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Haunting (Ghost Deku au) by Aro_Ace_Loser
Haunting (Ghost Deku au)by Aro_Ace_Loser
"When I die, I'm gonna haunt the shit outta you." he said, looking down at his ruined notebook. Izuku was just trying not to get in the way. He'd given up his...
Ninja Izuku  by izumomolover25
Ninja Izuku by Izumomolover
As izuku was diagnosed quirkless he was abused and neglected by his family and peers and he left leaving them distraught knowing that he could've been a hero but before...
Izuku Constantine, The Hellblazer  by Overseer874
Izuku Constantine, The Hellblazer by Overseer
Izuku Yagi Abused and Neglected by his Family decides to Run away. And Years Later he returns to Fight The Monsters The Heroes can't. But his Name is no longer "Yag...
Ultimate Symbiotes by JinzoKing222
Ultimate Symbiotesby JinzoKing222
Izuku Yagi was Bullied and Beaten, Called a Parasite in this world for not having a Quirk so he ran but one day he ran after he was told time kill himself for Katsuki B...
Izuku slade  by izumomolover25
Izuku slade by Izumomolover
After being diagnosed as quirkless or so he thought he was abandoned by his family at the age of 8 until someone special came and adopted him
Son of the Rider by Sandman7504
Son of the Riderby Sandman7504
A quirkless Izuku Yagi was neglected by his parent's and bullied by his sister, Izumi along with her childhood friends, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, in an effort...
The Heartbroken Angel by RatGenius_05
The Heartbroken Angelby I need Coffee
Izuku Yagi is the son of the number one and number 5 hero, namely All Might and Green Telek. Izuku also had a older twin sister named Izumi Yagi. The youngest had learn...
Betrayed Deku, Regretful 1-A.  by DabisBlueFlames22
Betrayed Deku, Regretful 1-A. by Jordan
Okayyy, random idea I had. Same old Izuku gets betrayed, thrown in prison. However......... Izuku's REAL mum comes to the rescue, scares Nezu, Makes all might shriek an...
My Blond Soulmates by StaticRoyals
My Blond Soulmatesby Enzo✍
Izuku was a happy go lucky guy, he was! Though that of course could only get one so far... Especially when he learns that he has 2 soulmates, and one of them was he's ch...
The Madness of A Boy || Tododeku ff by smollkookie
The Madness of A Boy || Tododeku ffby kookiesmolhandseu;
Summary : yagi izuku has been mentally abused by his family that is yagi inko (floater) and yagi toshinori (all might). His so call friend after the quirk test settle hi...
Not A Hero, A Wizard. by Alote-Lite
Not A Hero, A Alote-Lite
After being attacked, neglected, and harassed for not having a Quirk, Izuku Yagi's life seemed to be going nowhere. That was until he met Newt Scamander. Read as Izuku g...
Top Hero (Homelander Deku) by CardboardGod
Top Hero (Homelander Deku)by King Cardboard
After Years of being thrown to the side lines no matter what he did izuku finally gets how this society works its power above everything. Weaknesses wasn't an option in...
Chaos in the staff chat (Adopted By Me) by calejonsson
Chaos in the staff chat (Adopted CaleJonsson
a stranger was added to U.A staff chat after the first one was deleted by everyone in a drunk state. after a new chat was made they forgot a certain someone got their nu...
the dark one by khedairianime
the dark oneby khedairia
After the defeat of zorc, the strongest dark spirit in the monsters spirit world, and in order to make the world ready in case of similar events, the pharaoh Atem used t...
Are We Really the Villains? [VILLAIN REHAB] by CrossoverShipper
Are We Really the Villains? [ CrossoverMaster
Izuku Midoriya. He has been experimented on for years. You may think: 'How could the villains do something like that to our precious cinnamon roll?'. thought...
a ghoulish life by DOOM_Crusader
a ghoulish lifeby an anime fan
this is my first story so don't judge
Long Time Ago (ShinDeku, Blind!Deku, Mute!Deku) by VillainDekuIsAmazing
Long Time Ago (ShinDeku, Blind! Villain Deku 💖😌✨
This will be a ShinDeku story. In this story, Izuku will be blind and mute. He's been mute all his life and you'll just have to wait of how he got blind permanently. Wh...
The Midoriya's Revenge by Ayanofox19
The Midoriya's Revengeby Nico/Tsuki~
Summary: There was this woman name Inko Shimura she was married to the hero's name Sir Nighteye. But Inko Shimura was forced to divorce him and was made to marry All mig...
Izuku: Siren's Soul by IndigosDen
Izuku: Siren's Soulby IndigosDen
After the visit to the quirk doctor at four years old. Izuku was despised by both Inko and Toshinori. ( I know this concept is used a lot but I like it so if you dont th...
U.A Chaos Staff chat by Buttercupbell9
U.A Chaos Staff chatby Buttercup
A few drinks at a bar, and Pop! went the U.A. staff chat. But when the group was remade, A certain someone added a random number to it. Izuku Midoriya, a 15 y/o with an...