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Tmnt Lost by IronMan2105
Tmnt Lostby IronMan2105
What happens when one night while out after getting in an argument with his brothers Ralph, finds a little girl on the shore near the river severely injured, and what ha...
Leorai A-Z Challenege by AmeliePalmer
Leorai A-Z Challenegeby Amelie Palmer
A collection of Leonardo and Karai one-shots based on topics listed A through Z. Read more to learn more! ;)
Karai x assassin y/n by iamsquidy
Karai x assassin y/nby iamsquidy
pretty much just what the title says. You are an assassin currently on a mission for the shredder.
Mutated Love (Leo X Reader) by Natsugirl48
Mutated Love (Leo X Reader)by The_Queen
Rubbing the back of his neck he responded with the same sincerity "Wow, you're actually not running away from me?" "Why would I? You did assist me from be...
Game of Seduction (Leorai) by AlmostTrueStories
Game of Seduction (Leorai)by NotJessicaSmuckers
It wasn't serious, it was just a harmless game, they didn't need anything from it, they weren't looking for companionship, they just did. He was tired of hearing that he...
A Dash of Spice (Tmnt x fem! reader) by Ghost_Phoenix_777_XD
A Dash of Spice (Tmnt x fem! reade...by Phoenix
(Y/n) (L/n) is the daughter of a workaholic, constantly traveling father, (who works as a lawyer and real estate agent), while she stays home in New York with her robot...
Turtles' Big Sister by DragonRider9296
Turtles' Big Sisterby DragonRider5929
After being with the turtles for a year, Splinter was searching for food on the surface when he came across a young four-year-old girl, abandoned and alone. He took her...
TMNT boyfriend scenarios  by Kayda120204
TMNT boyfriend scenarios by Kara
⚠️Warning⚠️ This book may have some spoilers to the TMNT and also contains swearing and possibly inappropriate jokes. Also I do not own the TMNT or any of the photos in...
Forest Mutation (Book Two) by hope_forever_18
Forest Mutation (Book Two)by Hope? I guess?
"In Saskatchewan, when I couldn't fall asleep, I'd watch the moon and think about how across the country and over the border, you were probably out on a rooftop ben...
Adventures In Leo-Sitting by ImagionationStation
Adventures In Leo-Sittingby Ninja Neko
This story is dedicated to my favorite and only little sister! After an accident in Donnie's lab, a table full of chemicals gets dunked onto Leo. When nothing happen...
TMNT Headcanons by theturtleinblue
TMNT Headcanonsby theturtleinblue
Just some headcanons I've found and wanted to share it with y'all!!
TMNT: Midnight by WickedlyTMNT
TMNT: Midnightby WickedlyTMNT
Set in an alternate universe at the start of The Croaking: Mikey got hurt by his brothers for unintentionally trashing the place but instead of running away, he cleans u...
Stray Kids 9th Member by disneywierdo2000
Stray Kids 9th Memberby skzbaby
Karai. Hwang Hyunjin's sister. The Maknea, and friends with Blackpink.
Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader ) by xXSoManyToLoveXx
Tough Luck ( Raphael X Reader )by I'm back!
You decided to follow your best friend April O'Neil, one day, after school. And your whole life was changed!!! ( I do not own Ninja Turtles )
We're humans now(tmnt) by tmntfishface
We're humans now(tmnt)by tmntfishface
After an accident at Shredder's lair, the turtles become humans! Donatello already turned Master Splinter back to a human. Find out how the turtles live their life now...
Sacrifice [completed]  by ThatYDdfc
Sacrifice [completed] by ThatYDdfc
Remember the time when splinter died by super Shredder? But what if Shredder didn't kill Splinter? What if Raphael sacrificed himself? Read to find out. ... I don't reme...
Big Blue Skies  •••TMNT Leonardo X Reader••• by The-Auctor
Big Blue Skies •••TMNT Leonardo X...by The Auctor
Leonardo Scenarios! I've been binging too many of these and decided to make my own! Based on the TMNT boys from the 2016 movie! But I am open to moving to other reboots...
Stay with me Raphael by Ghostismylife
Stay with me Raphaelby MARI
A tmnt story leoxraph
Courting a Salamandrian by fabuloustrash05
Courting a Salamandrianby ✧ MarMar ✧
Raphael and Mona Lisa have been together for a few years and have never been happier, but one night Raph begins thinking about his life with Mona and he decides that he'...
TMNT Truth Or Dare. (COMPLETED) by FabulousNinja01
TMNT Truth Or Dare. (COMPLETED)by Becky
Rules: No boyxboy. No girlxgirl. And please no swearing. Thanks!