayed my his idol and his friends. Now that he's joined the dark side, he's out to get re...
A fathers love (dad for one au) by Cuteness_Overload-
A fathers love (dad for one au)by 𝓞𝓴𝓪𝔂._.𝓱𝓾𝓷
Dad for one! I got inspiration for this from dad for one on Pinterest. In this story Izuku knows his father is all for one, he has his father's quirk but knows he has to...
Dad For One Oneshots || MHA by Luna_Herobrine
Dad For One Oneshots || MHAby Luna_Herobrine
My collection of Dad For One Oneshots because I love the theory about Hisashi Midoriya being AFO. The Oneshots will contain: Canon? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of angst. But...
Izuku's (Deku's) Multiverse Adventure by Alex67387
Izuku's (Deku's) Multiverse Knight of Darkness
This is my first story. Hope you enjoy it! By the way, In this story, I bring all the main characters except Deku into my theater and make them react to him and his alte...
Bakudeku Omegaverse by daydreamagic
Bakudeku Omegaverseby daydreamagic
Dekus' mum died when he was three years old. How will his dad handle finding out he's an omega. warning- mentions of abuse, homophobia, neglect, r*pe, kidnapping,suicid...
stolen pencils, tiny footsteps by MoonPaw-17
stolen pencils, tiny footstepsby MoonPaw17
There is something scurrying in the walls of UA high. Or rather-- someone. Borrower!Izuku au
The Outlaw who became a Hero by 1DSRK234
The Outlaw who became a Heroby 1DSRK234
Izuku Yagi is the adopted son of Toshinori Yagi and the biological son of Inko Yagi (former name Midoriya). Hisashi reportedly died in an accident during a flight to Am...