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Izuku's Biomnitrix [ON HOLD] by Idknows
Izuku's Biomnitrix [ON HOLD]by Idknows
The title will be changed later.....hopefully. In here, I plan on having Izuku the biomnitrix as his quirk, he was born with it! Dont complain, and master control wont b...
The Truth Comes Out - (Completed) by KnightRider_35
The Truth Comes Out - (Completed)by Knight Rider
All Might wanted to do an exhibit match and the last match was between Izuku vs Katsuki. Katsuki being a major douchebag tells everyone how he bully Izuku and suicide ba...
All For One And One For All by SnowflakeTheTherian
All For One And One For Allby Snowflake
Hisashi Shigaraki had a problem, fifteen years ago he had a one night stand with a woman. When he gets a call saying she was killed, he's faced with a situation he never...
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [Constant Uploads] by mrrobot1933
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [Consta...by kalin__dover
What if Deku was trained by GranTorino and learned about full cowling, during the 2 weeks before the sport Festival ? What will happen after that ? [ON GOING] I DON'T OW...
Deku X by anormalboi203
Deku Xby Memelord
Izuku Yagi was a Quirkless boy, he get attacked and bullied by his sister and their two friends, abandoned ,Neglected, and forgotten by his own parents. Then after the d...
Izuku's Potential by IRAO777
Izuku's Potentialby IRAO777
What if Izuku unlocked a quirk within One for all that allowed him to use it at 100%. His classmates are going to be surprised.
Six For Nine (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Six For Nine (MHA)by Snowflake
Soulmates are strange things, for one Izuku Midoriya it was even more unusual. Izuku had six romantic Soulmates and five parental Soulmates, the only problem is five of...
Falling for you|Bakudeku| COMPLETED  by Honey_Girl10
Falling for you|Bakudeku| COMPLETE...by 𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎^
{COMPLETED*^*!} This takes place during the second year of UA 🧡💚 It is a normal day at UA Izumi wakes up to a bunch of knocks on her door and finds all 2-A girl at he...
The cold hero (Edited) by black-wing-king
The cold hero (Edited)by black-wing-king
Izuku midoriya has a very powerful quirk, he can manipulate ice and anything cold, however he himself became cold and not may people can make him open up. Join him in hi...
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Black Sun (MHA X AMONG US) by Aron_Zander
Black Sun (MHA X AMONG US)by Aron Zander
Impostors are among us. Witness the world of My Hero Academia coexist with the alien Impostor. A being who lurks amongst them, awaiting the perfect kill. An individual w...
Lies by General_Eclipse
Liesby General_Eclipse
The doctor lied. Izuku Midoriya finds that out the day of the UA Entrance Exam when he not only uses One For All for the first time, but two quirks that he was seemingly...
Heritage by KapUnivers
Heritageby Kaptein Univers
Izuku has never known his father. How could he? His father disappeared before he turned 4 so he never formed any relation with the man. All he knows is that his name is...
Saiyan Pride by KnightRider_35
Saiyan Prideby Knight Rider
Izuku Midoriya pushes his twin sister out of the way as Izuku was sucked into a portal and was presumed dead. As the class was coming back from school since it was 5 mon...
Mrs.Bakugo~ by Honey_Girl10
Mrs.Bakugo~by 𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎^
✔︎Completed! Bakudeku Fem!Izuku x Katsuki Quirkless Fem!Izumi x Pro Hero Katsuki Izumi Midoriya 20 years old and coming back home to Japan staying with her mother whil...
Voodoo Deku by Stillwell03
Voodoo Dekuby Stillwell03
When Izuku was little, he was told that he was quirkless. In an effort to help him, he turned to the magical arts of voodoo and began to learn the dark arts. See how he...
The Keyblade Duo by Swiftdragoon
The Keyblade Duoby Swiftdragoon
Izuku Yagi was abused and neglected by his parents and bullied by his sister and friends every day until one day, they went too far. They try to apologize to him, but Iz...
Son of Neji  by izumomolover25
Son of Neji by Izumomolover
After Izuku was sent to a world where women has quirks and men are breeders
The Story of The World's Greatest Rapping Hero! by anormalboi203
The Story of The World's Greatest...by Memelord
Izuku Yagi, a boy who was born to Toshinori and Inko Yagi, along with being a brother to his little sister, Izumi Yagi, whom was a year younger than him. After he was di...
Impossible Redemption (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Impossible Redemption (MHA)by Snowflake
All For One, the worst Villain in the history of the entire world. He had killed countless, and destroyed most of Japan during the dark ages of Quirks. Imagine his surpr...
✔︎Unspoken Connection by BeanQueen_29
✔︎Unspoken Connectionby Hazel✍︎
This is a BakuDeku fanfiction. Their latest battle took a turn for both Katsuki and Izuku after defeating the villain "Nine" to the point where they were aske...