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My Guardian Angel Fallen from Space.... by Zeromicz
My Guardian Angel Fallen from Spac...by Zeromicz
Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko and Toshinori Yagi, and the brother of Izumi Yagi. He's bullied by Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Shion Todoroki, and his sister, all the...
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise from Disgrace by Diamondragon23
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise fr...by Diamondragon23
Izuku Midoriya had a weak quirk. In reality, his quirk was actually perfect for Heroics, but his parents preferred his sister's incredibly powerful Telekinesis quirk. To...
Izuku Yagi: The Hero Hunter(DISCONTINUE?) by fanchristpo
Izuku Yagi: The Hero Hunter(DISCON...by fanchrist po
Izuku Yagi was Neglect by His own family, abused by his friends and sister and outcast by society. one day he had enough when he met All Might who shattered his heart. I...
Copycat by Stupid_k4rma
Copycatby Stew
"In the hero world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum." Scum is on the streets, and I mu...
The Gambling Hero: Ludenburg by Thunderone
The Gambling Hero: Ludenburgby Thunder1235
"Well then, take care, everyone. Perhaps we'll Meet again, in another life." These were the last words of Celestia Ludenburg the ultimate gambler before she wa...
Izuku yagi : The Monkey king by Kirkyu
Izuku yagi : The Monkey kingby ShiniGami
Izuku Yagi a sweet loving and a happy child the son of allmight and telek and the little brother of his older twin Izumi they were happy but one day that change when the...
My Hero Academia: The child of Infinity Rewritten by Glitch994
My Hero Academia: The child of Inf...by 『Webhead』
//In the process of a rewrite// When he was born, without realizing it, the balance of power had shifted and the world of quirks would be changed forever, with the birth...
izuku O'connor by AvengedMoon
izuku O'connorby Avenged
izuku O'connor, originally Izuku Yagi, Abused, Neglected, and fed up. What if he had the chance to live the life he truly wanted? What if he went 'missing' but returns a...
the Darkness That Shapes The Light by _______R________
the Darkness That Shapes The Lightby r
Izuku Yagi is tired, Tired of being pushed around, tired of receiving hate for something he has no control of Now he will show the World His Power the power to protect o...
the framed soldier by Nightfighter45
the framed soldierby Nightfighter45
Izuku Yagi a boy born quirkless but given a chance to be a hero by his dad All Might but was framed for being the U.A. traitor and having everything he worked years for...
hated multiverse by gorobuilder
hated multiverseby GoroAxel
My new dekuverse pls read
Izuku. Barachiel Champion by FireLord2020
Izuku. Barachiel Championby Sean Bell
Raised believing that he is Quirkless, Izuku Yagi spends 6 years being either forgotten by his family and his half sister Izumi Yagi, or being bullied by his childhood f...
the Jedi hero: green laser by crazygamer15389
the Jedi hero: green laserby Crazygamer15389
Izuku yagi, a quirkless boy with no friends finds a crashed spaceship. inside lays jedi master obi-wan kenobi who gives Izuku a way out. for the next ten years Izuku tra...
Broken But Not Yet Shattered  by Scarlemange
Broken But Not Yet Shattered by Scarlemange
Izuku yagi was once the happiest child anyone had ever seen, he had a loving family, friends, and most importantly he had hope. Sadly, one word changed that, and that wa...
That Day // Villain Deku by Musical_Leaf_Juice15
That Day // Villain Dekuby Musical Leaf Juice
That day, they didn't know what they had lost. Izuku Yagi was born quirkless. His sister, Izumi Yagi, on the other hand, had an extremely powerful quirk that could m...
Izuku Djarin the Neglected Mandalorian by ThomasFuller2
Izuku Djarin the Neglected Mandalo...by Thomas Fuller
Izuku Yagi, the son of All Might and Green Psychic, was diagnosed as quirkless. For four years he has been neglected and abused by his family and friends. His eighth bir...
Deku the Alchemist by Lololasolol
Deku the Alchemistby Ronal Dangeropa
Izuku and Izumi yagi are the children of the number 1 and 18 heros All Might and Magnet. Izumi has a super powerfull quirk and Izuku is quirkless, so he is bullied by th...
The Hero for everyone: One for All (I'm rewriting this story) by RoKkEr_scura
The Hero for everyone: One for All...by Nik Rock
As I said I am rewriting this story.
Prime Minister's son by Stupid_k4rma
Prime Minister's sonby Stew
Izuku Yagi was living a nice life, until he was 4, they neglected him. He then found out who his real father was. The prime minister. ART ISN'T MINE MAY 2021 #3 richdeku...
The Titan in a Quirky world by CresentMoon69
The Titan in a Quirky worldby CrescentMoon69
I'm not the best with descriptions sooooo... here we go: "Weak" "Worthless" "Trash" "Waste of space" Imagine a world of mostly fe...