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Izuku Midoriya: the cybernetic Villain by Marth747
Izuku Midoriya: the cybernetic marth747
in the past Izuku Midoriya who kept his biological fathers last name....lived a horrible life...from his parents ignoring him to his sibling and former 'friends' have be...
Gaara Deku by Cementosss
Gaara Dekuby Ken Ishiyama
First story Izumi and Izuku were good siblings who were happy with their friends and family who grew happily to become very strong heroes... Atleast thats how it was sup...
izuka yagi:creation and destruction(bakugou x fem deku by CarlosMartinez921457
izuka yagi:creation and Carlos Martinez
we all know how these storys goes izuku was said to be quirkless and was abused by his sister and friends and treated badly by his parents and gain new powers which make...
Izuku Yagi The God Of Destruction by EddieNg77
Izuku Yagi The God Of Destructionby Hikigaya Hachiman
*Quirkless* Who knew 1 word could determine 1 man's destiny in more ways than 1? Being born into a family of the Top 2 Pro Heros would definitely lead to an amazing life...
dragon fist izuku by sixpats
dragon fist izukuby sixpats
Izuku yagi was once a sweet little kid who only wanted to be a hero forced by people who want him to be something they can control goes up the ranks to become the hero h...
One Huge Mistake by SupremeKingColour
One Huge Mistakeby SupremeKingColour
All Might has failed him... The choice between his abusive sister and quirkless him, I'm sure you can guess the rest.. 8 years.... 8 years after the No.1's failure, 8 ye...
Iron Fist: Izuku Kazama by JubiGalario
Iron Fist: Izuku Kazamaby Dr stone
In a world of hero the powerful protect's the powerless. due to genetic evolution of Human's quirk's arrived but only 80% of the people have them, Izuku yagi a boy with...
the forgotten son of giants (Bleachxbnha) by sansundertale35
the forgotten son of giants ( sansundertale35
izuku yagi was a abnormal boy but all his life he was taller then the other kids. they all thought It was his puirk until he was diagnosed quirkless. After that everyone...
I'm The True Hero by koolwegamgirly14
I'm The True Heroby _stories_
Izuku and Izumi Yagi are the children of Inko and Toshinori Yagi. The twins always wanted to the be pro heroes since they were a toddlers and couldn't wait to see what q...
Life's Flashing Before your Eyes? by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Life's Flashing Before your Eyes?by FDWCOLLADO
Izuku Yagi s the son OF Toshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi who are the Top heroes in Japan and has a sister Izumi Yagi. After Finding out that he is quirkless his parents star...
Where there is Darkness there is always light by red10000g
Where there is Darkness there is red10000g
Izuku yagi A boy with A heart of pure gold But when he finds out he's quirkless his family starts to ignore him and his sister And her friends start bullying him an atte...
Izuku Yagi Angel Of Time by MeierTheTwistedFate
Izuku Yagi Angel Of Timeby MeierTheTwistedFate
Since it's still around let's see my take on the story izuku Yagi lived a normal life. that is till he turned 4 and was diagnosed as quirkless despite that he though his...
the framed soldier by Nightfighter45
the framed soldierby Nightfighter45
Izuku Yagi a boy born quirkless but given a chance to be a hero by his dad All Might but was framed for being the U.A. traitor and having everything he worked years for...
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knight by Joyyboyy
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knightby Joyyboyy
"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"
i win by kodaxgamer12
i winby Me commit die
izuku yagi has been neglected for the lack of a quirk they favour izumi he has to steal around the house one day as he was going to get beat up he finally got a quirk he...
Izuku the vigilante of the sun by redfuryninja
Izuku the vigilante of the sunby redfuryninja
Every day while Inko yagi was pregnant she prayed to the goddess of the sun for the prosperity of her babies and for the safety of Everyone against the evil that was all...
Izuku the dragon prodigy by Demonicblade
Izuku the dragon prodigyby DemonicBlade
Izuku the son of Inko yagi (formally shimura and midoriya) and toshinori yagi (almight might) He has been diagnosed with being quirkless since the age of 4 suffering fro...
Beyond Quirks: The Daniel Park Chronicles by AtharvaMishra0
Beyond Quirks: The Daniel Park Atharva Mishra
In the bustling city of Musutafu, where the extraordinary became ordinary with the advent of quirks, there lived a young boy named Izuku Yagi. Born into a family of pres...
Izuku Yagi: The Symbol of Hope by BrandonWilliamson691
Izuku Yagi: The Symbol of Hopeby Fanficnerd94
Izuku Yagi, the son of Inko and Toshinori was born for greatness. He is gifted with a stronger version of Inko's quirk, that also has a mix of his Grandmother's quirk. ...
Quirks don't make a hero by Unalive
Quirks don't make a heroby Fire
Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko and Toshinori Yagi, and the brother of Ikaru Yagi. He's bullied by Katsuki Bakugou, Shioka Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Kokoro Todoroki, and hi...