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IT'S COMPLICATED (An Izuocha Story) by ZynneMan
Almost a month and a half since the defeat of the paranormal liberation army and the death of all for one, peace was once again achieved. Although the remnants of the wa...
|| The Secrets || Shigaraki's Little Sister / Aizawa's Daughter || BNHA OC by Spirit23cool
|| The Secrets || Shigaraki's Trøübłē
There Is Only One Truth In This World; Secrets Are Never Kept Secret. This Isn't Some Fairy-tale Where The Heroes Prevail and Everybody Is Happy and Safe. Maybe The Wor...
Another World [ an HxH x BNHA crossover ] by vanikigai
Another World [ an HxH x BNHA van.
Killua Zoldyck was wandering around after reluctantly dropping Alluka off at Gon's place, to "take a break from everything", as the green haired hunter says. L...
Once More (My Hero Academia) by crayonying
Once More (My Hero Academia)by Cri
Just when Midoriya Izuku was forced to leave his friends to defeat the villains, he travelled two years back in time, when he was still in middle school. What will happe...
hero's shadow // mha by feelingstxbby
hero's shadow // mhaby nat
Izuku doesn't cry. He is a weapon, and weapons don't weep. He won't cry until the battle, when he's falling through the air, when it settles in just how real it is that...
Lonely Ninth by Diamondragon23
Lonely Ninthby Diamondragon23
Izuku found All Might, his favourite hero, the greatest man to ever live alone in an abandoned building. Izuku left that building at five years old with a heavy burden...
(DISCONTINUED) Not only you has Immortality AFO... (MHA) by No1daydr3am3r
(DISCONTINUED) Not only you has No1daydr3am3r
Yochi Shigiraki never died after all...He was born with 2 quirks but others in the society thought he was quirkless as it was a common thing at the time of quirks evolvi...
Why Am I Still Here? 2.0  by 0013ryn
Why Am I Still Here? 2.0 by 0013ryn
As his quirk manifests over time, given to him by All Might himself, Izuku gets into U.A. and has to learn to manage it all. That's easy. Right? Izuku finds himself doi...
The New All For One by 7thWrath
The New All For Oneby 7thWrath
"All men are not created equal." That was a lesson Izuku learned at just 4 years old, and even now that still holds true. Only now the scales have tipped in hi...
BNHA : Reflection Of Our Lives Through Multiverses And Exploring It by AwesomeInfiniteGamer
BNHA : Reflection Of Our Lives AwesomeInfinite Gamer
All of the students of 1-A along with the other classes and their teachers including their parents and the important characters of the anime are abducted into a theater...
A will from the future by DracoBoy1067
A will from the futureby peson that may care
Izuku Midoriya, a previously quirkless boy that received a quirk from the number one hero, said quirk being one for all. A quirk that was transferred from person to pers...
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) (BACK FROM HIATUS) by dekus_right_nipple
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) ( dekus_right_nipple
Izuku Midoriya is not quirkless, not even close. He actually is in possession of two quirks, and is one of the most promising of UA's students. He is joined by his child...
A Heroes Debut by DominicWilliams896
A Heroes Debutby Slade9974
Izuku tries to kill himself after a small series of unfortunate events but is saved. Will he use this new view on life to become a hero or a villain? Op Izuku My Hero A...
A nice Christmas present... call it PTSD... call it simply a war game! by Chimera_Regarion
A nice Christmas present... call Chimera_Regarion
Chirstams is the best time of year or so people might think but not for the people of UA heroes course. Unknown to the first semesters, there is an anual war game which...
The Fall Of Midoriya Izuku by grosscandy
The Fall Of Midoriya Izukuby AC
Even the Symbol of Peace, All Might, during his prime years several years ago was severely injured after the fight against All for One. So how could Midoriya Izuku, the...
Inside One For All by SpookyScaryAce
Inside One For Allby 🌸⋆ spook ⋆🌸
❛❛ So, I'm Alive but I'm Dead? ❜❜ • After being handed off to Izuku Midoriya, One For All has amassed enough power to raise the spirits of the past users and keep them t...
- MHA: Someone Else [Discontinued] - by AvidVenture
- MHA: Someone Else [Discontinued] Adventure Man
This is a story about a special kid who goes to an academia, none other than UA Academia where he will learn how to become a hero. What is special about this boy is that...
Heritage by KapUnivers
Heritageby Kaptein Univers
Izuku has never known his father. How could he? His father disappeared before he turned 4 so he never formed any relation with the man. All he knows is that his name is...
The Third Brother [Slow Update] by Junkguy33303
The Third Brother [Slow Update]by Junkguy33303
One For All and All For One. One of the strongest quirk known to mankind. A quirk the once belong to two brothers. The quirk that allow the user to steal other people's...
This Is Who I Am by Shonaku
This Is Who I Amby Shonaku
Izuku was kidnapped at such an early age. He was used as an experiment by Dr. Gerald Robotnik. The doctor used to be apart of the space colony ARK but was Kidnapped by A...