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True chaos by SparkySparkpaw
True chaosby Sparkz Lightning
Izuku yagi, a you boy neglected by his parents and abused by his sister, friends, and classmates. Why was this happening to his? simple, he was quirkless. One day while...
Demonic Blade Angel Hero  by KnightRider_35
Demonic Blade Angel Hero by Knight Rider
Izuku Yagi led a horrible being neglected by his parents and abuse by Izumi Yagi, Shoka Todoroki and Katsumi Bakugo. After one day he finds a cave and sees a sword on a...
Ultimate Symbiotes by JinzoKing222
Ultimate Symbiotesby JinzoKing222
Izuku Yagi was Bullied and Beaten, Called a Parasite in this world for not having a Quirk so he ran but one day he ran after he was told time kill himself for Katsuki B...
Izuku 10 by JinzoKing222
Izuku 10by JinzoKing222
Izuku Yagi bullied and Neglected by his Friends and Family for wanting to be a Hero He Almost Gave up but The Universe needed him to save it when Izuku's Ancestor Ben T...
The Venom of Izuku Yagi by DeadlokAU
The Venom of Izuku Yagiby Deadlock
Izuku Yagi, quirkless girl, twin to Izumi Yagi, daughter of All-might and Green-Psycic. Abused? Check, Neglected? Check, Assaulted? Check, Almost unbreakable will? Check...
The Gambling Hero: Ludenburg by Thunderone
The Gambling Hero: Ludenburgby Thunder1235
"Well then, take care, everyone. Perhaps we'll Meet again, in another life." These were the last words of Celestia Ludenburg the ultimate gambler before she wa...
Strongest of all by TypicalCoffeeAddict
Strongest of allby TypicalCoffeeAddict
Izuku Yagi suffered the moment he was diagnosed as quirkless. He was neglected by his parents and physically and emotionally abused by his sister and friends. He had no...
Izuku The Biohazard Villain by Szarekh
Izuku The Biohazard Villainby Szarekh
Izuku Yagi has been bullied by his sister and her friends ever since he was declared quirkless. With constant assault and neglect Izuku took up a hobby, he became fascin...
Izuku the Rune Mage (rewritten) by fubuky14
Izuku the Rune Mage (rewritten)by fubuky14
In this reality Izuku was neglected by his parents, the only person who cared about him was his adoptive sister, who protected him, at eight he disappears just leaving a...
A spiders hate (KNY X MHA) by DekuShrine
A spiders hate (KNY X MHA)by Deku_Fanfics
Neglected Izuku Yagi AU Izuku Yagi, brother of Izumi Yagi, son of Toshinori Yagi (All Might) and Inko Midoriya (Mindwave). Izumi had a stronger version of her mother's q...
Izuku the Magnificent by SpiralQuill
Izuku the Magnificentby SpiralQuill
All Artwork and pieces are claimed and owned by their original creators! Magic was his escape. Izuku Yagi, neglected child of pro heroes and punching of his once so-call...
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Story by Dazai_enjoyer
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Dazai
I don't own anything I use except for this story. This is a small experiment to see if people will enjoy my Izuku Yagi stories, so I hope this is any good!
A Little Intelligence Never Hurt anybody by SupremeKingColour
A Little Intelligence Never Hurt SupremeKingColour
Izuku Yagi's quirk "Current" may seem weak at face value but when used with his intelligence he's unstoppable! Top Rankings: 3# IzukuxMei Jul. 24. 2022 1# Assm...
Spider-Man: Izuku Yagi by Nunyah16
Spider-Man: Izuku Yagiby Ben Rose
After being deemed quirkless, Izuku was neglected by his parents, All Might (Toshinori Yagi) and Green Telek, he was bullied by his twin sister as well as the Bakugo and...
Welcome to Demon School Izuku-Kun by Scarlemange
Welcome to Demon School Izuku-Kunby Scarlemange
14-year-old Izuku Yagi, a boy with no quirk who is angry at the world, has been sold to a demon by his parents in exchange for his sister's life. He is dragged to the Ne...
A Hollow's Rencarnation: An Izuku Yagi Story by Dazai_enjoyer
A Hollow's Rencarnation: An Dazai
A story with a child, a hero and battles. And death, I guess.....
Izuku Parker by ErvingGamer
Izuku Parkerby Erving Garcia
With his parents dead izuku was taken in by the midoriya's but what if they neglect him and he finds the truth about his parents he leaves them and finds what's left of...
King Of Quirks (SAMPLE) by 7thWrath
King Of Quirks (SAMPLE)by 7thWrath
Quirkless. The one word that led to Izuku Yagi's life turning into hell. Over a decade later he finds this to be far from the truth, and now he can become a hero in his...
The Gaming Doctor Hero: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid by Populous21
The Gaming Doctor Hero: Kamen Populous21
Izuku yagi was abandoned abused neglected and disowned by his parents sister and friends all because he had no super powers which are called quirks but his grandmother a...
Ninja Izuku  by izumomolover25
Ninja Izuku by Izumomolover
As izuku was diagnosed quirkless he was abused and neglected by his family and peers and he left leaving them distraught knowing that he could've been a hero but before...