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Kiribaku Comics~~❤️🧡💥🏳️‍🌈 by Anime_life_____
Kiribaku Comics~~❤️🧡💥🏳️‍🌈by AnimeLife
There are some comics of kiribaku~ I don't made any one of the comics, I found them online {contains man×man content. Don't like it? Don't read thank you} 29/12/2020 2°...
My Arrange Marriage Husband (Todobaku) by QueenWilliam3
My Arrange Marriage Husband ( Queen William
"Katsuki this is your fiancé" "....What?!" A todobaku I've been thinking of writing for a while now so here you go
dumb bitch juice.   bnha chatfic! by kirishimbo
dumb bitch juice. bnha chatfic!by lina
in which (y/n) messages heroes, students and villains, all while trying to survive her life in ua. a probably not very entertaining bnha chatfic.
Babysitters Kiri and Deku by double_entendre
Babysitters Kiri and Dekuby double_entendre
Bakugou and Todoroki have to follow Kirishima and Midoriya around during a patrol since they don't have their provisional licences yet when they suddenly get separated a...
Fate // kiribaku by skellitios
Fate // kiribakuby bast 🌿
While taking a walk in the park, Bakugou gets hit with a quirk that lets him see his red string of fate, along with everyone else's. Sequel to Satan's Favorite//kiribaku...
How To Get Your Crush To Like You|b.katsuki x reader| by shookookies
How To Get Your Crush To Like You| tankiyo
Katsuki has a crush and he doesn't know what to do with it, so what's the best course of action?ㅡ ask WikiHow.
Iris (BNHA X Reader) by expressivepanda
Iris (BNHA X Reader)by expressivepanda
Various BNHA X Female Reader --- should probably say this is discontinued, so dont get your hopes up for some beautiful, completed story. it's weird, inconsistent, and f...
Addicted To You by maxisdeadxo
Addicted To Youby ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Katsuki Bakugou and his childhood friend Izuku Midoriya, have always been together and madly in love, until their relationship has an interesting change will contain bo...
Bnha Boyfriend Scenario's  by Disdumb_bitch
Bnha Boyfriend Scenario's by Disdumb_bitch
This book Will include 💚🥦 Izuku Midoriya 🥦💚 🧡💥 Katsuki Bakugou 💥🧡 ❤️🤍 Shoto Todoroki 🤍❤️ 💛🖤 Denki Kaminari 🖤💛 ❤️🦈 Eijiro Kirishima 🦈❤️ 💜😸Hitoshi Shinso...
i deserve it. | discontinued by aeioki
i deserve it. | discontinuedby aeioki
recently, bakugo has realized all the wrong things he has done.
The Actual Bakugou??? (Neko Bakugou x 1A Boys) by KagenoNoroi3106
The Actual Bakugou??? (Neko 🔳ChinMoku🔲
Bakugou Katsuki Hearing his name, the first thing to come in your mind was the fact that he is a pomeranian with anger issues and an Alpha right?? Wrong Behind those ma...
Babysitters Shoto and Kacchan by double_entendre
Babysitters Shoto and Kacchanby double_entendre
While out at a nearby store getting supplies for their work studies, Midoriya and Kirishima accidently bump into someone on their way back to UA's campus. Startled, the...
High Love (kamisero) by itgetssuperclosedude
High Love (kamisero)by professional clown
(complete!) Look guys, we all know Sero is secretly a stoner, it's canon I don't make the rules. But what if he's smokin a fat one and Kaminari wants to join? Plus they...
My Little Cloud [Discontinued] by Just_B1ank
My Little Cloud [Discontinued]by Blank
[Bnha X Reader] Discontinued ⚠️mentions Chapter 254 or more, so uh spoilers⚠️ There's a video in the introduction chapter explaining who Oboro Shirakumo is Here's a simp...
Our Baby's••Kamiserokiribaku Little Space Story  by babybatbug
Our Baby's••Kamiserokiribaku Charlie
This is a big long ship,ok so it's sero, Kirishima,Denki and bakugo Denki and Baku are littles Kiri and sero are caregivers They start dating after sero confesses to Kir...
Jockstraps to Bra-straps by pussnboots25
Jockstraps to Bra-strapsby bree
While on a field trip Izuku has an accident that changes him from a boy to a girl. now he has to learn to deal with the changes in both himself and his classmates. how l...
Life with my Dragon Shifter~Book Three👀🔞~ Kiribaku Omegaverse~ by The_Ackerman_Clan
Life with my Dragon Shifter~Book The_Ackerman_Clan
A massive invasion of the L.O.V. and Liberation Army has struck U.A. The hero course students have gone to the fight, leaving ShinKami to protect their pup and the VERY...
Kirishima x Kaminari by hyungwons_baby
Kirishima x Kaminariby Jess
Kirishima and Kaminari are best friends, they're inseparable, but what happens when one has a crush on the other? Or if they both liked each other without either having...
How to be a Good Boyfie |b. katsuki x reader| by shookookies
How to be a Good Boyfie |b. tankiyo
History repeats itself. He got a girlfriend because of WikiHow, so it doesn't hurt to gather more information there as to how he can be a good boyfriend, right? - seque...
𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐋𝐔𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐑 ᝰ bnha by palepaper
𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐋𝐔𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐑 ᝰ bnhaby # 𝗝.
❝ONLY FANS HERE I COME!❞ ❝YOU'RE NOT THAT POOR, BITCH!❞ ↷ 𝕴.NFLUENCER ⋮ 🎥 ❛ in which new & upcoming streamer, (y/n), accidentally blows up over night...