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Because I am a Mother - BNHA x single mother reader by Crazy-Otaku-demigod
Because I am a Mother - BNHA x Jasmine Flint
(y/n) is a single mother living in Musutafu with her twin boys Yuuma and Kei and in the minds of everyone who knows her, she works twice as hard as any hero. From workin...
Siren Song (All Might x Reader) by Smemerline
Siren Song (All Might x Reader)by Emmit
Before he became Izuku's teacher, All Might was a young Symbol of peace. Amidst all the business of defeating villains, All Might has something even bigger to surmount:...
Fear the reaper (All Might x reader)  by Agent-Lokitty
Fear the reaper (All Might x SpecialAgent-Lokitty
You had always dreamed of being a hero, just like everyone else, but when your quirk developed your realised just how impossible it was. While everyone else became pro h...
Human - Toshinori Yagi (All Might) x Reader  by ChickenStripping
Human - Toshinori Yagi (All Might) Blank Error
I am not a villain but I am no hero either I am human ((This is part 1 Book 2 is out now, go read!))
Holding Out For A Hero by EnchantedFox20
Holding Out For A Heroby Enchantedfox20
Y/N and Toshinori Yagi have been close friends since middle school and enrol at U.A High on the hero program to become pro heroes and hero partners one day, with the dre...
Your Eyes (All Might X OC) by Bad_Android88
Your Eyes (All Might X OC)by McKenzie Blackwood
Arabelle and Toshinori's relationship was never the same once he got accepted into U.A. Reunited years later when they both start working at U.A, they realize their fri...
Tv one shots by mr-todds-dead-wife
Tv one shotsby I want to die
!smut! *this is purely ironic don't take anything too seriously* This is an Anyone x anyone I can think of I need other people to suffer with me, so enjoy! Also! I am i...
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((DISCONTINUED)) Toshinori x Reader x Aizawa x Enji x Hizashi  by StupidWeebo
((DISCONTINUED)) Toshinori x StupidWeebo
Sorry guys, I'm just really not feeling this book at all. It's cringe and I hate the plot and how I wrote the first chapters, I might rewrite it or something but this ve...
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knight by Joyyboyy
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knightby Joyyboyy
"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"
Izuku Yagi: The Green Ranger by Dekito12345
Izuku Yagi: The Green Rangerby Dekito
Izuku Yagi had a great life. His Dad was the number one hero All Might, his Mom was the number 5 hero Green Magnet, and his twin sister Izumi Yagi was his best friend. B...
Quirks don't make a hero by Unalive
Quirks don't make a heroby Fire
Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko and Toshinori Yagi, and the brother of Ikaru Yagi. He's bullied by Katsuki Bakugou, Shioka Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Kokoro Todoroki, and hi...
izuku the Voodoo doctor  by WolfSama8
izuku the Voodoo doctor by Wolf Sama
Izuku Midoriya, doctor facilier, the doctor, whatever you call him, is a name that brings fear, the name of the man who had the world on the palm of his hand, the man wh...
We Are Here (All Might x Reader) by SamIsUgh
We Are Here (All Might x Reader)by SamIsUgh
Y/N Yamada, sister of Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic), is hired as a teacher at U.A. along side her brother. She is assigned to help teach class 1-A with Eraserhead and...
Number One {Mirio Togata} MHA by Deviant_Paradise
Number One {Mirio Togata} MHAby Deviant_Paradise
*What It Takes To Be A Hero Book 1* "Heroes are just fragile men pretending to be better than they really are." Quirkless. The only child of Toshinori Yagi is...
Izuku/Ramiel: The angel of hope by Officialbrokentable
Izuku/Ramiel: The angel of hopeby Officialbrokentable
"Quirkless loser" "Do us all a favour and take a swan dive off the roof" "I'm sorry my boy but thing realistically" "You. Can't. Be. A...
Mha x child reader by MarvelsthorgirlLokis
Mha x child readerby Marimobaka
This is just some of the things that you'd do if your child self were related to the My Hero Academia characters. And disclaimer I might not do villains. Might not.
I'm The True Hero by koolwegamgirly14
I'm The True Heroby _stories_
Izuku and Izumi Yagi are the children of Inko and Toshinori Yagi. The twins always wanted to the be pro heroes since they were a toddlers and couldn't wait to see what q...
Sins and Redemptions (BnHA Dad for One AU) by AleahLRB
Sins and Redemptions (BnHA Dad sus author
It has been nearly a decade since the presence of the villain that ruled Japan's Underworld was last felt. The villain All for One just suddenly vanished one night, not...
The Blood Tyrant - AU Izuku Yagi by DZHReader
The Blood Tyrant - AU Izuku Yagiby DZHReader
Neglect, Bullies, Scars, Depression, Trauma and a dash of Bad luck is the perfect recipe for a villain. Izuku Yagi experienced 12 years of this from his twin sister Izu...
Sybil : Tell Me Your Dreams  by chrisreenR
Sybil : Tell Me Your Dreams by Silver Phoenix
After he turned 10 the boy known as Izuku midoriya changed. The timid and shy boy was gone. in his place was a new Izuku Midoriya. A izuku Midoriya who will do anything...