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Love You To Death by gelainess
Love You To Deathby 🚧B U S Y🚧
She died. After that, she woke up in the otome game she played before dying... as the male lead's younger sister. Things happened then death took her once again. She di...
This Devil Grants Wishes by weiiiss
This Devil Grants Wishesby weiss
Mira was a devil who decided to leave the prosperous upper realm and instead lurk at the cold abyss. In this darkness, she waits for regretful and resentful souls, turni...
Genius Hyuga Twins by AriaNightingale
Genius Hyuga Twinsby Aria
Short summary: Reborn as Neji Hyuga's twin sister. Full summary: A woman from the normal Earth realm suffers a death at the hands of a car accident. This, however, is...
Forced marriage with deep love (Interstellar) by purpleiris871
Forced marriage with deep love ( purpleiris871
Summary : Wei Qi's previous life was an orphan, after rebirth that was an abandoned son.Was immediately married to the famous lunatic and Wei Qi's idol in his last life...
Retrial - Drarry by cyberst0rm
Retrial - Drarryby Larkspur (Jopira)
After dying in the war and ending up in the Office for Life Clarification and Reassignment or Resurrection (LCRR) in the Ministry of Souls (MOS), Harry finds out a part...
The Flames of Hatred and Love by KRM15Rich
The Flames of Hatred and Loveby Renee’
Dumbledore and Voldemort meet in the afterlife. Voldemort wants a second chance at life. Dumbledore has his reservations. Death grants Voldemort his wish. A young Tom R...
RWBY Through Worlds by worldwalkerdj
RWBY Through Worldsby Natasha Queen
A RWBY story [This story picks up in the middle of volume 6 and is a rewrite/alternate ending to the show] Oscar Pine has just officially hit rock bottom. He's learned...
Diffrent Now  by waterfallrainfall
Diffrent Now by Chloe
This is the sequel to My Mute Street Fighter Lola jets off to England, far away from her murderous sister and abusive father. Lola now has her own art studio (specialis...
Milan: Queen of the Wolves by theNameIsHoran
Milan: Queen of the Wolvesby A.R.S.
"I've met some pricks in my lifetime but you sir, are a fucking cactus!" Milan Chandler: Badass Elliot Gabriel: Jackass Join the mischevious Milan Chandler on...
Lay Me Down to Sleep by AzileAE
Lay Me Down to Sleepby Annie Eliza
The last few months have been hard on Chay. He had gotten kidnapped, found out his brother was a mafia bodyguard, found out the guy he was in love with was using him to...
UnderHappened by FatalityWanes
UnderHappenedby FatalityWanes
The Undertale Genocide Route is happening, but a new card has joined the deck: Finn, a quiet kid with a love for stuffed animals who falls into the Underground soon afte...
The Forgotten Salvatore Book 4 by RavenClaw356
The Forgotten Salvatore Book 4by RavenClaw356
Daniel is back from the dead and is sided with Esther to help take down the Originals!!! Or is he... What will happen to Daniel in his time in the Crescent City and will...
To Save Those Once Lost. by TiredDemi
To Save Those Once TiredDemi
Three years. So much could change in three years. And yet perhaps they could all stay the same? Eywa holds all of her children to her heart, and she knows when one of h...
Lost (Jason Todd xreader) by nothing347
Lost (Jason Todd xreader)by nothing347
Have you ever been dead? Have you ever been beaten to a crisp and have to be with a monster for two years. Have you ever been trained by assassins? Well I have. MY name...
I was a cool guy until i got resurrected as a Girl!!! by Zwekemon
I was a cool guy until i got Alex
Reita Harusaki was the coolest guy in his highschool until one day.He died from heat stroke during the football match.... his mother was a witch and she resurrected her...
Sakura Heaven (Bungo Stray Dogs x Female Reader)  by Lillypad524
Sakura Heaven (Bungo Stray Dogs Lillypad524
In Yokohama, everyone in the armed detective agency is trying to live normally even when the Port Mafia is after Atsushi. But when a girl from Dazai's family comes to to...
Return of Saudamini by Zitzzzzz
Return of Saudaminiby Ritzz
She was the one with angelic face and angelic voice but her one mistake made her the devil in someone's story. She was the one who dreamed of a happy life with her love...
💙🖤 -- Soulmate -- 🖤💙 by Chanudasanayaka2306
💙🖤 -- Soulmate -- 🖤💙by chanu...🍂
හදවතේ ඉපිද... හදවතේම මියැදුනු ප්‍රේමය වෙනුවෙන්... "නැවත ඉපදීම ප්‍රතික්ශේප කල ඔහු..." 💙🖤🍁
Wild Force Power Rangers: Ancient Warrior Saga by alexxdinosawr
Wild Force Power Rangers: Alexx
Long ago in the kingdom of Animaria, a young Queen rose to power only to be abruptly felled by the rising tide of enemies known as Orgs. Now- 3000 years later, Lila V...
Transmigrated into apocalypse novel. by ShanaAnwer
Transmigrated into apocalypse Charlie
Li Mingyu was fighting bravely with Aliens alongside his teammates when suddenly he no he was not betrayed or poisoned by his teammates no guys we got pure nove...