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The new sage of six paths by BigBoyAizen125
The new sage of six pathsby Plan-et
Izuku Yagi was a child left alone by the world for his quirklessness. Alone, beaten, hurt, neglected, abused, suicide bated, lonely and with nothing. There was nothing i...
The Light - An MHA x InFAMOUS Story by FadedRonin
The Light - An MHA x InFAMOUS Storyby Ronin
"Forever is a long, long time from tonight" A long time ago, there was a little boy named Izuku Yagi, as a child, he lived in a very corrupted world where peo...
bus rides | midoriya izuku by COSMICPILLAR
bus rides | midoriya izukuby sza
when two middle schoolers took the same bus home and drops off at the same time leaving her to observe him behind her comic books bnha © horikoshi kouhei oc © cosmicpill...
Lying is the best! [COMPLETE] by ImmortalUmbra
Lying is the best! [COMPLETE]by Caster of Avalon Le Fae
COVER ART, PICTURES, MHA CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE!!!!! ONLY MY OC'S AND THE PLOT IS THE ONE I OWN!!!! Izuku is a sweet cinnamon roll that everyone loves. But everything c...
The Hero of Smoke by kevondre14
The Hero of Smokeby kevondre14
Izuku yagi was a happy boy until one word changed it all...quirkless. As a result he was neglected by his parents, his sister and her friends bully and abuse him. Until...
the Darkness That Shapes The Light by _______R________
the Darkness That Shapes The Lightby r
Izuku Yagi is tired, Tired of being pushed around, tired of receiving hate for something he has no control of Now he will show the World His Power the power to protect o...
Izuku the cursed child by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku the cursed childby Kinshu
Izuku Yagi was an ordinary quirkless child who was driven to the point of escaping but something happened that made his life even worse.
The Guardian by SylanderJidah
The Guardianby Abraham Jidah
When Izuku was four years old he was told that he was quirkless and couldn't be a hero. Then his mother died, and he went missing. Six years later a vigilante showed up...
Deku's new life by Usher300
Deku's new lifeby katashi d one
He gets betrayed by his friends and All might he felt broken but got news from his mother Will this news change Izuku's life and what will happen will get over the betr...
Izuku has A daughter !! by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku has A daughter !!by Kinshu
Everyone was at the training area until something unexpected happened.
🅐 🄳🄸🄵🄵🄴🅁🅔🅡🅔🅝🅣 🅃🅈🅟🅔...by Judgemental_Judy
American Zuzu, with a twist. Disclaimer!!! I don't own shit except the plot, the art ain't mine either
The Third Brother [Slow Update] by Junkguy33303
The Third Brother [Slow Update]by Junkguy33303
One For All and All For One. One of the strongest quirk known to mankind. A quirk the once belong to two brothers. The quirk that allow the user to steal other people's...
Izuku's unwanted past. by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku's unwanted past.by Kinshu
Izuku is cheated by Ochaco but she somehow manages to be the victim and Izuku receives the short end of the stick. Izuku's life couldn't get any worse right , well it ge...
Not All Things Can Be Arranged by ARC655
Not All Things Can Be Arrangedby ARCERET
Izuku is in an arranged marriage with Mitth'ran'inamo or Thrani. Follow these newly weds as they go through the feels.
F in chat by plslemmesleep
F in chatby Levi
I made this as a joke
Betrayed and to America (Completed) by Cementosss
Betrayed and to America (Completed)by Ken Ishiyama
Still not good at these What will happen when Izuku finds out Momo is cheating on him with.. suspense and almost all the class talking behind his back? Will deku reveal...
EPIPHANY. (  izuku midoriya  ) by oyassumii
EPIPHANY. ( izuku midoriya )by cassie
EPIPHANY (n.) a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of something that is important to you. # IN WHICH - sydney suzuki learn...
Change of Attitude by international-simp
Change of Attitudeby becky
Izuku starts to notice the change with his classmates towards him. he realizes why, then he gets a little visit in class 1A from someone who convinces izuku to leave, bu...
The Gift From The Abyss  by LordNightmare54
The Gift From The Abyss by Nightmare A.O.N
Izuku and Izumi Yagi Two half Siblings. They are very excited about finding out their quirks. Izumi has a very powerful quirk while Izuku...is quirkless....(Inspired by...
The Black Mist Reaper by fubuky14
The Black Mist Reaperby fubuky14
Izuku was presumed dead at age 14 because of certain things that happened between him, his "sister" and his "friends", his "sister" and his...