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UA's Conduit by DummyWearingAHoodie
UA's Conduitby Dummy
After his encounter with All Might, what if Izuku Midoriya was devastated that he decided to take a turn on an alleyway on his way home? What if he got caught in a chase...
blessed with a hero's heart by DanielMaxwell358
blessed with a hero's heartby Daniel Maxwell
What if instead of Kazuma, the world of Konosuba gets the Number 1 cinamon roll of the hero world? Find out in this experiment of a crossover!
Dusted multi-verse    by bluefast13
Dusted multi-verse  by bluefast13
In this blue one of many gods of the multiverse Show the whole mha crew how different worlds are and how they can differ
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A True Dragon by CosmosDestructor1
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Cosmos Destructor
During the Heroes vs Villains training, Izuku dies and is reincarnated into the world of TTIGRAAS as a true dragon and the second child of Veldora.
The Hero who sings with a smile by dpadilla34
The Hero who sings with a smileby dpadilla34
Hi guys this is my first story I write on Wattpad I hope you like it.
Izuku the Imperial Arms user by Phantomruler
Izuku the Imperial Arms userby Phantomruler
Izuku did not have the best life but that all changes when he finds himself surrounded by strange looking weapons calling out to him.
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x Advanced Warfare x Resident Evil x Nikke) by FernandoMirandilla
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x UNICORN1137
Izuku Midorya was betrayed by his friends, teachers, and All Might. Some of them believed he was innocent until the unknown arrived as a rescuer of the private army. And...
back with vengeance: Izuku yagi by mgp420
back with vengeance: Izuku yagiby charcole
after being left at the border of hell, no one in the yagi family expected Izuku to live in the harsh conditions of night city. but that was 13 years ago and now V aka I...
One Piece x MHA: The Straw Hat of UA by EvanPrimus_FTW
One Piece x MHA: The Straw Hat EvanPrimus FTW
I saw a couple stories like this so I felt like giving it my own twist cuz why not. After fighting against AFO back in Kamino Wards, Izuku Midoriya and All Might claimed...
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrath by RSK12321
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrathby RS the K
This my first fanfic and description sorry if terrible: After Quirks first appeared changing the world were superheroes and supervillains exist, people noticed that only...
Dekuverse by IcyShadowDark
Dekuverseby IcyShadowDark
Class 1-A, Class 1-B, U.A. teachers, Pro heroes, L.O.V, Eri, Kota, Katsuma, Mahoro, the parents of 1-A, and the Past users of One for All are teleported to a theater whe...
The Second Chance Hero: Deku by RetrO475
The Second Chance Hero: Dekuby RetrO
Izuku and Izumi Yagi, step-bro and step-sis,(Don't even think about it) were a happy family with their mother Inko Yagi, also known as the No. 17 Hero, Turq Polaris, and...
Hunt For The Green Bunny by anormalboi203
Hunt For The Green Bunnyby Memelord
After the attack on the Training Camp and the Raid on the League of Villain's hideout along with All Might's battle with All For One. Izuku Midoriya is recovering in th...
Children of The #1 Hero by BlackerBeast
Children of The #1 Heroby BlackerBeast
It was a regular day at UA when suddenly, a green lightning bolt struck the campus. When class 1A and the teachers went to inspect, they were met with a group of kids no...
The Singing Gliching Hero (a Bnha story) by ZW-7567
The Singing Gliching Hero (a ZW-5052
After the raid on The Shie Hassaikai, Izuku gets an invitation by Melissa to return to I-island to participate in a fighting tournament, believing it would be a good exp...
The Gaming Hero by fanfat99
The Gaming Heroby fanfat99
Izuku Midoriya, after getting his dreams crushed, gets a message saying "Achievement made: Awaken the quirk". How will Izuku's new quirk affect his life?
Space Invaders by FadedRonin
Space Invadersby Ronin
"You may have fallen in your first life, but you should rise on your second one, come on Izuku! Rise, brother!" Izuku Midoriya (formerly known as Izuku Yagi)...
created by DenizSara132
createdby trhelios
in a world where only women have quirks, life can be tough for a male. however, for this male, everything is just different, especially when he is meant to be the greate...
Izuku, You lucky Bastard by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku, You lucky Bastardby TheholyoneIbara2
Full of oneshots stories about Izuku with other girls.