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Deku Snapped by TheBlueKitty07
Deku Snappedby TheLion
What is to happen in their second year of UA, if Izuku would be cheated on. Well a lot actually. Todoroki was stupid enough to cheat, which more than likely cost the cla...
The Forgotten Angel by TiredDemi
The Forgotten Angelby TiredDemi
Izuku Takami Son of Pro Hero Hawks, or as very few know him, Keigo Takami. Izuku is loved dearly by both his father and mother, the family is happy and practically perf...
MHA react to the Dekuverse by samuelspence
MHA react to the Dekuverseby AshFox
One day out of nowhere the entire class of 1A and 1B, pro hero Eraserhead, midnight, endeavour, all might, hawks, present mic, hound dog, some of the villains and Nezu w...
Forest Spirits [Completed] by Izuku_Prince
Forest Spirits [Completed]by Izuku Prince
Class 1-A goes on a camping trip, splitting up into smaller groups. One group stumbles upon a clearing, but, find out they're not alone. Started: 28/9/18 Finished: 19...
The Emerald Prince by whimsical_girl_357
The Emerald Princeby Whimsy
Aizawa watched Izuku drink his black coffee, gazing absently out the window. The underground hero couldn't help but smirk, he looked forward to the effect beautiful, pow...
After the Stream (KiriKamiDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
After the Stream (KiriKamiDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
This do be a college au doe, ok moving onto the description now. Izuku and Iida are dormmates, but they're section of dorms is being put under construction after there w...
Crazy in Love \* Complete */ by ciolJen
Crazy in Love \* Complete */by CJ
⚠️❌ Mature Content ❌⚠️ Izuku has a quirk in this story. Just not a quirk that would put him out in the field per-say. Izuku's quirk: Succubus Which will mean yes, smut...
Behind Closed Doors by NaLu911
Behind Closed Doorsby NaLu911
When Kaminari announced that Midoriya had earned the title of best friend, Bakugo didn't take it well. That was the main reason Midoriya and Kirishima decided to keep th...
Room/Mate/ by Introverted_Killer
Room/Mate/by Ms.Introvert
This is obviously a Kirideku so yeah. This book only has 2 chapters. But I changed it into 4. ●I don't own this book or story. It belongs to Sparx_s on Ao3.●
The Fault In Your Love by Mother_Neko
The Fault In Your Loveby Mother_Neko
♡College AU♡ Izuku's life has been perfect for the last few years and it only got better once he got to college. He has the best boyfriend, straight A's, and amazing fri...
Waves (KiriBakuDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Waves (KiriBakuDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #1 in kiribakudeku #3 in pro ~KiriBakuDeku~ ~It comes and goes in waves It always does, it always does We watch as our young hearts fade Into the flood, into...
I'm Okay... (FemDeku) by AnimeShipsRMyLife
I'm Okay... (FemDeku)by AnimeShipsRMyLife
Didn't know what to name the story. Anyway basically Deku was abused as a child up until the the second year of junior high. She was later adopted by All Might because h...
The missing puzzle piece (KiriKamiDeku) by PissingWithTheBoys
The missing puzzle piece ( Piss with the boys
when your one year old, you get your soulmate puzzle piece, it fits perfectly into your S/Os piece. Deku's two crushes find out they're soulmates. Deku's hurt, and shoto...
Behind The Screen {KiriDeku} by Taste_The_Gayness
Behind The Screen {KiriDeku}by Taste_The_Gayness
Midoriya Izuku is an art major in college. One day while watching a Live Stream from his favorite YouTuber Red Riot and friends. He was noticed by Red Riot after weeks o...
Yes, I am Signing About You (TodoBaku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Yes, I am Signing About You ( lyzard_fan_fics
Katsuki Bakugou was almost completely deaf. He could barely hear his own explosions anymore, but that didn't stop him from trying to become a pro hero. He couldn't wait...
5,000 Miles From You (KiriBakuDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
5,000 Miles From You (KiriBakuDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
•College AU• •No Quirks• Izuku, Eijirou, and Katsuki were partnered up for a project at the beginning of their senior year. It ended up becoming a tight knit friendship...
Sweet Revenge by StaticRoyals
Sweet Revengeby Enzo✍
Izuku Midoriya was never a vengeful person, he never really wished for anything to happen to anyone even if he was beat by them several times, he never even wished for s...
Misfortune |Villian deku rehab (Kirideku) by -AkazasFirstWaifu_
Misfortune |Villian deku rehab ( -AkazasFirstWaifu_
What is deku Took bakugos advice in another world? But this time it didn't go as planned. Warnings: Abuse Self harm Self hate Sewer slide Self starvation Isolation Feels...
Their Freckled Omega (KiriKamiDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Their Freckled Omega (KiriKamiDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #14 in omegaverse #9 in kirideku #6 kirikamideku #3 ot3 #2 kirikami Izuku Midoriya was born an omega. The lowest point on the totem pole. Omegas never real...
Multiships With Deku by Booking_it101
Multiships With Dekuby 👑Quirky Queen👑
A book with a bunch of short stories and multiple ships all containing Izuku Midoriya. Mostly one-shots in different AU's with multiple people. Requests open.