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Element Turtles by MarvelTmntGirl
Element Turtlesby MarvelTmntGirl
Y/n M/n L/n meets the element turtles when she is four years old. Over time, they become the best of friends. Years later, they disappear, and Y/n begins to doubt if the...
TMNT Mother Scenarios by TMNT_RaphiesGirl
TMNT Mother Scenariosby nutєllα
I searched for mother scenarios a few years ago and nothing came up so I figured 'why not be the first to make one?', right? This is my first time writing scenarios so p...
I'm a Burden (Mikey Depressed Fic) by ladysheepdragon
I'm a Burden (Mikey Depressed Fic)by crazygirl
Mikey would do anything for his brothers and father, even if it meant faking a smile or lying. One day his brothers took it too far after a battle. Mikey might've smiled...
The Seduction of a Working Man. TMNT x Male Reader by EmirisRose
The Seduction of a Working Man. EmirisRose
!!!!PLEASE NOTE THIS CONTAINS TCEST!!!! (Y/N) lived alone on a farm and hasn't had company in a long time. But what happens when suddenly things like chores begin to do...
TMNT Lemons by itsjustlevi69
TMNT Lemonsby Levi
It's mating season, and our heroes of New York City are in need of some excitement and pleasure. You met the turtles a long time ago, and make weekly visits to the lair...
TMNT Raphael x Reader; My Pretty Little Thief by MarkipliersGF
TMNT Raphael x Reader; My Pretty Brooke
As a member of the Purple Dragons, one of your skills is pick pocketing. You're a sneaky human, but you picked the wrong person to pick pocket, and end up meeting some v...
Faded Sunshine by Kittymasterofall14
Faded Sunshineby Kitty
Tmnt-2012 Mikey is the sunshine, the happy brother, the one who always makes everyone laugh and smile. Let me rephrase that: He was happy, but when he heard his brother...
Inter Dimensional Bros by TheJBomb
Inter Dimensional Brosby TheJBomb
After unexpected events land Sans into the hands of the elusive ninja turtle brothers, he learns of the Kraangs evil plan involving him and his brother. (Completed Decem...
Rottmnt and OC! by Drippingindazzle
Rottmnt and OC!by Drippingindazzle
Set in New York, Aina, a young lady who was kidnapped by Baron Draxum and was forced to train brutally for months, finally breaks free with the help of four mutant ninja...
TMNT x Male! Reader Oneshots by 00000Brutus00000
TMNT x Male! Reader Oneshotsby
TMNT x Male! Reader Oneshots I don't see many of these, so I thought I'd make one! This will mainly be x male reader, or I can do x gender neutral reader upon request! ...
Red Is My Favorite Color [TMNT* Raphael] by stormsatnight
Red Is My Favorite Color [TMNT* Angelina
"Human and mutant turtle? Doesn't sound accurate at all now does it? However, I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend than Raphael himself. Human, turtle, unic...
an  O N L I N E  thing || Donatello x Reader by qmintea
an O N L I N E thing || (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
The shit you end up telling strangers online is unbelievable. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM Bootyyyshaker9000... . . . "My brother just deemed Trixie as best pony. Disgusti...
The Assistant by MyTmntFanfics
The Assistantby My Tmnt Fanfics
Book cover is made by Krisense!! Penelope Jones was an assistant for Chief Rebecca Vincent. Her job, do whatever Chief Vincent asked and don't make her upset. Pennie, Pe...
Daddy's Little Ninja ((Tmnt Daughter scenarios)) by kalea2013
Daddy's Little Ninja ((Tmnt Kalea
Just thought I'd try it out. If you guys like it I'll continue to write it. P.s. sorry for any and all mistakes!
8YearsGone(DonatelloxReader) by The_Bubby
8YearsGone(DonatelloxReader)by LE_Bubby
When (y/n) was 7, her and her family lived in the amazing city of New York. However, after learning that (y/n) was leaving the house in the middle of the night with her...
A Russian wolf in New York - A TMNT FF by Ellie_davbot
A Russian wolf in New York - A *Leggy Sparkles*
Thousands of miles from home, hunted by the Russian mafia, and DNA spliced with one of the world's most infamous predators.. Siberia Rozovski isn't your average teenage...
Learning To Love Red by Day-Dreamer51
Learning To Love Redby Isabelle
When 17 year old Chanel comes home to find her her house burnt to the ground and her family nowhere to be found,she knows the worst has happen. She now wanders the...
Raphael x reader by Darkness_chan
Raphael x readerby Darkness_chan
Simple boy meets girl story. Only the boy is a 6 foot tall terrapin. Y/n's life just became waaay complex. Slowburn If you have a fun idea you'd like to read please drop...
Adventures In Leo-Sitting by ImagionationStation
Adventures In Leo-Sittingby Ninja Neko
This story is dedicated to my favorite and only little sister! After an accident in Donnie's lab, a table full of chemicals gets dunked onto Leo. When nothing happen...
Terrorized  by purplekitty7
Terrorized by purple kitty
Mikey is being terrorized by someone, but who? Why? What will happen if his brothers and father find out? What will happen? Must read to find out! It can get very matur...